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Anne Sewell

Citizen based in La Cala de Mijas, Malaga, Spain. Joined on Jun 13, 2010
Expertise in Social media, Science & space, Charity & volunteer work, Ethnic cultures, Internet,   see all» Environment & green living, Pets, Travel, General business news & info



Man with world's most unfortunate name gets banned on Facebook

A Vietnamese-Australian man by the name of Phuc Dat Bich cannot understand why people laugh at his name and why Facebook keeps blocking his account. What he doesn’t get is what the name sounds like when read phonetically. It turns out it was a prank.

Teaser trailer out for miniseries of Stephen King's '11.22.63'

Recently it was reported that the Stephen King novel, "11/22/63" was being adapted to an eight-part miniseries on Hulu. The story tells the tale of a man, going back in time to try to stop the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.

Toy tester for Toys 'R' Us to retire at age 14 [Video]

An official toy tester working for Toys 'R' Us is about to retire — at the grand old age of 14. Alex Thorne has done the job for three years, but now he’s reached the maximum age — he "can’t hog the awesomeness of this job” any longer.

Spanish broadcaster mistakes Star Wars symbol for Al-Qaeda logo

Madrid - The Force definitely wasn’t with reporter Jota Abril during Monday’s “La Mañana” news show on TVE in Spain when he mixed things up, using a Star Wars symbol for the al-Qaeda logo.

Brad Pitt learned to paint from artist Colin Davidson

In a recent interview, renowned artist Colin Davidson told Irish TV he had been approached some years ago to teach Hollywood actor Brad Pitt to paint. While at first he turned him down, he did eventually go ahead.

Watch ISS astronaut play bagpipes to honor deceased scientist

Kjell Lindgren is an American astronaut currently up on the International Space Station. He honored a deceased colleague recently by playing “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes in zero gravity.

GoPro: Man films entire vacation in Las Vegas in selfie mode

Las Vegas - Joseph Griffin was so excited about his trip to Las Vegas, he borrowed his son's GoPro to document the experience. Only problem was he had it in selfie mode the whole time.

Google self-driving car pulled over for driving too slowly

Mountain View - A traffic officer in Mountain View, California noticed that traffic was backing up. When he investigated, he found the culprit was a Google self-driving car and pulled it to the curb.

Otto the skateboarding bulldog achieves Guinness World Record

Lima - Otto the bulldog really enjoys skateboarding. He has now set a Guinness World Record for being the first dog to skateboard through a human tunnel made up of the legs of 30 people.

Car spotted transporting a van on its roof in Spain [Video]

Segovia - Spain's Civil Guard are seeking the owner of a Ford Focus vehicle, seen driving in an industrial area of Segovia while transporting a van on the car's roof.

JFK's number plates sold on auction along with Titanic last menu

Dallas - An auction of political and Americana memorabilia in Dallas Saturday saw US President John F. Kennedy's limousine number plates along with the last dinner menu from the Titanic sold to anonymous bidders.

Shepherds discover 'UFO' lying in a field in Spain

A bunch of shepherds made a fascinating discovery while out tending their sheep in southeastern Spain. A strange object had apparently fallen from the sky into a field.

David Beckham mistaken for Ricky Gervais at LA gym and he is mad

Los Angeles - Football ace David Beckham was not at all impressed when members and guests queued up at his machine in an LA gym for an autograph, thinking he was Ricky Gervais. In fact he was pretty mad.

Salem witch takes warlock to court days before Halloween

Salem - While you might think this is a Halloween prank, it's actually a true story. A witch in Salem took a notorious warlock to court and won, a couple days before Halloween.

Lion mauls illegal hunter to death in South Africa

An illegal hunter, along with his two dogs, was killed by a lion on a private game farm in the Limpopo area of South Africa, close to Kruger National Park Thursday.

Women opt for labiaplasty for designer vagina look in yoga pants

According to plastic surgeons in the U.S., they are seeing a 49 percent increase in clients requesting the controversial labiaplasty procedure to look sleek in tight pants. The "designer vagina" look is, however, causing controversy.

Condom maker in court after claim product gives multiple orgasms

Berlin - A Berlin condom producer has had to head to court recently after "falsely" claiming its product could produce multiple orgasms. A rival company says promising up to 21 orgasms per pack of seven condoms is dangerous.

Man killed 'zombie' friend after binge-watching The Walking Dead

Prewitt - In a case which will probably be the first to use a “Walking Dead” defense, a man reportedly brutally beat his friend to death after getting drunk and binge-watching the popular zombie apocalypse series.

Spanish soldier's miracle escape from helicopter crash not true

Gran Canaria - In a bizarre twist, recent reports that three members of the Spanish military were rescued when their helicopter crashed into the Atlantic have turned out to be false. The second miracle survival of one of the men is, so far, incorrect.

UK honeymoon couple drowned at Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Plettenberg Bay - A British couple who were married just six days before have drowned on their South African honeymoon in Plettenberg Bay. The bodies of the couple were found separately by passing members of the public, washed ashore on Robberg Beach Friday.
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