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Lewis McCathie

Citizen based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Mar 21, 2011
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Who will be the new Batman?

With Zack Snyder having announced what direction the DC Universe is going in, with the announcement of the Batman & Superman crossover movie, speculation is rife as to who will don the cape and cowl.

Obama plans to invest in infrastructure

Miami - President Obama on Friday unveiled plans to invest billions of dollars in to America's infrastructure as he tries to get the economy moving in the right direction.

Op-Ed: House of Cards Review

Having watched all thirteen episodes of Netflix's 'House of Cards' in one weekend, I was thoroughly impressed with this near-perfect political drama.

Oscar Pistorius biopic lined up?

According to various media reports, Oscar Pistorius could soon be set for the Hollywood treatment, with man-of-the-moment Ryan Gosling set to play him.

Ryan 'Gosline' set up for sad fans

With Hollywood superstar Ryan Gosling having just announced that he intends to take a break from the spotlight, a hotline has been set up to take care of his ever-growing fanbase.

Obama goes all out on gun control

Speaking from the White House, President Obama has reinforced his push for gun control measures as gun control remains a hot topic on Capitol Hill.

David Cameron to visit White House in March

UK Prime Minister David Cameron will visit the White House in March for talks with President Obama on a series of political topics.

Dark Knight Rises is IMDB's most anticipated 2012 movie

The forthcoming blockbuster has topped a popular poll on the IMDB website, beating movies such as the new James Bond film Skyfall as well as Men in Black III.

Manhattan apartment price soars by 80% in 10 years

If you plan on buying an apartment in sexy Manhattan, you better do it quick. According to new figures, the price for city apartments has dramatacially increased by 80 percent or more over the last ten years.

Good news for US economy

The U.S. economy looks to be on the up, according to crucial new figures that have just been released, with unemployment falling and more jobs being created.

Brad Pitt gives his kids Coca-Cola for breakfast?

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has revealed that in order to get his children going in the mornings he feeds them Coca-Cola to give them that elusive energy boost.

Lisa Marie Presley wants to do her father movie justice

Elvis Presley's daughter -Lisa Marie- has reiterated a generally agreeable desire to create a movie biopic of her late father, that would be a fitting tribute to the rock 'n roll legend.

Britney Spears for Modern Family?

According to various media outlets, including Twitter, Britney Spears could be making a guest appearance on hit show 'Modern Family' in the near future.

Timberlake signs up for Clint Eastwood movie

Justin Timberlake has signed up to play a friend of Clint Eastwood's in an upcoming baseball movie, which will see Eastwood star in a film for the first time since 2008.

Michelle Obama shows us what she's made of on Ellen

Michelle Obama showed viewers what she's made of while on Ellen Degeneres' chat show yesterday while on her tour of California promoting her fitness program.

Op-Ed: Moms want Ellen Degeneres fired for being gay

Talk show icon Ellen Degeneres -having just announced her partnership with clothing giant JC Penney- has come under fire from '', who want her fired just for being gay.

Fox plans viewing marathon for 500th Simpsons episode

To celebrate the famous animated program's 500th episode, Fox is planning to run a marathon viewing for Simpsons fans to watch 500 episodes in order to break the world record.

Scorsese on his first family-friendly movie Hugo

With his first 3-D feature film Hugo receiving eleven Oscar nominations, the iconic director has reason to celebrate - once again.

Obama-masked robber hits McDonald's

An armed robber stole $1,000 from a McDonald's restaurant in Florida on Saturday at 6:30am. He was predominantly wearing a mask of none other than the President himself.

Obama plays it cool in 'Google+ hangout'

President Obama offered US citizens a rare, intimate opportunity on Monday, as he answered questions as well as participating in a video chat with a diverse group of everyday Americans.
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