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Kim Ruiz (givemetruth)

Citizen based in United States. Joined on Jul 9, 2007


Border Security with Mexico May Be Too Late

While the U.S. Presidential candidates are busy courting Hispanics, not commenting on banking failures, and poking each other in the eye, the threat of dangerous and deadly drug cartels overtaking the Mexican government is close at hand.

National Happiness Leads to a Better Nation

What would it take to make you happy? More money, a sexy spouse, a bigger house, a better job? Would you be surprised to find out that these answers - while typical - don't truly equal happiness, both at the personal and national level?

Master Degree Programs Pay Off

With the college set heading off to fall semester, more schools are seeing an increase in students entering Master degree programs than ever before. This is beneficial for students and colleges, but does it benefit you?

Nursing Mom Asks Court for More Time To Pump

Sophie Currier is trying to complete her Harvard medical degree, but she needs more break time during her final testing to pump breast milk for her infant daughter. When the National Board of Medical Examiners said no, she headed for MA Superior Court.

What Iraqis are Really Saying about Troops in Iraq

While people around the world agree that the U.S. involvement in Iraq has created its current problems, Iraqi citizens are quietly admitting that a U.S. presence is needed for years to come.

Major League Pitcher Bill Henry Died - Wait, No, He's Alive

Major league pitcher Bill Henry passed away August 27, and his obituary was posted and picked up by the Associated Press. Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and other sources reported the death...until they were forced to print a retraction.

A Reporter's Inside Look at the Difficulties of Life in Tehran

An Iranian-American reporter returned to Tehran in 2005 to work and start a family. Now, amid chaos, intimidation, and strict dress-code crackdowns, she gladly leaves for Europe with her family. This is an inside look at her experience in Tehran.

Mother Teresa and Her Years of "Darkness"

In a new book about the life of Mother Teresa, startling revelations are made about the years of darkness where she did not feel God's presence in her life. Doubters and believers alike will find something to hold on to in her confessions.

Op/Ed: Share Your Penny-Pinching, Dollar Stretching Ideas Here

The need to make your dollar work harder than ever before is apparent everywhere you look these days. Food, gas, utilities…they’ve all gone up. So why not share your favorite ideas with the DJ community on how you work to save money?

No Genius Left Behind?

The current public education system is accused of "failing" many students, in spite of the good intentions of "No Child Left Behind." The problem may also be that a genius can't get ahead, either.

What Are YOU Laughing About?

Why do men laugh at the raunchy, crude jokes while women roll their eyes and walk away? Why are women a tougher crowd for comedians to perform for than men? The answer is deeper than you might think.

Bush's Press Secretary, Tony Snow, To Step Down

After a little more than a year on the job, President Bush's press secretary Tony Snow will be stepping down, as early as next month. Snow has recently battled a recurrence of cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Beijing Bans Driving for 1 Million Cars a Day

In an effort to clear the air of excess smog and pollution, Beijing has banned driving cars over a four day period to help improve air quality. Cars are banned based on their license plate number, and violators will be fined.

Op-Ed: How We Pray, A Habit Explored

As I led my children in prayer yesterday, I closed my eyes, bowed my head, and folded my hands together in my traditional habit of praying. But after we were done, my youngest son asked me why I prayed the way I did.

Breastfeeding Can Help Save the Environment

Concerned about global warming, pollution, inflation, waste, and the environment in general? Did you know you could combat all these things by supporting and encouraging breastfeeding?

Op-Ed: There is No Wall of Separation Between Church and State

How many times have you heard the phrase, “separation of church and state”? Dozens, hundreds, maybe more? You probably assume it’s part of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, or some similar document. You would be wrong!

Professional Assistance in the Bra Department

Ladies, let’s start with the “pencil test” (very scientific). Take a pencil and place it under your breast. If it falls to the ground when you let it go, you probably will not be requiring the assistance described below.

Op-Ed: The Museum of Hate and Anger

I'd like to invite you to visit the Museum of Hate and may have even been to one and didn't realize it. These museums are easy to set up, and thankfully, easy to take down.

Death is for the Living

What would happen if you died today? How would your death impact your family, your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, and those who barely knew you? Their lives would be in a sudden tail-spin...

Should Your Opinion Really Count?

Are the opinion polls that gather these numbers really important? Does your opinion of a topic or situation really count if you are not well informed? And who do YOU answer to when your opinion changes based on new information?

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