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Elephant Poo for Biofuel?

Scientists have discovered a fungus that exists in elephant excrements that helps break down fibres and wood into biofuel.

Review finds Autopsies Flawed

Experts who reviewed former Toronto pathologist Dr. Charles Smith’s work say they disagree with conclusions reached in 13 cases where people were convicted of criminal offences. One of those cases involves a person still behind bars.

Numerous British University Applications "Plagiarized"

University applicants are getting caught for plagiarism before they have even been accepted into the university!

Polycarbonate Water Bottles Harmful to Health

Contrary to popular belief, studies are claiming that polycarbonate water bottles could be more harmful to your health due to chemical Bisphenol A.

Autism Gene Found in Chromosome 11

A Canadian-led international research team has pinpointed a new region of DNA thought to cause some cases of autism in children.

Bird Flu Found in 4th Moscow District

A Russian official reported a 4th outbreak of the H5N1 bird-flu strain in a suburban Moscow district on Sunday.

Thieves Lock Employees in Freezer

4 Swiss Chalet employees were locked inside the restaurant's freezer to conduct and armed robbery.

Walrus in Love with Trainer

Scientists are baffled as a female walrus is completely in love with trainer Phil Demers.

Babies Create Memories, then Forget

Scientists have found that babies do in fact create memories that last even for months. They just aren't able to remember and retain them long enough.

New Take on Depression

Perhaps depression is an evolved adaptation that actually promotes our survival and reproduction. Depression could be a way of luring support.

Gas Explosion Victim Found

Wife of University of Toronto Rotman School of Management Professor has been found beneath the flattened house of a gas explosion.

Artificial Lung Successfully Saves Lives

Transplant surgeons used an external artificial lung to keep a dying patient alive while waiting for a lung donor. This is the first documented case in North America

Should We Bury the Penny?

Would we be better off if we got rid of the penny?

Super Bowl Ads Fumbled

After spending $2.6 million for a precious 30 seconds of airtime, most companies fell flat in their effort to entertain, engage, and perhaps even entice the 90 million-plus Bowl viewers to buy their product.

American's Love Marriage, But Why?

There is plenty of pressure for people to get married, but as much as Americans love marriage, people are doing without and proving that freedom can make us just as happy and healthy as the bonds of a marriage.

C-Section Births Riskier, Study Suggests

Planned caesarian section births in Canada have 3 times the risk of severe complications than planned vaginal births, researchers say.

Fewer "Decent Jobs" in Booming Informal Economy

The service sector overtook agriculture as the largest source of employment last year, according to a report by the UN commission for Social Development.

Recapturing Carbon won't come Cheap

Scientists say that putting greenhouse gases back into the ground where they came from is an essential part of a global plan to limit climate change.

An Eco-Friendly Burial

Without pricey headstones and caskets, burials can now be eco-friendly, with decomposable materials and without any harmful chemicals.

Polyester More Environmentally-Friendly than Cotton

Synthetic fabrics like polyester require less energy than cotton. While womans wardrobes change every year, the environment suffers from the clothes thrown away before the end of their natural life. The fast fashion industry contributes to global warming.
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