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Citizen based in Delta, BC, Canada, Canada. Joined on Mar 22, 2008



Extremely varied career after leaving school at 14. Drove electric delivery truck and maintained interest in EVs since. Did compulsory national service in British Army. Crewed on passenger liners out of Southampton and New York. Moved to Canada 1953. Served 10 years in RCAF as airframe technician. Quality control inspector at Chrysler boat plant in Trenton Ont. Opened photo studio. Moved to BC. Did stint at photo journalism with own column, You said it. (Burnaby paper now defunct) Several years on BC Ferries. Took early retirement from construction. Interests included designing and building several sailboats, the largest being a 29 ft. ketch. Have been much involved politically, with particular regard to the peace movement, consumer advocacy, environment, health, media and human rights

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skeptikool said:
... will take note that it's not Americans alone who bleed and grieve. An excerpt from article, A 'g00d day' for NATO:
In News: State makes case against alleged Boston Marathon bomber
skeptikool said:
... don't have to like EVERYTHING! If true, I'm with Obama here. He's just prioritizing.
In News: Op-Ed: "Operation Choke Point" strangles businesses that Obama dislikes
skeptikool said:
... areas lack the desired privacy, golf courses have long been favored as places to conduct or discuss shady deals.
In News: China closes 66 'illegal' golf courses
skeptikool said:
... On garlic and birth control, I think that's believed to more likely work when one partner only eats the garlic.
In News: Old Anglo-Saxon remedy kills hospital super-bug MRSA
skeptikool said:
... Whether one of those raids would kill one or 37-plus, it will be painted as less brutal - if we're told at all.
In News: IS 'executes at least 37 civilians' in central Syria
skeptikool said:
... do without the golf courses' huge environmental costs. Better have the land revert to its natural state - or farm it.
In News: China closes 66 'illegal' golf courses
skeptikool said:
... and its pursuit of other clean energies, I'm sure this aircraft and pilot would have received a very warm welcome.
In News: Solar Impulse lands in China after 20-hour flight from Myanmar
skeptikool said:
... released a video of this 2012 incident, ensuring that it did not remain under the rug. Rotten cops must be weeded out.
In News: Judge in Canada releases video of cop kicking homeless man down
skeptikool said:
... look all around it. Where the F*** did I park that car?!
In Image
skeptikool said:
... against property may bring about a death sentence and where spook bureaucracy will no doubt keep us from the truth.
In News: One dead as police fire on car in incident at US spy HQ