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Federico Guerrini

Citizen based in Venezia, Italy, Italy. Joined on Oct 9, 2010
Expertise in Politics, Technology, Internet, Social media


There’s more to Italy than Berlusconi (or not?)

The clown is back. And you can feel it. A sadness has fallen upon the “Sweet Country”, that was just starting to...
Jan 16, 2013 by Federico Guerrini

Praises the government on Tv show for earthquake reconstruction, but it's all a fake

We thought we had seen it all happen, in the last few years in Italy, but propaganda using the dead and sorrow of two...
Mar 29, 2011 by Federico Guerrini

Migrants, Lampedusa under siege

Hundreds of migrants are landing each night in Lampedusa, coming from North Africa, Yesterday, 454 people arrived to...
Mar 29, 2011 by Federico Guerrini

Alone together, how is technology reshaping us?

I’m reading a truly impressive essay on the effects new technologies have on how we behave with each other and on how...
Feb 3, 2011 by Federico Guerrini - 2 comments

The hopeless future of young Italians

Times aren't cheerful anywhere these days, except perhaps in those countries that are growing rapidly like Brazil,...
Dec 18, 2010 by Federico Guerrini

The Berlusconi-Fini soap opera explained to the masses - a little animation

Disclaimer: I work from time to time, for Effecinque, a group of Italian freelance journalist and the maker of this...
Nov 12, 2010 by Federico Guerrini - 2 comments

Italy is going to expel the homeless and the unemployed after 90 days

Italy is going to expel the homeless and the unemployed, even if they are European citizens. The centre-right...
Nov 6, 2010 by Federico Guerrini - 2 comments

Landfill protest rages near Naples, once again

A kind of guerrilla has been taking place in the last few days in the streets of Terzigno, a small town near Naples,...
Nov 1, 2010 by Federico Guerrini - 7 comments

Milan's "clinic of horrors": three doctors sentenced to several years in jail

Pier Paolo Brega Massone, former chief surgeon of Santa Rita clinic in Milan, was sentenced to 15 and a half years in...
Oct 30, 2010 by Federico Guerrini - 2 comments