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Nate Smith

Citizen based in Columbus, Ohio, United States. Joined on Dec 3, 2008
Expertise in Internet, Religion, General business news & info, Small business, Exercise & fitness,   see all» Education, Politics, Sports, Social media, Men's health, Government, Personal finance



Bernie Sanders to offer economic address at papal conference

Vatican City - Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will break from the campaign trail just days ahead of the pivotal New York primary to accept an invitation from the Pope to speak about income inequality.

Chinese restaurants fire robot workers

Guangzhou Shi - Restaurant wait and kitchen staff likely needn't concern themselves with being replaced by robots any time soon after a trio of Chinese restaurants that tried just that have announced plans to abandon the practice.

Officer administers life-saving CPR following violent crash

Kansas City - A Kansas City police officer is being commended for his quick transition from law enforcement official to lifesaving paramedic Sunday after the SUV he was pursuing violently crashed and the driver was thrown from the vehicle.

Congressman used campaign funds to buy video games: FEC

Alpine - A United States congressman faces query from the Federal Election Commission over credit card charges made against the pol's campaign finance account.

McDonald's customers soon will place orders by computer

McDonald's restaurants are set to introduce new self-serve kiosks allowing patrons to place orders, and even customize their choices, at the push of a button.

Baseball icon Yogi Berra passes away

Beloved baseball icon Yogi Berra passed away late Tuesday night, according to the museum bearing his name, and other published reports.

Ohio's Issue 3 pot question shaping up to be a close vote

A proposed amendment to the state constitution that would make Ohio the first state east of the Mississippi River to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes appears poised for a Nov. 3 photo finish.

U.S. soldiers ordered to ignore sex abuse in Afghanistan: Report

Scrutiny mounts against a reported United States government policy of ignoring blatant acts of child sexual abuse among Afghan commanders of local police forces propped up by the American government to stave off Taliban advances in Afghanistan.

He's just a kid: Bystanders outraged by beating sustained by teen

Stockton, Calif. police have come under scrutiny in recent days for the department's handling of a defiant teenager accused of jaywalking, and ignoring an officer's orders to get on the sidewalk during an altercation last Wednesday.

Trump's war of words with Fox News' Megyn Kelly

New York - Donald Trump picked up right where he left off with his ongoing attacks against Fox News host Megyn Kelly Monday -- her first day back following a two-week vacation.

Abandoned car found at the bottom of 20-foot sinkhole

Toronto - A $30,000 automobile was found crashed in the bottom of a sinkhole in Toronto in the early morning hours Sunday, according to authorities.

Poll: Post-secondary students worry over money, cost of tuition

Toronto - Post-secondary students are returning to the classrooms now, and in the coming weeks to study a variety of subjects, however recent polls suggest many are worried about making enough after school, no matter their course of study.

Ex KGB agent leaves Canada after 6 years inside Vancouver church

Vancouver - A former agent for the now-defunct Soviet Union has surrendered his fight for asylum and has left Canada following several years inside a Vancouver church.

Donald Trump vows to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants

In keeping with his previously carved out hard-line immigration stance, front-running Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pledged to deport all undocumented immigrants if elected president.

Medical marijuana credited with recovery of shot canine

A canine shot several times and left for dead in rural Kansas is reportedly now on the mend thanks to daily doses of CBD Oil, extracted from the marijuana plant.

Gunman opens fire while in line at a Wendy's drive thru

Chicago - Two men reportedly sustained minor injuries after they were shot at just before midnight Thursday while in line at a Wendy's fast food drive-thru in suburban Chicago.

Google reportedly working on affiliate program

Producers of digital content to be sold within Google's Play store could soon earn monetary compensation for directing customers to buy from the 'play' platform.

Uber is being sued for allegedly sending unsolicited texts

Chicago - A federal lawsuit has been filed against the popular ride-sharing service Uber, alleging the company is violating U.S. law by sending unsolicited text messages to people wanting nothing to do with the service.

Boy abused because he couldn't adequately read the Koran

Birmingham - A pair of Islamic school teachers have confessed to abusing a 10-year-old boy and beating him with a stick at a mosque in Birmingham.

Closed Ontario schools may be revived as new 'community hubs'

With nearly 20 percent of its school buildings at risk of closure, the Toronto District School Board is considering a plan that would transform underutilized buildings into publicly accessible community centers.
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