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Owen Weldon

Digital Journalist based in massachusetts, United States. Joined on Jan 23, 2007
Expertise in Music, Dating & relationships, Travel, Politics, Yoga & pilates,   see all» Social media, Entertainment, Celebrities, Nightlife, clubbing, Exercise & fitness, General business news & info, Movies, Internet, Video games, Weight loss



Pokemon Go players urged to stay away from Fukushima

A Pokemon Go character has been discovered at the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone, and now Japan wants the zone to be classed as a no-go area for Pokemon Go players.

Tampon tax terminated in New York

On Thursday, New York became one of the handful of states to not tax menstrual products. This comes after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that eliminated local and state sales taxes on them.

Police in Germany raid homes over social media hate speech

On Wednesday, police in Germany conducted a number of house raids across the country. The raids targeted people accused of posting hate speech on social media.

Ashley Madison makes changes, gives infidelity a new look

Toronto - Ashley Madison, a site where married people search for affairs, has launched a campaign to restore faith in its services.

AIDS epidemic is no longer a public health issue in Australia

Australia's top scientists have declared the end of AIDS as a public health issue. The country now joins a few other countries that have beaten the AIDS epidemic.

Woman finds dead body while playing Pokemon Go

Imagine going on the hunt for Pokemon, but instead of finding them, you stumble across a dead body. One person didn't have to imagine this because that's exactly what happened to them.

New supplement could curb junk food cravings

A new supplement that triggers the release of a molecule in the gut may help you curb your appetite, reducing your craving for junk food.

NZ town has too many jobs and wants to recruit outsiders

Kaitangata - A tiny town in New Zealand has launched a drive to recruit outsiders because of its unique problem. It has too many jobs available.

Philadelphia is now the 1st major U.S. city with a soda tax

Philadelphia - On Thursday, Philadelphia became the first major city in America with a soda tax, regardless of the beverage industry's effort to block it.

Loan sharks demand nude photos as guarantees

As a way of guaranteeing loans, internet-based loan sharks in China are demanding naked photos from female college students.

Body-shaming ads to be banned on London transport

London - The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, plans on banning negative body image advertisements on the London Tube, buses and trains.

Ad fraud may become the second largest organized crime enterprise

Online ad fraud is becoming a huge problem and it is one of the fastest growing organized crime businesses in the world.

Former UFC fighter Kimbo Slice dead at 42

On Monday night, MMA fighter Kimbo Slice was taken to a hospital in South Miami, Florida. Slice, 42, was schedule to fight next month.

Man pays traffic fine with thousands of pennies

Frisco - Brett Sanders, of Frisco Texas, had to pay a $220 speeding ticket, which he did. However, he chose to pay with more than 20,000 pennies.

Scientists are training robots to feel pain

Researchers in Germany have been working on a way to make robots feel pain, or detect and respond to it. If a robot feels pain, then it can move away from anything that may damage them. This can extend robots' lifespans and prevent costly repairs.

HIV cure a step closer after virus's DNA is removed from tissue

Scientists are a step closer to finding a cure for HIV after they managed to remove DNA of the virus from a living tissue.

Berlin bans entire apartment rentals on Airbnb

Berlin - As of May, people in Berlin can face up to a fine of $115,000 if they rent out their full apartments on Airbnb under a new law.

Quaker Oats accused of using weed killer in production

Quaker Oats is being sued for millions by a man from Brooklyn who claims they use a dangerous weed killer during production.

KFC India is testing eco-friendly serving bowls that you can eat

Kentucky Fried Chicken in India are testing out serving bowls that are eco-friendly. Patrons who receive the bowls are able to eat them.

FacePalm Friday: Business was giving meth as a bonus for workers

Mankato - An owner of a auto body shop in Minnesota was arrested after being accused of distributing methamphetamine to employees as bonuses.
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