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Owen Weldon

Digital Journalist based in massachusetts, United States. Joined on Jan 23, 2007
Expertise in Weight loss, Internet, Social media, Celebrities, Dating & relationships,   see all» Politics, Entertainment, Movies, Yoga & pilates, Video games, Music, Travel, Nightlife, clubbing, General business news & info, Exercise & fitness



NASA denies running child slave colony on Mars

A guest on Alex Jones' Infowars channel said NASA has a child slave colony on Mars. NASA responded and denied such as thing.

Man jailed for slapping Muslim teen with bacon

London - A man in the United Kingdom has been sentenced to jail after slapping a Muslim teen with bacon. The incident was captured on film.

Study finds most people don't want to see friends' holiday photos

Aviva, an insurance company based in the United Kingdom, conducted survey about sharing vacation photos via Facebook. It turns out most users don't want to see their 'friends' vacation photos.

Woman's body found in Walmart, three days after entering store

Sand Springs - A woman was found dead at a Walmart in Oklahoma. Her body was found in the bathroom, and police have now launched an investigation.

China crackdown on livestreaming on social media sites

The Chinese government has taken an action on live-streaming services on its top social media sites. This appears to be a move to battle unsuitable political content that's broadcast via live-streaming services.

Police called after Queen Elizabeth spotted not wearing seat belt

Someone spotted Queen Elizabeth II being driven to the state opening of parliament, but they called police. The reason is because she wasn't wearing a seat belt.

Exploding whipped cream dispenser kills popular fitness blogger

Galfingue - In what can be described as a horrible accident, a fitness and lifestyle blogger from France died after a can of whipped cream exploded.

Finland's basic income experiment is lowering stress levels

For the last five months, Finland has been giving 2,000 citizens unconditional income. The country is already seeing benefits, with one being citizens are reporting decrease stress.

Chilling video shows man being eaten by stray dogs in Russia

Sovetsk - An intoxicated man was walking back to his home when he was attacked and killed by a pack of stray dogs. The horrible incident was captured on video.

Instead of trees, this startup is making paper out of stone

Tokyo - Nobuyoshi Yamasaki's TMB Co. doesn't use trees to make paper. Instead, it uses limestone, which he says is almost inexhaustible.

Man hit by lightning while sitting at his desk

Rochester - A man in New York said he was sitting in his office last Monday when he was struck by lightning. He said he was happy to be alive.

Doctors find huge spider in woman's ear after she napped outside

Hebbal - A 49-year-old woman took a nap on her veranda and she woke up with a headache. It turned out to be a large spider inside her ear.

Break-up pill could soon be available to treat love addiction

Oxford - Researchers at the University of Oxford have concluded that love addiction is real. However, they said it may be biochemically curable.

Theresa May protest song tops U.K. charts

A song that describes the Prime Minister of England, Theresa May, as a liar has landed at the number one spot on iTunes.

Police brings drunk man home, snaps selfie with him

Launceston - Police officers gave a lift to a drunk man in Tasmania. After they tucked him into bed, the officers posed for selfie before leaving.

Google says it's too expensive to provide wage data to government

The U.S. Department of Labor requested salary information from Google, but the tech giant has refused to hand it over. Google claims that retrieving the data would be too costly.

Trump switches from Android to iPhone that has one app: Twitter

President Donald Trump made good use of Twitter in 2016, when he was running as a candidate for president of the United States. Up until two months ago, the president was using an Android phone to Tweet.

Major investment company adds Bitcoin to its website

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and has garnered plenty of attention in the finical industry. Now, the digital currency will be integrated into Fidelity Investments, the largest brokerage firm in America.

Facebook and Google duped out of $100 million in phishing scam

In march, news surfaced about a phishing scheme that scammed two US tech giants. At the time, the names were not disclosed, but it turned out that the victims were Google and Facebook.

Campbell Soup recalls over 4,000 pounds of mislabeled soup

Campbell Soup has issued a recall of one of their soup products due to mislabeling. They are recalling nearly 4,185 pounds of soup.
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