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Owen Weldon

Digital Journalist based in massachusetts, United States. Joined on Jan 23, 2007
Expertise in Nightlife, clubbing, Video games, Exercise & fitness, Dating & relationships, Music,   see all» Social media, General business news & info, Movies, Travel, Celebrities, Politics, Internet, Entertainment, Weight loss, Yoga & pilates



Anthony Joshua wants to make Eric Molina look like a novice

Manchester - Anthony Joshua is preparing to defend his IBF heavyweight title against Eric Molina on Saturday, and during a press conference, things almost boiled over.

Carleton University computer system infected with ransomware

Ottawa - Carleton University confirmed that its IT network was attacked by ransomware, which is a virus that holds files hostage in exchange for payment.

Creator of the 'Big Mac' dies at 98

Pittsburgh - Jim Delligatti has passed away at 98-years-old. He is credited with introducing the Big Mac sandwich that quickly became a huge hit throughout McDonald's restaurant chain.

Girl of four dies after mother fed her meth, heroin and ketamine

Grimsby - A four-year-old girl died after she was persuaded to take a cocktail of drugs that her mother, Michala Pyke, 37, referred to as Smarties.

Bikes now outnumber cars in Copenhagen

Copenhagen - The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, has hit a new record. For the first time ever, the city is home to more bicycles than cars.

Police in Canada to punish drunk-drivers with Nickelback

Kensington - A small town in Canada found a unique way of dealing with drunk drivers. They are going to punish them by making them listen to Nickelback.

NASA admits it needs help dealing with astronaut poop

NASA is having a hard time figuring out what to do with space poop, or astronaut poop. This is why they're asking inventors to think of a solution.

18-year-old selling virginity to buy her parents' house

Aleexandra, 18, is selling her virginity via an escort service. Her goal is to raise enough money to purchase her parents' home.

Under new law, ticket scalpers who use bots can be jailed in NY

In an effort to combat the difficulty in buying tickets to events, New York has introduced a new law. The law criminalizes the use of ticket bots.

Uber in China is now different than Uber in the rest of the world

Beijing - Uber has split with its subsidiary in China. Now, tourists will have to use a different Uber app that is separate from the Uber global app.

CNN acquires video sharing app Beme

On Monday, CNN announced it had purchased Beme, a video sharing app that has a large millennial fan base. The app was co-founded by Casey Neistat.

Canadian politicians argue after the word 'fart' is used

On Friday, the word "fart" was used in the Canadian parliament. As a result, politicians argued over it, and it was all caught on camera.

Woman shoots boyfriend for smearing pizza on her face

Millmont - A man in Millmont, Pennsylvania, was shot by his girlfriend. He allegedly rubbed a slice of pizza in her face before she shot him.

People donated $100,000 for a big, pointless hole to be dug

Cards Against Humanity, the ones behind the game of the same name, announced it would celebrate Black Friday by digging a huge, pointless hole in the ground. The whole thing was funded by people who were willing to pay for it.

UFC: Conor McGregor forced to vacate featherweight title

A few weeks ago, Conor McGregor became the first fighter in UFC history to simultaneously hold titles in two different divisions. However, he has now given up the UFC featherweight title.

Scotland may try a basic universal income

Officials in Scotland have discussed trailing a scheme that would replace benefits with a universal basic income, or one flat-rate payment.

Cats forced to eat each other after being locked in woman's home

Adelaide - A woman in Australia locked up 14 cats inside her home and they were forced to eat one another after they became hungry.

Restaurant leaves prices up to 'karma'

Albuquerque - A brand new cafe in Albuquerque is relying on karma instead of money to keep it in business. The menu doesn't have prices and you can eat for free, if you really wanted to.

Self-driving cars to be tested out on Boston streets

Boston - The startup nuTonomy, who brought robot taxis to the streets, are planning to try out self-driving cars by the end of the year. Boston is where the testing will occur.

British woman arrested in Dubai after reporting she'd been raped

Dubai - A British woman was arrested in Dubai after she told police she was raped. She is now facing charges of extramarital sex.
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