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Owen Weldon

Digital Journalist based in massachusetts, United States. Joined on Jan 23, 2007
Expertise in Travel, Music, Social media, Yoga & pilates, Dating & relationships,   see all» Video games, Celebrities, Exercise & fitness, Nightlife, clubbing, Entertainment, Internet, Weight loss, Movies, Politics, General business news & info



Here is what surfing on a moving train looks like

Pasha Bumchik is an 18-year-old vlogger from Russia and he has uploaded a video showing what it is like to surf on top of a moving train.

Workers at Walmart are having their hours cut as wages increase

Over the last few months, Walmart has been increasing pay for entry-level workers, so all workers were making at least $9 per hour.

Paris to ban motor vehicles for an entire day

Paris - The capital of France will ban motor vehicles for a single day next month. This will allow visitors to experience Paris without motorized traffic.

Doing cocaine stops you from recognizing people's emotions

New research shows that a single dose of cocaine can interfere with a person's ability to recognize other people's emotions.

Director Wes Craven dies at 76

Los Angeles - Wes Craven, a legendary film director, has passed away at 76 years old. He died on Sunday afternoon, after battling brain cancer.

WWE superstar Dean Ambrose was almost attacked by a fan

WWE superstar Dean Ambrose was almost attacked by some guy who decided to jump over the barricade. It happened during a taping of Smackdown.

Introducing a hot dog bun made entirely out of bacon

Soon it will be International Bacon Day, and someone has created the perfect dish for the occasion. Grillocracy created what is known as the Ultimate All Bacon Hot Dog Bun.

Michelle Pfeiffer joins De Niro in Bernie Madoff film

Bernie Madoff pulled off a billion dollar ponzi scheme. It is said that Madoff, a former Wall Street financial expert, raked in more than $60 billion from investors.

Man's ear was home to 26 cockroaches

Dongguan - A man went to the hospital for an earache, and when doctors looked inside his ear, they found dozens of cockroaches living inside him.

MythBusters proves the 'Breaking Bad' gun can really work

Fans of the Breaking Bad have debated whether Walter White's booby trap car trunk machine gun could actually work, and now there is a definite answers, thanks to MythBusters.

Dispute over potato chips leads to man being stabbed in neck

Portland - Police in Portland, Oregon, arrested a 56-year-old man after a dispute involving potato chips. The incident occurred on Saturday night.

Cyclists rides down old Olympic bobsled track

Sarajevo - A video of a cyclists riding along the Sarajevo Olympic bobsled track has surfaced. The cyclist captured the footage via a GoPro camera.

One Tree Hill cast reunites in Canada

Montreal - The cast of One Tree Hill, an American drama series that was on the air between 2003-2012, reunited in Canada over this past weekend.

Woman lives on trains because she's sick of paying rent

When passengers exit the train, Leonie Müller stays on it because she lives there. The train is her home and she has no problems with this.

Sumatran rhino declared extinct in Malaysia

The Sumatran rhino has been declared extinct by a recently published study and now their survival depends on fewer than 100 rhinos in Indonesia.

Cat says 'no more' while getting a bath

A video has recently surfaced, and it shows a cat that is apparently not happy about getting a bath. It makes it known by saying "no more."

Poop flavored curry being served at Tokyo-based restaurant

Tokyo - A Japanese chef and former adult film actor wanted to create a first, so he decided to give human feces a chance in the kitchen.

Air Canada flight diverted because of unusual odor

On Saturday, an Air Canada flight was flying from Amsterdam to Toronto, but it was diverted to Belfast because of an unusual odor.

UFC: Ronda Rousey to defend title against Holly Holm on Jan. 2

Miesha Tate was set to face Ronda Rousey after she defeated her last opponent. However, Tate has been replaced and Rousey will be fighting Holly Holm.

Family of bears take a dip in pool and play around in backyard

On Thursday a series of videos showing a bear and its cubs playing around in someone's backyard was posted to YouTube, and it has gone viral.
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