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Owen Weldon

Digital Journalist based in massachusetts, United States. Joined on Jan 23, 2007
Expertise in Dating & relationships, Internet, Entertainment, Movies, Weight loss,   see all» General business news & info, Social media, Travel, Nightlife, clubbing, Yoga & pilates, Video games, Music, Exercise & fitness, Celebrities, Politics



There's a bike lock that makes thieves immediately vomit

SkunkLock is a bike lock that causes thieves to vomit immediately. One of the inventors of the device said they're fed up with thefts.

Airbnb is trying more self-regulation in New York

New York City - Airbnb has introduced a measure that allows hosts in San Francisco to rent only one property. The company has sent a proposal for New York that has a similar provision.

Expedia apologizes after customer gets note saying "f--k you"

Los Angeles - A woman in Los Angeles said her New Year's travel reservation was suddenly canceled by Expedia. Asides from that, she said an employee left a nasty message on her itinerary.

San Francisco proposes 60 day cap on all Airbnb rentals

San Francisco - San Francisco is proposing a legislation that would cap out the total number of days a housing unit can be rented out as a short term rental. The number of days would be capped at 60 per year.

'Rich Kids' social network site costs $1,100 to join

A day ago, Rich Kids launched. It's an exclusive social network site that offers people to use it, but for a price of $1,100.

Ontario to raise minimum wage to $11.40 per hour

The general minimum wage in Ontario will increase to $11.40 from $11.25 per hour on October 1, 2016. It is part of the province's plan to build up Ontario and to help low income workers.

Pepe the Frog cartoon branded a hate symbol

Pepe the Frog is an online cartoon and it has been added to the Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) of hate symbols. ADL cited the Swastika and the Blood Drop Cross of the KKK as other logos that were offensive.

Arizona newspaper backs first democrat in 126 years

A conservative newspaper in Arizona has threw their support behind Hillary Clinton. It is the first time the newspaper has done so in its 126-year history.

YouTube-to-MP3 converter service sued by record labels is a popular site that rips audio from YouTube videos and it is being sued by a group of major record labels.

Shomi, a video streaming service, to shut down as of Nov. 30

Shomi, a video streaming service that was launched in 2014 in Canada and was offered as an alternative to Netflix, is shutting down in November.

Having more sex makes men more likely to be spiritual

Researchers at Duke University, in North Carolina, claim that having sex inspires spirituality and belief in God. This is because oxytocin, a love hormone, is released during sex.

Passenger sues Emirates airline for 'spillover' of obese seatmate

Padua - A passenger on an Emirates flight is now suing the airline. The reason is because he sat next to an obese passenger who 'spilled' over into his seat.

Giant Pandas are off the endangered list

Following decades of work by conservationists, the giant panda has officially been removed from the endangered species list.

Man uses his wanted photo as Facebook profile picture

Stuart - Most people don't use their wanted poster photo as their profile picture on social media. However, one guy in Florida liked his so much that he used it as his Facebook profile picture.

Google may have to pay publishers when content shows in results

Lawmakers in Europe are proposing an update to copyright law. If the proposal passes and is implemented, then news aggregators, such as Google News, may change the way they show news to you.

Diabetes patients are losing limbs because insulin is expensive

Amid reports of the rising cost of EpiPens comes news of another drug that has increased in price. Insulin has gone up in price over the years and there have been diabetes patients who can't afford it.

Medals at Tokyo Olympics may be made from discarded smartphones

Tokyo - Japan has a mine of old electronics and the country may have some use for them. The country is considering creating Olympic medals from the used electronics.

Introducing Manbang, North Korea's version of Netflix

Netflix, an on-demand video streaming service, has a new competitor called Manbang, which North Korea invented. It allows people to watch five channels in real time and view information about the country's leader.

Silicon Valley throws virtually nothing at Donald Trump

In the past, Silicon Valley tech millionaires and billionaires have given money to Republicans and Democrats. However, the 2016 elections have been different.

Man swallows 40 knives, receives surgery to remove them

Amritsar - A policeman in India developed a taste for swallowing blades. As a result, he was admitted to the hospital a few days ago. It turned out he had 40 knives in his stomach and they had to be removed.
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