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Maria Elisa Anacay

Citizen based in Makati, Philippines. Joined on Apr 17, 2013
Expertise in Religion, Movies, Health, Drinks, Pets,   see all» Sports, Books, Dating & relationships



Review: Thoughts on John Green's 'Looking for Alaska' Special

Undeniably, there are books you can discard after a single reading. Then there are books that continue to haunt you long after you've closed the back cover and tried to sleep.

Op-Ed: Gun Control Laws - Protecting citizens or enabling criminals? Special

Manila - As crime rates rise, it is becoming imperative for some civilians to own a firearm to protect themselves and their families. However, are the new gun control laws in place to protect civilians or to empower criminals?

Review: A must-read: 'Ordinary Beauty' by Laura Wiess Special

Most authors create characters their readers can relate to. I cannot identify with 17-year-old Sayre, Laura Wiess’ latest heroine. However, I was literally crying as I turned the pages of ‘Ordinary Beauty.’

Sir Alex Ferguson wanted to reclaim title before retiring

Manchester - The rivalry between Manchester City and United has raged for over 128 years with the two teams constantly battling it out on the turf. The rivalry is so deep-rooted that Old Trafford’s Sir Alex Ferguson had beef to settle before he finally retired.

Sandy Hook scammer looks at 8 months jail time

The Sandy Hook shooting shocked the nation as 20 innocent children lost their lives in a bloodbath inside the sanctuary of a school. While the nation grieves, scrupulous individuals thought of ways to turn the tragedy in their favor.

Owner sleeps soundly while dog eats his toes

A dog is universally known as a man’s best friend. Perhaps Laddie, the loving pooch of Micke Thomasson, was acting with his owner’s best interests at heart, too.

Review: The Lorien Legacies continues with 'The Fall of Five' Special

Contemporary author Pittacus Lore is among the most recognized names for voracious young readers. His bestselling series, The Lorien Legacies, offered a glimpse of possibilities for those who wish to explore the unknown.

Indian commercial surrogacy rises; laws enhanced for surrogates

India has been a consistent leader in global outsourcing. From manufacturing to other BPO and KPO services, India has steadily provided competitive services at cut-rate prices. Today, the Indian labor pool is leading a new sector: outsourcing pregnancies.

Study reveals booklovers have improved literacy and maths ability

Considering they read for fun, it comes as no surprise that most booklovers have improved literacy rates, as reading gives them an avenue to improve their vocabulary. What could be surprising is that the hobby is also linked to enhanced maths ability.

Manchester City strikes thrice against Viktoria Plzen

Most football wins come with a goal or two. Fans seldom see a win that came in three goals in a span of 10 minutes after the restart.

Pet paralyzed after being ‘observed’ by licensed veterinarian

A pet owner brought her active nine-year-old Australian cattle dog to the veterinarian for digestive problems. After paying $2,128 for the exploratory surgery, she came back with a paralyzed dog.

New painkillers to be patterned after girl who doesn’t feel pain

In a perfect world, one painkiller would be enough to alleviate the hurt. Unfortunately, painkillers could take time before they take effect. Today, this could all change as medical experts are looking for ways to increase the potency of painkillers.

Op-Ed: Mask down — Top 4 tips for new players attempting airsoft Special

Airsoft is a combat game that utilizes replica guns loaded with BB pellets. It is a valiant activity that keeps players on their toes – or on their knees – most of the time.

Apple evens the playing field with the iPhone 5S and 5C

Many Apple fans have been looking forward to the slated September unveiling. Given that two prototypes made their rounds online, fans are eager to find out what exactly the technology giant has in store for them.

Review: Sophie Kinsella's 'Wedding Night' gives brief break from reality Special

Most book lovers can attest that literary titles can offer fresh perspectives on our lives. Some books make you think, others waste your time, while some provide brief respite from your realities. The last one is my favorite. Here’s one of them.

Tutoring Formula offers a fail-safe formula for academic success Special

Tucson - Given the current economic downtrend, it only stands to reason that education could be the difference between your triumph and failure. You need to achieve academic success despite job scarcity in your chosen field. To do this, you need the right tutors.

Review: Pet Express defines bad service by not following order slip Special

Manila - Animal lovers bring their pets to animal groomers because they believe that their pets would get superb service. Find out how Pet Express measured up to one pet owner's standards.

Spotcat Studio: A new generation gaming company Special

Game developers are a dime a dozen in the complex world of game development. While some geniuses can only program or design, there are ninjas who can do all these and more. This is the superior talent offered by neophyte Spotcat Software Development.

Booze and you: The effect of alcohol in males and females

The term “drown your sorrows” has been around for a long, long time. Most men talk about drinking to make their partners appear more attractive, while most females tend to drink to forget their woes. Surprisingly, a recent study abolishes both premise

Op-Ed: Charles Ramsey blows $50k after two months in the limelight

The limelight followed Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey after he helped liberate three women and a girl from the clutches of a criminal. Yet can Ramsey cope with the fame?
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