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Subhabrata Das

Citizen based in Darjeeling, India. Joined on Nov 11, 2008


Israel begins biggest civil defense drill in its history

Israel kicked off its biggest civil drill in its history on Sunday to prepare for the possibility of a regional war amid rising tensions with Iran.

Beheaded convict put on public display in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian authority decapitated and then publicly displayed the crucified dead body of a convicted killer drawing fierce criticism from Amnesty International. Saudi ministry stressed that the act was intended only to deter future crimes.

Bush greeted with protests by angry Canadians

Hundreds of angry Canadian threw shoes on the poster of George W. Bush as the former president reached the country to appear at a joint “conversation” with former president Bill Clinton on Friday, report says.

13-year-old arrested for killing infant, having sex with corpse

In China, a 13-year-old boy has been taken into custody for allegedly killing a three-year-old infant and then having sex with the corpse. The postmortem report also confirmed that she was first killed and then raped, police sources said.

Canadian writer Alice Munro wins Man Booker International

Renowned Canadian short story writer Alice Munro has won Man Booker International Prize for this year, beating a host of other eminent international writers including Mario Vargas Llosa, Mahasweta Devi and Nobel laureate V.S. Naipaul.

Iran: America hired mosque bombers in Zahedan

Iran has accused that the people responsible for deadly mosque bombing in southeastern Iran were hired by United States, Fars News Agency said on Friday.

Bush says waterboarding was legal and necessary

Former US President George W. Bush backed Dick Cheney’s assertions that CIA’s controversial interrogation techniques such as waterboarding were legal and also helped in acquiring valuable information that prevented terrorist attacks and saved lives.

Man sets world record by transporting 17 kg maggots in his mouth

A man from East London has broken what has been billed as one of the "grossest" world records ever by moving 17 kg of live maggots in his mouth.

‘Condom Park’ Proposed in north Indian city

One public park known as a love haven for couples has been planned to be converted into a “Condom Park” by the municipal authorities in the Indian city Lucknow.

Another nude photo of French First Lady up for auction in Berlin

A nude photo of France’s First Lady Carla Bruni is expected to fetch a high price in the upcoming auction in Berlin next week. Notably, one of her nude pictures already fetched $91,000 in New York at an auction a year ago.

Chinese secret detention center ‘black jail’ uncovered

Local politicians in several parts of China are using secret detention centers called “black jail” to imprison the petitioners who threaten to complain corruption to Beijing. However, Chinese government reportedly denied the existence of such jail.

Hundreds of human skulls found in dry pond in India

About 100 human skulls and other human remains have been found in a pond in the city of Aligarh in northern India. It is believed that the skeletal remains belong to those whom police could not identify after inquest and dumped there to avoid cremation.

Doctors tuck child’s hanging heart back inside

An Indian baby born with his heart hanging precariously outside his chest has been operated by the doctors today who gently but firmly tucked it inside his body.

Netanyahu: Jerusalem will remain Israel’s capital 'forever'

Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed that Jerusalem would remain the capital of Israel "forever" as the Jewish state is celebrating its 42nd anniversary of the annexation of the city’s Arab sector.

US Marshals and FBI under attack by mystery virus

A strange, mystery virus hit the law enforcement computers on Thursday, forcing both the FBI and US Marshals Service to shut down parts of their computer networks as precaution.

Israel air force started preparing itself for all-out war

Israeli air force has completed a large-scale exercise simulating a war on various fronts with enemies including Iran. The simulation included fighter jets, cargo planes and missile defense systems.

Ex-soldier accused of rape, murder spared death penalty

A Kentucky jury Thursday handed a life sentence to a former US soldier convicted of raping and killing a 14-year-old Iraqi girl after murdering her whole family in 2006. He was spared the death penalty as jurors could not agree on his punishment.

New contraceptive device to prevent HIV

An USA-based Indian endocrinologist has reportedly developed a vaginal ring which he claims would prevent conception and transmission of HIV by releasing multiple types of non-hormonal agents and microbicides.

Blood bank for dogs looking for donors

Britain’s first mobile blood bank for dogs is out on the road and seeking donors. They are offering dinner and attractive gifts to attract the blood donors.

Survey says one-third British lie about age, drinking habits, sex

A new survey by "Really" TV has revealed that more than one-third of British regularly lie about their age, drinking habits and sexual history.
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