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Citizen based in Chicago, IL, United States, United States. Joined on Jan 14, 2007
Expertise in Food, recipes, Food, dining & restaurants, Dating & relationships, Board games, Video games,   see all» Pets, Careers & workplace, Government


I'm an opinionated man in Chicago with quirky tastes and possibly strange ways of looking at the world. I'm absolutely envious of every Food Network / Cooking Channel star who gets paid a salary to go to restaurants, eat food, and make yummy noises while spouting some flavor-related buzzwords. I lean libertarian in my political views, but that can change at the drop of a hat depending on the issue at hand being discussed. I will often play Devil's Advocate, and I abhor the fact that certain stupid laws/regulations have been passed by City Council with a unanimous vote, like the infamous Foie Gras Ban that was thankfully overturned later on.

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