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Vilma Cajigas

Citizen based in Austin, TX, United States, United States. Joined on Jun 9, 2010


Apple iWork released for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Apple yesterday released the iWork apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod, allowing users to create and share presentations, documents and spreadsheets on the go.

Microsoft releasing its next-gen Windows Phone

Microsoft previewed for release today the next generation Windows Phone, code-named Mango, with an array of new features and a faster browser.

Setback discovered for new stem cell treatment

Scientists announced on Friday a setback to a promising new stem cell used for treating diseases, with the discovery that a patient’s immune system could reject tissues produced from those stem cells, even if the tissues came from the same patient.

Google launches Chromebook laptop

Google announced today the launch of the Chromebook, a laptop which allows users to instantly access and browse the web.

Study: 1 in 7 strokes happen during sleep

Approximately 1 in 7 strokes occur while a person is asleep, making them ineligible for receiving a clot-busting life saving treatment, according to a new study.

Machine reads human mind, translates to words

Scientists have developed a machine that allows sensors attached to the brain’s speech center to translate brain waves into words, making it possible to read the human mind.

Size of Texas cross meets God’s expectation

Kerrville - A 77-foot-7 inch, 70-ton steel cross erected on top of a Texas hill country summit located in a 23-acre religious sculpture garden was inspired by a message from God, says the artist.

East Texas skies raining marijuana

Duffel bags of marijuana came crashing down on roof tops in Caddo Mills, Texas, 35 miles northeast of Dallas, on Monday morning.

Amazon Kindle book sales surpass hardcovers

Sales of Kindle books have overtaken sales of hardcover books,, Inc. formally announced in a press release on Monday.

Mosquito-borne dengue fever on the rise in Key West

A health warning has been issued by South Florida officials for anyone traveling to Key West after two cases of mosquito-borne dengue were reported in early July.

Koi fish missing from Austin Zilker Garden

Austin - Thirteen high-priced exotic fish were discovered missing from Zilker Metropolitan Park's 3-acre Isamu Taniguchi Japanese Garden.

US creates strict standards for junk food marketing to kids

A US interagency working group has laid out strict nutritional standards for foods marketed to children between 2-17 years of age.

US set to detect infrastructure cyber attacks

The US government will set into motion a comprehensive program termed “Perfect Citizen” to detect cyber attacks on private and government agencies running critical infrastructures, reported The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

EMS applicant dies during routine training

Austin - A 48-year-old man collapsed and died during an Emergency Medical Service (EMS) routine training program on Tuesday morning.

US postage may climb two cents

The US Postal Service (USPS) recommends an increase of two cents for its First-Class stamps after being faced with a possible $7-billion deficit for 2011.

iPhone 4 shipping delays puts Apple at risk

Apple Inc.‘s failure to meet the demand for the iPhone 4 may have put them at risk of losing customers to the competition.

President Obama orders FCC to increase wireless broadband

A memorandum assigning the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the daunting task of nearly doubling the amount of high-speed internet access is signed by President Obama on Monday.

Hurricane watch issued in parts of Texas

A hurricane watch is in effect for the coastal areas of Texas as winds from Tropical Storm Alex intensify in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nonwoven textile developed to cleanup BP oil spill

European high-tech textile manufacturing companies have developed a non-woven textile to reportedly clean up BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico.

Studies link breast density to cancer

Studies consistently show cancer risk to be four to six times higher for women with extremely dense breasts than for women with low density breasts.
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