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Kelly Bowlin

Citizen based in Los Angeles, CA, United States, United States. Joined on May 23, 2011



Voter Fraud Rules Are a Cheap Attempt By Republicans to Thwart Democracy

Across the country, Republican led groups have enacted legislation aimed at restricting voters in the next general...
May 19, 2012 by Kelly Bowlin - 4 comments

The Raindrops of Quintana Roo

The prisoner lived in a fetid, fifteen-by-fifteen foot concrete box that was always dark, save for a light that...
Nov 2, 2011 in  Writers Group by Kelly Bowlin

Eades Hogue

The August storm came hard from the south, as they usually did, with a rebel yell and mighty charge. The ancient Elms...
Nov 2, 2011 in  Writers Group by Kelly Bowlin

The View

I put Donald Duck on my tongue. It was four in the morning and the air was frigid. If it weren’t for the down...
Nov 1, 2011 in  Writers Group by Kelly Bowlin - 3 comments

Our Heroes Remembered on 9/11

We’re a nation of immigrants, Indians, slaves, and misfits. Our nation was born of rebellion, hardship and sacrifice....
Sep 11, 2011 by Kelly Bowlin - 2 comments

American Idol Crowns Country Clone

Yesterday, America selected country clone singer and stay-puft marshmallow poster boy, Scotty McCreery as the winner...
May 27, 2011 by Kelly Bowlin

Prohibition is Stupid and Doesn’t Work Unless You’re a Gangster

Duh, Gangsters Do It Because It’s Illegal A gangster is a gangster because he’s doing something illegal. These...
May 25, 2011 by Kelly Bowlin

The Great Wall of the Southwest is Stupid

Should there be a US Border? Should we build the great wall of the southwest to keep out the invading Hun, I mean...
May 25, 2011 by Kelly Bowlin - 4 comments

Mark to Market Accounting Sodomized the Financial Markets

Mark to Market Accounting Sodomized the Financial Markets Okay, a while back, the banks and Steve Forbes won. They...
May 24, 2011 by Kelly Bowlin

Wall Street, Greed, and the 2nd Great Depression

Wall Street Greed I’m a writer first. I don’t need to sugarcoat anything or kiss anyone’s ass. I’m not...
May 23, 2011 by Kelly Bowlin - 5 comments
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