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Ajit Jha

Citizen based in Ghaziabad, U.P, India. Joined on Jul 8, 2012
Expertise in Health, Science & space, Holistic health, Environment & green living, Education



Online romance scams cost victims more than $50 million

While online dating is increasingly becoming common, there is always the lurking threat of a rip-off. Incidents from Canada exemplify the problem.

Op-Ed: Technology impacts reading habits

The onset of Internet technology has led to an explosion of content and redefined publishing, their format, tools, diversity and accessibility of content. In effect, the technology driven publishing industry is growing as never before.

Op-Ed: Stringent laws against bullying needed in India

While bullying is a universal concern, it is especially acute in India. The latest victim of school bullying is Oindrilla Das of Calcutta.

Op-Ed: Forrester report: 'Facebook has failed social marketers'

A recent Forrester report has slammed Facebook claiming the company has failed marketers as it no longer supports social marketing.

Op-Ed: Who is taking advantage of the falling rupee?

There could be several reasons to the declining value of rupee, the Indian currency. However, it is no accident that the Indian currency and the Indian economy are both at their lowest levels today.

Op-Ed: Unethical Indian companies amid failing Indian economy Special

The Indian economy is certainly going through its worst phase of near disaster, if not downright collapse. The rupee is tumbling down while inflation is at an all-time high.

Op-Ed: Pet expenses from wedding to grave to awe you

Pet owners view their dogs and cats as part of their extended family. The patterns of overspending in US households are therefore more evident in homes that have domesticated animals.

Op-Ed: Your fridge could be making you sick

The household refrigerator is implicated for food poisoning in a number of studies and reports. In many cases when people believe they've contracted the flu, it's actually food poisoning caused by your fridge.

Op-Ed: The invincible power of Facebook through thick and thin

The power of Facebook is so huge that it rarely fails to make news for good or bad reasons, almost every few days. The recent U.S election provides further evidence of the power of social media with a single post attracting 3.5 million likes on Facebook.

India: Janta Party's Swamy accuses Sonia & Rahul of fraud

With fresh accusations of corruption against the ruling party in India, the Congress finds itself in a tight spot. While Sonia Gandhi’s son in law was accused of land scam recently, Sonia and her son Rahul are the victims of yet another accusation.

Op-Ed: Live chats can rescue businesses out of doldrums

According to a recent research report, live chat technologies are increasingly gaining in popularity to the extent that 79 percent of the shopping population prefers live chat because they have their questions answered quickly.

From where do you get the maximum spam emails?

Guess the original destination of most of the spam emails in your inbox? Russia? Canada? Holland? Nigeria? India? Pakistan? Wrong! It’s none of these.

Devastating impacts of GM crops for American farmers

According to revelations made by U.S scientists, GM crops have led to the unfortunate consequence of hugely increased use of pesticides over the last 16 years. Farmers have no choice but to use dangerous chemicals to fight superweeds.

Anti-Allergy milk from genetically engineered cow

Using a technique called RNA interference, researchers in New Zealand have genetically engineered a cow to produce anti-allergy milk. The genetically engineered cow produces very little of the protein responsible for causing allergic reaction.

Apple slashes iPhone 4s and 4 prices in India

While several factors including competition forces tech-gadget companies to slash or hike prices, the reasons why Apple decided to slash iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 prices in India is not known.

Fish oil can help you remain younger

While the health benefits of omega-3-fatty acid is well known, a recent research conclusively endorses the benefits of omega-3-fatty acid to slow a key biological process linked to aging.

Doctors amazingly grow ear on a cancer victim

While medical science has performed miracles, the ingenuity of innovative medical practitioners can do wonders. This is the case of Sherrie Walter, who lost her ear to cancer two years ago.

Op-Ed: Email accounts to increase to nearly 4.1 billion by 2015 Special

Kevin Gao, CEO of Comm100 Network Corporation, is highly optimistic of the potential of email marketing. Quoting stats from Radicati group, he claims "email accounts is expected to increase to nearly 4.1 billion by year-end 2015".

Op-Ed: Is email obsolete and outdated?

Internet space is increasingly turning into a turf where diverse activities compete for users’ attention. Email and social media have emerged as the two great contenders for our Internet time.

What Americans do most online?

Americans are probably the most addicted internet users. However, how they spend their time online can be an interesting study. According to a Nielson survey, Americans spend nearly “a quarter of their time online on social networking sites and blogs…
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