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Megan Morreale

Citizen based in Lawrence Township, NJ, United States. Joined on Jan 9, 2014
Expertise in Environment & green living, Technology, Science & space



U.S. government security clearance may now include DNA testing

DNA testing is being considered as part of a background checks on security clearance applicants who need to access classified information.

Downtown Toronto sees anti-Ford election signs surface

Toronto - A series of campaign signs featuring outlandish promises popped up in Toronto on Monday morning in an effort to quell Mayor Rob Ford's reelection plans.

We may go to Jupiter by 2025 and find life there

NASA hopes to launch a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa, the solar system's most likely heavenly body to hold alien life, by 2025.

Photos of rare deep sea life emerge from New Hebrides research

Research has discovered an entirely new type of deep sea community in the New Hebrides trench just north of New Zealand.

College student gets jail for changing grades to A's

Roy Sun, 25, was sentenced to 90 days in jail last week for computer tampering after he and two undergraduate classmates were accused of hacking into Purdue University's data system to change their grades to A's.

Video: Snake beats crocodile in fight, then eats it within 15 min

A snake in Queensland, Australia coiled itself around a crocodile in the water and later brought it's dead challenger to the land to eat.

Water witches used in California to find water

Some California farmers have turned to water witches, or dowsers, in desperation to locate underground water throughout the state.

Ancient Pompeii wall collapses, making the third this week

A wall collapsed in the ancient Roman city Pompeii, making this the third collapse of the ancient Roman city in the past three days.

Apple abandons Snow Leopard, leaves 1 in 5 Macs vulnerable

Apple has left Snow Leopard in the dust, announcing that it will no longer offer security updates for the four-and-a-half-year-old operating system.

Computers under attack from your personal Wi-Fi connection

A computer virus that spread like a contagion through a Wi-Fi connection has been created by researchers at the University of Liverpool's School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science.

China's soldiers are getting too big to fit in their tanks

The average Chinese soldier has grown taller and wider over the last few years, leading to cramped tanks and equipment and uniform problems.

The science behind our Flappy Bird addiction

There is a formula behind those simple and addictive games that bring us back again and again to beat our original high scores.

China enters the race to discover dark matter

China enters the race in detecting dark matter with its $8 million PandaX experiment set to begin collecting data in the coming weeks.

Man builds staircase and bed out of salvaged pianos

Tim Vincent-Smith, a UK-based interior design artist, built a staircase leading to a lofted bed out of two repurposed pianos.

8 rare Corvettes swallowed by sinkhole

Bowling Green - Eight vehicles, including two Corvette ZR1s, were swallowed by an opening under the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky this morning.

Some species of crocodiles can climb trees

The belief that you can climb a tree to escape a hungry crocodile has been proven moot by The University of Tennessee that says some species of crocodile can climb trees.

New fossil site could turn out to be the world's most important

A new fossil site discovered in Kootenay National Park is part of an epic expedition that led to a collection of thousands of animals, representing more than 50 species.

South Korea plans to open a new robot theme park in 2016

Seoul - A massive world robot theme park project is underway in South Korea, a family friendly amusement park that will also double as a robotics grad school.

Oldest known star discovered by Australian astronomers

Australian astronomers have discovered the oldest known star in the universe through what the lead researcher describes as a "needle-in-a-haystack" situation.

American fuel distributor shows $380 billion leaving U.S. economy

AMERIgreen fuel provider released an infographic that shows $380 billion leaving the U.S. economy in 2012 because of foreign fuel consumption.
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