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Sadiq Green

Citizen based in New York City - Washington, DC, United States. Joined on Jan 2, 2008
Expertise in Government, Politics, Sports



Op-Ed: GOP’s real motive for condemning Susan Rice

John McCain and other GOP senators continue their witch hunt aimed at demeaning United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice. What could explain these senators continued witch hunt against Rice?

Op-Ed: GOP Hypocrisy on Benghazi

Republicans simply cannot admit that they are more to blame for the lack of security at America’s overseas embassies. Instead the only way to rid themselves of their guilty consciences is to project blame on President Obama and UN Ambassador Susan Rice.

Op-Ed: Vulture Capitalism and CEO pay caused Hostess’ demise, not unions

Last week Hostess Brands Inc. announced they would be shutting down operations after more than eighty years of production. While headlines have been quick to blame unions for the downfall of the company, a closer look reveals there’s more to the story.

Op-Ed: Teetering on the Fiscal Cliff

As President Obama faces the challenges of his second term, a critical issue remains unresolved from his first term; the dreaded “fiscal cliff” that could plunge it into further economic disarray if it is not addressed by the end of the year.

Op-Ed: John Boehner’s role in history

The 112th Congress has gone through this entire year without passing one single piece of significant legislation, leaving uncertainty involving employment, taxes, the farm bill, the post office and most importantly the budget deficit and the Sequester.

Op-Ed: FOX News and Bad Karma - Should GOP ditch the Network?

Karma paid a visit to the Fox News Channel studios and beat the hell out of Republican strategist and so-called political guru Karl Rove on election night.

Op-Ed: The Biggest Losers of the 2012 Election

When Mitt Romney conceded the 2012 Election he had plenty of fellow losers to share defeat with him. From strategist Karl Rove to pollster Dick Morris, the Republican team went down in flames as its four year effort to unseat President Obama failed.

Op-Ed: GOP Denying President Obama his Mandate

Florida is still being counted, but it’s just a formality as President Barack Obama scored a decisive victory over Mitt Romney in Tuesday’s election. As it stands President Obama leads Mitt Romney with 303 electoral votes to 206, and possibly more.

Op-Ed: America Reelects President Barack Obama — New reality for GOP

President Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term Tuesday, defeating his Republican Challenger Mitt Romney and ending a bitterly fought campaign. The Obama campaign rolled up victories in key swing states such as Michigan, Ohio, Colorado and Iowa.

President Obama Re-Elected

President Barack Obama won a historic second term on Tuesday, defying predictions that a sluggish economy and an energized Republican party might overwhelm the supporters who propelled him to the presidency four years ago.

Op-Ed: An Obama Second term — Questions abound

Today, American voters will go to the polls to elect the next president of the United States. Should he win, speculation abounds as to what a second Barack Obama term would look like? What would he pursue for his legacy?

Op-Ed: Re-Elect Barack Obama as President of the United States

Barack Obama has earned the trust of voters for his preventing America from spiraling into another Depression. Had it not been for his attention and diligence, we would have endured an economic collapse that dwarfed the recent recession by comparison.

Op-Ed: What Mitt Romney would do as President

With the polls showing a tight race, a Mitt Romney presidency is a real possibility Tuesday. The GOP candidate has offered a contradictory array of positions on the issues, which makes it difficult predicting what a Romney agenda might look like.

Op-Ed: The Clergy’s Biblical Deceit

Reports of some clergy urging their followers to abstain from voting to re-elect President Obama over his support of gay marriage should raise questions concerning exploitation of the pulpit.

Op-Ed: A Tale of Two Storms and Three Men

As we braced ourselves for the arrival of Sandy, thoughts naturally drifted back to the tepid federal response to Katrina as New Orleans residents fought for their lives against rising flood waters, recalling help did not arrive on time for many of them.

Op-Ed: GOP wants to end FEMA in order to profit from natural disasters

One of the best qualities of Americans - whatever our political leanings - is the ability to come together during times of crisis to help care for one another. It is especially true during natural disasters.

Op-Ed: Mitt Romney — Unethical and unscrupled businessman for President

Although businessman and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has been running for president of the United States for about six years now, voters are still missing much critical information about his past.

Op-Ed: President Obama never held a Supermajority

When Mitt Romney and Republicans say that Barack Obama had a supermajority in Congress for two years, they are lying. In an interview with The Des Moines Register, President Obama debunked that favorite talking point of Mitt Romney's.

Op-Ed: Looking Presidential enough for GOP?

At some point during Monday’s debate the Romney campaign panicked at the sight of their candidate taking a shellacking from President Obama, and frantically sought for the proper “spin” to camouflage what America – and the world was witnessing.

Op-Ed: President Obama commanding in final debate

Boca Raton - With the exception of Romney surrogates, conservative radio hosts and the folks at Fox News Channel, the world saw President Obama take Mitt Romney to school in the final presidential debate last night at Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida.
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