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Patrick Truax

Citizen based in Spanish Lake, MO, United States. Joined on Nov 5, 2008


Op-Ed: Political Post Mortem

Many reasons have been cited for Republican Scott Brown's stunning upset victory in which he claimed Massachusetts' open Senate seat. A few them are examined here.

Op-Ed: Stark Contrast between MA Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown

Much hay is being made about the abrupt 180 degree turn Massachusetts voters took in electing Republican State Senator Scott Brown. Before we toss too many kudos their way, let us remind you of the OTHER senator from the Commonwealth.

Op-Ed: Inside the Democrat Culture of Corruption

Nancy Pelosi once referred to the GOP as having a "Culture of Corruption". To hear the Democrat Speaker, the party of condom trees, tax evasion,vehicular manslaughter and Oval Office oral sex, paint Republicans as all corrupt, would make a cat laugh.

Dick Durbin Defends Daschle's Dalliance

Daschle's "Senior Moment" excuse will get him off the hook and let him keep his appointment. A Republican in a similar position would already have been tried, convicted, and burned at the media's stake.

Op-Ed: Canceled Due to Global Warming

A humorous look at the Midwest's weather from this week. While it is satire, we hope that at least one person sees the Global Warming thing as a tad dramatic.

Josef Mengele: Devil of Auschwitz

Josef Mengele's name has surfaced again in Brazil. In an area where Mengele was believed to be hiding, an astonishing amount of twins have been born. The first births began in 1963. Did the "Angel of Death"continue his devil's work in the jungle?

Leonard Peltier: Time for Truth? Or Remain a Cause Celebre?

Leonard Peltier was dealt another blow last week when he was denied a prison transfer to North Dakota, instead winding up further away from the Badlands, than he was before.

Appellate Court Agrees With Bush Administration on Wiretaps

A secret court has upheld an earlier FISA court ruling that government has the right to wiretap international communications of US citizens.

Op-Ed: White Phosphorus, Gaza, and the UN

A few hours with a news reader and a less objective person would believe Israel is at fault for more crises than George W Bush. Now a UN building is burning in Gaza and the Israeli's are being blamed again.

Op-Ed: The Morning After

The mass euphoria that will accompany Barack Hussein Obama into the White House should signal the time for rolling up the sleeves and getting to work. This column feels there will be a number of disappointed Obamas in the coming months.

Op-Ed: Clinton Redux

Bill Clinton moved to the Center during his tenure in the Oval Office. Recognizing the need to compromise, he was able to get more done by meeting in the middle. Can Obama by using his Clintonista appointees?

Op-Ed: Glasnost at the CIA

Removing the cloak of secrecy around the Central Intelligence Agency appears to be the direction of the incoming Obama Administration. The appointment of a Clinton era party apparatchik to the Director's post, signals a change in the wind at Langley.

Op-Ed: The Mire in Minnesota

More judicial involvement in a US election. This is the type of thing that can be found in Haiti or in Africa. But since 2000, more and more elections are decided from the bench.

Op-Ed: Gaza Relief Ship rammed by Israeli Gunship

The Free Gaza Yacht that brings aid to Gaza was accosted by Israeli gunboats and forced to divert to Tyre, Lebanon. The yacht was carrying former US Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney.

Op-Ed: A New Tack in the Holy Land

One of the sticking points in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict is Jerusalem. Perhaps focusing on the Holy city, as a starting point for peace, could bear fruit. But it's time to settle the issue, by unconventional means if necessary.

Op-Ed: Hamas: Legal Terrorism

World Opinion is against Israel again. But has anyone ever honestly looked at what part the election of a terror organization has played in the plight of the Gazans?

Op-Ed: Eve of Destruction

The Holy Land is in conflict again. For over 50 years, the same length of the Korean War, battles have been fought there. Will this ignite the last one?

Op-Ed: Help is on the Way

Barack Obama faces a daunting task when he assumes office in January. One of his top issues will be the economy. The "R" word has been out in force lately, and it seems that maybe a recession is the best we can hope for.

Op-Ed: Guantanamo, Obama, and Me

The Detention Facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba houses some very dangerous combatants, most of whom have declared a hostile intent toward the United States. Is it smart to bring the detainees here? And under what auspices?

Op-Ed: Back in the Ring for Another Swing

John McCain is sticking around. One of the issues he needs to address to keep the conservative base happy, is illegal immigration. He has no easy task.
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