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Holly Goodwin

Citizen based in Jennings, LA, United States, United States. Joined on Apr 29, 2011



'Swamp People' cast member, Mitchell Guist, dies Monday Morning

Mitchell Guist, known on the History Channel's show "Swamp People" as one of the more traditional hunters, died early Monday morning after a fall.

Op-Ed: Protests Against the War On Women — Baton Rouge, Louisiana Special

Baton Rouge - On April 28th, 2012 Unite Women created a country-wide protest against the War Against Women due to recent legislation limiting women's healthcare. This is a view from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

2012 Internet April Fool's Round-up

Every April Fools day companies with a large web presence get into the spirit of pranking. This is the 2012 April Fool's internet round-up with links to the shenanigans.

Op-Ed: Women's vaginas assaulted prior to abortion due to pro-life bill

A pro-life bill was just passed in Virginia requiring any woman seeking an abortion to be forced into having an invasive, costly, and worthless trans-vaginal ultrasound.

Father shoots daughter's laptop over Facebook dispute

Yesterday an enraged father posted a YouTube video reading a rant on his daughter’s Facebook wall about him, and then he addressed each point, and later "executed" her laptop.

Researcher unveils footage of chicken embryo in live motion

Researcher Anna Franz won the first annual Nikon’s Small World in Motion competition by allowing our eyes a view of the vascular system of a chicken embryo in the video above.

Internet currency BitCoin exchangeable for real world money

A new form of currency called BitCoin has been sweeping the internet and can be exchanged for real world goods or money. The most interesting aspect is that any user can generate BitCoins out of thin air.

Anonymous leaks documents of government contracted IT firm

Anonymous has hacked a government contracted IT firm and posted their files to The Pirate Bay as part of F**k FBI Friday.

13-year-old brain cancer patient shares his story on Reddit IAmA

Reddit offers a special area called IAmA where users can tell others what is unique about them and have members ask them questions about their situation. One such user at the top of IAmA's front page is a 13-year-old cancer patient.

Mystery shoppers sent to U.S. doctors

In light of the shortage of healthcare professionals the Obama administration is sending out mystery shoppers to test how often a patient is turned down and how much it has to do with their type of insurance.

Op-Ed: Russian woman dies at her own funeral

Kazan - Devastated husband Fagili Mukhametzyanov had to attend his wife's funeral twice. During the first funeral his wife woke up just as she was about to be buried alive and let out a scream.

British video game publisher hacked

Codemasters, one of the oldest British video game developers, joined the line of other companies that have recently been hacked.

Highlights from E3 Expo

Los Angeles - Surprises were abound for the thousands of spectators who were lucky enough to grab tickets for this year's E3 Expo, a mecca for gamers. Familiar franchises such as Halo, the Legend of Zelda, and even Duke Nukem made appearances.

Texas battling TSA pat-downs

Texas politicians get a second chance at a bill meant to limit TSA pat-downs after federal officials previously threatened to cancel all flights into the state.

Nintendo Wii U and its touchscreen controller

Nintendo's next game system, dubbed Wii U, has been confirmed for having touchscreens built into its controllers. Also, Wii U will sport high-def video.

FBI affiliate Infragard hacked

Hackers of a group called LulzSec posted data pertaining to many FBI employees affiliated with Infragard Atlanta who according to the group were not following mandatory password and security rules.

Man sentenced for death threat on Facebook

Eau Claire - A Wisconsin man was sentenced to one and a half months in jail after posting to his Facebook page that he was on his way to murder someone and planned to later kill himself.

Axe-throwing league gaining attention

What's a person to do when it's too cold to swim and there's tons of time to kill? It's time to start throwing axes, of course!

FBI raid home of 91-year-old 'suicide kit' seller

El Cajon - Sharlotte Hydorn says she was surprised after answering her door and finding nearly a dozen federal agents outside on Wednesday morning.

Man arrested for masturbating on United Airlines flight

A man was arrested for public masturbation on a flight from Spokane to Denver last Thursday. FBI agents charged him with "obscene and indecent exposure of his person."
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