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Lynn Herrmann

Citizen based in Texas hill country, United States. Joined on Mar 1, 2010



Stratfor calls WikiLeaks’ release of emails ‘deplorable’

Austin - “The Global Intelligence Files,” a new release by WikiLeaks of more than five million emails from the intelligence analyst firm called Stratfor, has brought an immediate response from its CEO, George Friedman, who calls the action “deplorable.”

Start of BP’s Gulf oil spill trial delayed by federal judge

New Orleans - After failing to reach a settlement by the scheduled court date, on the books since the autumn of 2010, a federal judge has given BP and a plaintiff steering committee representing scores of private parties another week to settle their differences.

WikiLeaks releases 5M emails, ‘The Global Intelligence Files’

Washington - WikiLeaks has announced the release of more than 5 million emails, called “The Global Intelligence Files,” and includes communications from the American-based intelligence analyst group Stratfor and its “web of informers.”

'World’s craziest bike race’ victory goes to Chile’s native son

The "world's craziest bike race" begins with a stunning view atop a hill overlooking the Chilean city of Valparaíso and the Pacific Ocean, includes bone-jarring jumps, nerve-rattling descents in an urban landscape, and a sudden end at Plaza Anibal Pinto.

Plot to assassinate Russia’s Vladimir Putin revealed

Moscow - Less than a week before Russia’ presidential elections, reports are surfacing the country’s intelligence agencies have acted in response to a plot at assassinating Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Putin says West wants ‘regime change’ in Iran

Washington - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused Western powers’ escalated rhetoric over Iran’s nuclear program as an attempt at disguising their true intent, government involvement in “regime change.”

Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound demolished

Abbottabad - The three-story Pakistan compound near Abbottabad, where Osama bin Laden was murdered by United States special forces last year, has been demolished with backhoes and cranes by Pakistani authorities.

Santorum ‘grossly mischaracterized’ Netherlands euthanasia policy

Amsterdam - GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s “demagogic” social message of women flying small planes, worship of Israel and winking at Iran has another bizarre twist and includes elderly Dutch people wearing “Do not euthanize me” bracelets.

Op-Ed: Rick Santorum’s malfeasance and political rot

Washington - In our weekly attempt at making sense of American political malfeasance, our focus shifts from Barack Obama’s ineptitude to bigotry associated with the country’s currently leading GOP presidential hopeful, one Rick Santorum.

Op-Ed: Is ‘El Chapo’ the October surprise in Calderon's Mexico election?

Mexico - Facing heavy criticism over his handling of the country’s drug war, Mexico President Felipe Calderon’s popularity has plummeted, is widely seen as losing the presidential election in July, and now needs a major event to boost his party’s popularity.

NBA: Spurs roll past Denver, 114-99

Denver - With both teams coming off road losses against Western Conference foes, the Denver Nuggets hosted San Antonio on Thursday night and discovered why the hottest team in the NBA is the Spurs, who cruised to a 114-99 win in the Mile High City.

Swedish hospital seeks 'hot' nurses for summer employment

Stockholm - Travel nurses seeking a fun-filled experience in Sweden would do themselves a favor by checking out Stockholm South General Hospital’s advertising campaign seeking vacation cover for the 2012 summer, with the prerequisite of being “TV-series hot.”

Canada’s Northern Gateway opponents say ‘It’s going to be war’

Edmonton - A battle continues intensifying over Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline which would transport Alberta tar sands oil to the Pacific coast of British Columbia, with opponents of the project noting “it’s going to be war.”

NBA: Duncan and Parker ‘magnificent’ as Spurs streak goes to 11

Salt Lake City - Hosting the Spurs on Monday, the Utah Jazz became the latest victim in San Antonio’s current string of last-second dramatics, a 106-102 affair which stretched the visitors win streak to 11, longest in the NBA this season.

Saudi Aramco to re-open Dammam oil field after 30 years

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia is preparing to re-open its oldest oil field for the first time in three decades due to “tight market conditions” brought on over fears of a possible conflict in the Middle East involving Israel, Iran and the United States.

NBA: Spurs stun Clippers in OT, 103-100, streak goes to 10

Los Angeles - Letting certain victory slip through their hands, literally, the Los Angeles Clippers watched the San Antonio Spurs win their 10th straight game, a hard-fought overtime battle before a stunned sellout crowd at the Staples Center, 103-100.

Funeral procession in Syria turns deadly as forces shoot mourners

Damascus - A funeral procession in Damascus on Saturday turned deadly when security forces began rapid and repeated firing on the crowd, killing at least one and sending thousands fleeing for their lives.

Chronic malnutrition puts almost half a billion children at risk

Westport - Chronic malnutrition, a deadly and widespread crisis largely overlooked in the face of food scarcity, currently impacts one in four children across the globe and places almost half a billion children at risk of permanent damage within the next 15 years.

Op-Ed: War with Iran, led by headlines of the week

Washington - Running neck and neck in their race to initiate war with Iran, America’s two leading dailies continue churning out propagandistic headlines designed to dupe, once again, citizens into supporting the waste of their own taxpayer dollars.

Shell’s Arctic oil response plan approved by Obama administration

Washington - Shell Oil won a major consideration on Friday when the Obama administration approved the oil giant’s oil spill response plan for drilling in the waters of the Arctic’s Chukchi Sea, now opening up a drilling process set to begin as early as this summer
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