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Alyssa Sellors

Citizen based in Marietta, GA, United States, United States. Joined on Jun 14, 2013
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Ex-con arrested in the deaths of rich family he worked for

An arrest has finally been made in the grisly murder of a millionaire’s family and their housekeeper that occurred just over a week ago in the wealthy area of Woodley Park, just outside of Washington DC.

Op-Ed: 3 reasons your small business needs to adopt the cloud now

If your small business relies strictly on hardware and physical servers to store your critical data, you're one small incident away from business disaster.

Swedish man's roar scares off charging bear

What should you do when faced with a charging bear? Most of us would either freeze or run, but one hunter from Sweden had another idea in mind.

5 reasons to buy life insurance if you're under 30

If you're a Millennial in your 20s to young 30s, death is likely the last thing on your mind. And, to some extent, this is as it should be.

Big Apple seeks to clean up its act for Earth Day 2015

For anyone who has ever been to our nation’s largest city, New York City, it’s evident that despite the landmarks and award-winning restaurants, the city could use a little cleaning up.

Op-Ed: Fashion trend: Warming up with red this summer

As winter gave way to spring, and spring will quickly give way to summer, fashion trends are also thawing out with both new and timeless trends returning for warmer months, in the form of the color red.

Op-Ed: 5 credit score killers that are costing you money

Your credit score is critical. While it doesn't define you, it certainly determines whether or not you'll be able to buy a house or car with a reasonable interest rate (or at all).

Medical marijuana heads south

A little less than half of U.S. states have passed legislation permitting the use of medical marijuana. California's law is nearly a decade old, and Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Maine followed suit shortly.

Op-Ed: Is homeopathy a form of quackery?

People are always looking for more natural approaches to healing, as alternatives to traditional medicine or invasive procedures, but when it comes to homeopathy as a trade-off for traditional approaches, this is where the line in the sand is drawn.

Op-Ed: 5 ways to fight low back pain in bed

Low back pain and sleep problems are more interrelated than you may think. In fact, did you know you can exacerbate your back pain by the way you sleep?

New study shows many with low credit scores miss out on recovery

The recession and all its woes are supposed to be behind us, right? Yet far too many Americans are still struggling, and low credit scores are forcing them to pay more for core services and turn to high interest financial products.

How whistleblowers exposed critical lapses at VA Department

The Veterans Administration failed far too many soldiers and former soldiers, and it was whistleblowers at many locations that brought these gaffes to light.

Study reveals young women ignore heart attack symptoms

Heart disease is the second most common killer of women aged 30 to 55 – cancer is foremost. And for ages 65 and up, it's the most common cause of death in women.

Toyota's move to TX to boost local economy by more than $7.2B

Plano - When Toyota, the world's largest car maker, decided to find a new home to consolidate its US operations it promised to be a boon for whatever lucky city landed the deal.

Op-Ed: Real world illnesses that could cause a zombie apocalypse

Some scientists believe that not only is it feasible that we could face a zombie-esque threat, but that it could be an engineered virus that would doom us to this fate.

Op-Ed: 5 social media tips for small business

Small business owners are increasingly leveraging social media as a promotion and sales tool. A recent LinkedIn study showed that 81 percent of small to mid-sized businesses are using social media, but how many are using it effectively?

Millennials’ future impact on the economy

Individuals from ages 18 to 33 are considered to be millennials. Raised in the tech world, these individuals hold a deeper understanding of technology and its capabilities, and that’s something the current workforce can, and should, embrace.

How IT is influencing the auto industry

The average American spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. That’s a whole lot of wasted time, but what if time spent in our cars wasn’t so miserable? Or what if that number could drastically drop for 2015?

Op-Ed: Choosing a web design company is more than just good design

Targeting new customers, creating a brand logo, and seeing your concept come to life in the form of a professional brand is a significant moment.

Op-Ed: NFL 2014-2015 — A season in review

The end of the NFL season is quickly approaching, to the dismay of fans. One man, however, may be ready for a bit of a break after the past six months.
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