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Summer Banks

Citizen based in Oak Island, NC, United States, United States. Joined on Aug 18, 2009


Lady Gaga smelling pretty with Coty Inc. deal

Lady Gaga has collected more fans on FaceBook than any other celebrity. Her Twitter page is on the top of the follower list. At the MTV VMAs, she earned eight moon men. What is next for Lady Gaga? How about a fragrance deal with Coty, Inc.

Border patrol opens fire at Mexico

Border patrol seizure of 1,000 pounds of marijuana results in border shoot out. No border patrol officers were hurt during the exchange.

Minority Students 'Targeted' With Racial Survey

Students in Youngsville, NC were given a racial survey conducted by the United States Department of Education. The only students "targeted" were minorities.

Klitschko Stops Training to Meet a Star

Training for a huge boxing match is supposed to be all about hard work and sweat. Vitali Klitschko found time to meet and greet when Denzel Washington showed up.

MTV's New Teen Wolf Series is a Go

MTV is going ahead with the plans for a pilot episode of the Teen Wolf=based series. With the recent popularity of werewolves, thanks to Twilight, MTV is taking the jump into the outrageous.

Radiation Toxicity Reduced With Red Wine

Drinking wine may be the key to healthier radiation therapy. In some patients, the skin toxicity effects of radiation was reduced up to 75 per cent with moderate red wine consumption.

Washington D.C. Salon to Offer Topless Cuts

The dreams of men are about to come true. A new salon in Washington, D.C. is hiring hair stylists willing to add a new bounce to your cut.

Micheal Jackson's Death Ruled a Homicide

Michael Jackson's death is officially a homicide, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. The coroner says propofol and lorazepam use, among other sedatives, caused the death.

North Carolina Colleges Telling Kids to Skip School

Students who are feeling a little under the weather have been given permission to skip their college classes. College officials would rather kids miss class than spread the H1N1 virus.

Cuba facing a toilet paper shortage

While the rest of the world is fighting home foreclosures and the loss of jobs, Cuba is fighting a very different threat. According to the Miami Herald, Cubans may need to reduce the number of toilet paper squares they use during bathroom breaks.

The Graphic Reality of Texting While Driving

The United Kingdom has taken all fluff out of the Public Service Announcement (PSA) posted on YouTube. The PSA shows the graphic potential threat of texting while driving.

Can a Website Predict Death? may just hold the secret to the immortal question, "When will I die?" Students and researchers at Carnegie Melon created the website based on public data on death risk.

Obama to Honor Kennedy With Eulogy

President Obama will honor the funeral of Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy with a eulogy. The funeral will be held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica on Saturday.

18 Holes of Golf to Stop Domestic Violence

The 180 Turning Lives Around non-profit organization has announced their 3rd Annual Golf Classic. The event is held in Deal, NJ with proceeds going to stop domestic and sexual violence.

Is Autism Linked to Genetically Modified Foods?

The Lyme Induced Autism Foundation (LIA) has posted a press release urging doctors to prescribe diets free from genetically modified foods. According to the LIA, these foods could pose a health threat to people with chronic illnesses.

Higher Testosterone Levels Lead to Financial Risks

Women with higher testosterone levels are seven times more likely to take financial risks. When given a choice between a guaranteed monetary award and the chance of winning a lottery worth more money, testosterone levels weighted the results.

Obama plans east coast vacation despite Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill is not giving up yet. The beaches from Massachusetts to North Carolina are on alert. An emergency warning was issued to Martha's Vineyard, where President Obama plans to visit Sunday morning.

Church Off Limits for North Carolina Sex Offenders

A sex offender was shocked after being arrested for attending church. According to North Carolina law, a sex offender could be forced to serve 12 more years in prison for worship.

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