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Johnny Simpson

Citizen based in Nashua NH, United States. Joined on Mar 27, 2008



Op-Ed: Strange Happenings in the 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' World

Earlier today I dropped the ' Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' story as over and done with. Point made. We can draw Mohammed on EDMD. But can we still?

Jafar Panahi freed from Evin prison

After nearly three months in Tehran's notorious Evin prison since his March 1 arrest without charge, and after a week on hunger strike in protest of his unjust imprisonment, renowned Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi has been released from Evin on bail.

'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' Controversy Still Raging Worldwide

Saudi Arabia banned Facebook's EDMD page. Indian Muslims are demanding that India do the same. Pakistan lodged protests with the UN and US. Sweden closed its embassy there. Now the World Cup is threatened. UPDATE: India has blocked Facebook's EDMD page.

Controversial 'Draw Mohammed Day' Facebook Page back online

Despite the best efforts of the talented Turkish cyberjihadi Ali Hassan, the original 100,000-member 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' Facebook page is back online with all photos, posts and links intact. Running commentary appears as lively as it was May 20.

Op-Ed: Why is the 'Draw Mohammed Day' Facebook Page gone?

'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' was most eventful. A culture war raged at Facebook on Thursday. Pakistan blocked both it and YouTube, and people rioted in the streets. Now it looks like the EDMD Facebook page may have fallen victim to a Turkish cyberjihadi.

Facebook Restores 'Draw Mohammad Day' Page UPDATE Page Removed

Upon checking links, Twitter, Google updates and the EDMD page, it appeared Facebook had taken down the main 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day' page. Facebook reported a glitch. UDPATE: Hot Air reports the main EDMD page has been removed. LATEST: A hack job?

Facebook war raging over 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day' contest

A major ideological war is raging on Facebook over the 'Everybody Draw Mohammad Day' competition slated for May 20. Pakistan has even blocked Facebook over the controversy. UPDATE: Pakistanis are now protesting Facebook in the streets.

Op-Ed: Everybody Draw Ahmadinejad Day!

From the righty Breitbart's Big Hollywood to the lefty Huffington Post, everyone is gearing up for Everybody Draw Mohammad Day. In my last post, I suggested this could be an ultimately self-defeating exercise in free speech. May I suggest another subject?

Op-Ed: Distinguishing Muslims from Islamists

Two recent news reports involving AG Eric Holder and liberal pundit Allen Colmes show a reluctance on the part of many to call radical Islamists what they are. If we are ever to win the war against the extremists, we must face the truth and name names.

French releasing Iranian assassin after Iran freed French citizen

In what France is denying is a quid pro quo for the release of French academic Clotilde Reiss from Evin prison, Ali Vakili Rad, the assassin of Iran's last prime minister under the Shah, is being released from French custody while serving a life sentence.

Woody Allen says Obama should be granted dictatorial powers

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, film director Woody Allen suggested that President Obama should be granted total dictatorial powers for a few years "so he can get some good things done."

Police raid filmmaker Jafar Panahi's home, threaten his family

Three days ago, Jafar Panahi was punished with two more months in Evin prison for relaying a thank you message to his Cannes supporters. On Sunday, his home in Tehran was raided and his family threatened with arrest if they spoke to the media about him.

Survey: Most TV meteorologists doubt global warming is man-made

A recent CBS News report revealed a startling statistic: While more than half of all TV meteorologists believe global warming is occurring, less than a third believe it is caused by human activity.

Op-Ed: Americans Saying Yes to the Party of No

Liberal Democrats believe they have a winning campaign theme with "The Party of No." Unfortunately for them, most Americans agree with Republicans in saying no to higher taxes and spending, ObamaCare, Cap-and-Trade, and more stimulus for bankrupt states.

Op-Ed: Is it time to give the UN the boot?

In 1945 the UN was formed specifically to end wars, prevent genocide, champion human rights and provide humanitarian aid. The UN has not only failed in those core duties, it has become so financially and morally corrupt it is doing more harm than good.

Lesbian filmmaker denied asylum in UK, faces deportation to Iran

Kiana Firouz, a young up-and-coming lesbian actress, filmmaker and gay activist from Iran now living in the UK as a refugee, was recently denied asylum there. If she is forced to return, she will face the most brutal of punishments, perhaps even death.

Op-Ed: The Deterioration of American Domestic Security

The primary duty of the United States government is to provide for the safety and security of the American people. In this key responsibility, many top federal officials are not only in full abrogation, but dismiss concerns so cavalierly it's disturbing.

Op-Ed: The Fast and the Furious Illegals in Arizona

A news report currently posted at Breitbart's Big Journalism website revealed an amazing and most telling statistic by way of Pinal Country Sheriff Paul Babeu: of all 64 highway chases in his county in Arizona last month, not one involved a U.S. citizen.

Op-Ed: When Pundits Go Poll-Dancing

A recent poll cited by New York Times columnist Charles Blow brought home to me just how meaningless some polls can be, and the Daily Caller's Jon Ward shows how all too easy it is to cherry-pick a poll to paint a picture opposite of the poll itself.

Rioting, violence, mar protests of Arizona immigration laws

In some cities around America this past weekend, peaceful protests against Arizona's strict new immigration laws degenerated into rioting and even violence against counter-protesters. Many were also arrested, including Rep. Lius Gutierrez (D-IL).
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