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Justin King

Citizen based in Destin, FL, United States, United States. Joined on Aug 15, 2013
Expertise in Charity & volunteer work, Internet, Travel, Government



Seattle Prosecutor drops seven month's worth of marijuana tickets

Seattle - Almost 100 people have had tickets for marijuana possession dismissed after the prosecutor discovered most of them were written by one officer who happens to disagree with voters over legalized marijuana.

Census finds that billionaires are hoarding their wealth

The Billionaire Census conducted by Wealth-X and UBS has concluded that the world’s richest people are keeping their money in cash, rather than investing it.

Tesla Motors under pressure to stop Georgia sales

Atlanta - The Georgia Automobile Dealers Association has filed a petition with lawmakers to force Tesla Motors to stop selling cars in Georgia.

Chadian troops free hostages after clash with Boko Haram

N'djamena - The Boko Haram conducted another mass abduction earlier this month. Troops from Chad clashed with the Boko Haram militants near the Nigerian border, killing most of the fighters and freeing most of the hostages.

Homosexuality still listed as 'chronic problem' alleges lawsuit

Los Angeles - Matthew Moore is suing his doctor and his medical network after they allegedly ignored his complaint about notations in his medical records indicating that he was suffering from homosexual behavior.

Strippers plan to protest topless at church

Warsaw - A church congregation and the employees of a strip club have been protesting each other’s establishments for years. The strippers plan on escalating the fight this Sunday by protesting topless.

Teen cuts off rapist’s penis to stop second attack

Bihar - A teenage girl in India is said to have cut her uncle’s penis off after he reportedly came back to rape her a second time.

Obama plans to use executive power to allow illegals to stay

Washington, D. C. - U.S. President Barack Obama is planning to use executive authority to issue millions of work permits to those who entered the country illegally if no congressional action occurs by the end of summer.

Vending machine feeds stray dogs in exchange for bottles

Istanbul - A Turkish company is aiming to encourage recycling and help feed Istanbul’s massive stray dog population by using vending machines that dispense dog food in exchange for plastic bottles.

Nonviolent federal drug offenders could be released early

Washington, D. C. - A federal panel has decided to retroactively apply the new guidelines for sentencing federal inmates. This could send tens of thousands of nonviolent drug offenders home early.

Seven wars you probably don’t know are happening

While Ukraine, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan dominate the news cycle, conflicts rage across the globe with little or no media coverage. These are the wars that aren’t being covered by Western media outlets.

Sister makes worldwide plea for brother with rare disorder Special

London - Aplastic enemia is a rare disorder in which bone marrow ceases to produce enough new blood cells. The sister of Angelo Farrugia, Sophia, wants to find bone marrow donors for the Anthony Nolan organization in hopes of helping her brother.

Suspects indicted in death of Savannah Cross Special

Phoenix - The two daycare providers that had 2-year-old Savannah Cross in their custody the night before her death have been charged with murder. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office leveled other charges against Allison Clement and Ryan Reed as well.

Texas cop saves puppy for the second time

Arlington - Sergeant Gary Carter of the Arlington Police Department saved the same pit bull for the second time today when he adopted the 11-month-old puppy before he could be put down by animal control.

Former New Orleans mayor sentenced to 10 years

New Orleans - Ray Nagin, Mayor of New Orleans during hurricane Katrina, was sentenced today to 10 years in federal prison for money laundering, bribery, and other corruption related charges.

Child slavery provides camel jockeys in United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi - Camel racing is the national sport in the United Arab Emirates. The sport is conducted in a similar fashion to horse racing in the West, with the notable exception that the jockeys are children that were bought from impoverished families.

Op-Ed: Facts and myths about illegal immigration

Washington, D. C. - Once again the sideshow distraction that occurs along the US-Mexican border is gripping the headlines. It’s time for Americans to receive a reality check about the myths and facts of illegal immigration.

U.S. busted for spying on Germany again

Berlin - German counterintelligence officers arrested a man that was initially suspected of handing over documents to Russian intelligence. Upon questioning, the man admitted he was spying but stated that he had handed the documents over to American intelligence.

Child bride who killed allegedly abusive husband to be executed

Tehran - Razieh Ebrahimi is scheduled to be executed after she shot her husband in the head while he was sleeping. She claims she suffered years of mental and physical abuse at the hands of the man she was forced to marry.

Pew study gives dark prediction for future of web

Internet freedom is greatly threatened, mainly from government and corporate interests say internet experts in a Pew Research survey conducted as part of its Internet Project.
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