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Bradley Axmith

Citizen based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Joined on Feb 9, 2010
Expertise in Travel, Science & space, Government, Technology, Politics,   see all» Sports, Internet



West waxes laws and norms as Russia absorbs Crimea

Sevastopol - The U.S. and Europe are trying to contain Russian revanchism in Crimea by suspending G8 participation and warning of further costs while Putin's star soars again.

New cruise missile will fry electronic targets, change warfare

The successful test of a US-directed energy weapon hints at a change in the frequency and impact of future warfare. The new missile proved it can fry an enemy's electronics using radio waves.

Apple will not make Siri available on older iPhones, iPads, iPods

Cupertino - Despite early rumours and not just a little hope, Apple's virtual assistant, Siri, will be at the exclusive beck and call of only those millions who commit to the new iPhone 4S.

Israel's computers crash after hacker group vows retaliation

Tel Aviv - Israel suffered the biggest computer systems crash in its history Sunday, paralyzing government websites and sabotaging online payments. The cyber activist group Anonymous claimed responsibility, though Tel Aviv insists a technical error is to blame.

Hackers port Apple's Siri to iPhone 4 and iPod 4

Hackers have given iPhone owners a taste of Christmas coming early by successfully installing Apple's premiere voice app, Siri, on older iPhones and iPods.

Kyrgyz PM wins presidential vote, opponents vow to fight on

Bishkek - Former prime minister Almazbek Atambayev won more than 63 percent of the vote in Sunday’s presidential election, a contest that appears to have avoided the violence some expected, despite allegations of irregularities and isolated incidents of violence.

Danish state deals a blow to Occupy Denmark, police intervene Special

Copenhagen - Occupy Denmark's Copenhagen camp was removed by police Thursday morning, but the battle for the soul of democracy is just getting warmed up, a dejected flock of protesters proclaimed.

Is Egypt's Army fueling religious hate, betraying revolution?

Cairo - The brutal crackdown on protesters Sunday night by Egypt’s soldiers and police in several different locations is the latest symptom of a revolution being stolen from the people by its military caretakers, critics assert.

Video captures beating of Egyptian Copt, death toll rising

At least 17 are dead on the streets of Cairo following the Army’s violent crackdown on Copts protesting their persecution by state and civilian groups.

American drones compromised by virus

Independent sources are reporting that the United States’ fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) has been compromised by a virus, potentially threatening the reliability of the drones during combat as well as operational security before missions.

Denmark leading charge against climate change, to cut CO2 by 40% Special

Copenhagen - Denmark’s new government has committed itself to the industrial world’s most ambitious energy reform strategy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and drastically cut its emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Denmark's first female leader names cabinet, sets agenda

Copenhagen - The new prime minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, will present today her government’s version of events in the Scandinavian kingdom along with her vision for the future under her direction.

Chinese company poised to buy Yahoo, challenge Google and Apple

Sunnyvale - Later today, Yahoo’s acting-CEO Tim Morse will get peppered by questions that its sale to Chinese e-commerce (company) Alibaba is imminent, signaling an interesting week for technology markets and the future for consumer products.

'Jersey Shore' not welcome on the shores of New Jersey

Trenton - 'Jersey Shore' bashing from all sides has resulted in Governor Chris Christie making a situation by vetoing $420,000 in state subsidies to the MTV production.

American wingsuit flyer penetrates Chinese mountain

Zhangjiajie - After hopping from a helicopter hovering at 6,000 feet, American daredevil Jeb Corliss flew through a 96-foot wide gap in a Chinese mountain before sailing back to earth by parachute.

Netherlands recommits to NATO's final push against Gaddafi

The Hague - The Netherlands extended their military contribution to NATO’s Operation Unified Protector for an additional three months following the decision taken by the military alliance on 21 September to continue its mission to support the Libyan uprising.

Op-Ed: Whither the BlackBerry PlayBook? Not yet

New York - Research in Motion’s foray into the tablet market with its PlayBook tablet earlier this year appears to have jeopardized the company's survival. But if the fat lady is singing RIM’s defeat, it’s on a music file that cannot be played outside of iTune

iPad 3 delayed by Apple's ambitions, technology

New York - Those of us salivating over the prospects of getting our hands on the iPad3 in 2011 will likely be disappointed by all signs that point to mid 2012.

Berlusconi's sexual exploits revealed after his 'pimp' is charged

Rome - The scandal-ridden Silvio Berlusconi was rocked yesterday by the release of wiretappings that captured the Italian prime minister’s boasting of his sexual exploits in a case involving prostitutes, graft and the misuse of public resources.

Op-Ed: Denmark's first woman prime minister wins, faces many battles

Copenhagen - Almost 87 percent of eligible Danish voters gave a slim majority to the centre-left alliance of four parties yesterday, handing the Social Democrat Helle Thorning-Schmidt the right to form a government, becoming Denmark’s first female prime minister.
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