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David Goehst

Citizen based in Kokomo, IN, United States, United States. Joined on May 19, 2015
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Toyota, Microsoft teaming up to beef up connected car technology

In an attempt to "humanize" the driving experience beyond levels already implemented today, Microsoft has teamed up with Toyota to offer their Azure cloud technology for a deeper look into the data science of motor vehicle operation.

Op-Ed: What to expect from this summer's Rio 2016 Olympic games

Rio De Janeiro - Although the elephant in the room will be Donald Trump until he's eradicated from candidacy, the Summer Olympics in Rio will be nothing short of phenomenal from opening ceremony until closing time.

Op-Ed: Declining wholesale business plaguing Costco, Lumber Liquidators

One could be liable for cancerous flooring, the other just watched their credit arm go from Amex to Citi. The business of offloading excess inventory has been uncharacteristically slow in 2016, so what are Costco and Lumber Liquidators doing wrong?

Op-Ed: Lofty investments may drive classified startups past Craigslist

Craigslist and Backpage are dominating classified sites where bargains, murders and stranger-than-fiction stories have made headlines almost daily. Could their run at the top be nearing it's end?

HSBC to launch biometric banking in UK market

New York - UK’s proactive government has been pushing for an impossible-to-fake personal identification system to help deter financial fraud and terrorist funding schemes. HSBC’s UK headquarters thinks it has found the solution in biometric banking.

What we know about Russia, Saudi Arabia halting oil output

In an effort to nudge a slumping marketing back into a more respectable selling price, Russia and Saudi Arabia have coordinated an oil output freeze. Whether it will work or not is for OPEC — and millions of consumers — to see.

Europe to crack down on Bitcoin anonymity

In the aftermath of the horrific Paris attacks, The European Union is poised to roll out legislation that would make virtual currency platforms perform tighter due diligence during exchanges while concurrently enforcing EU’s anti-money laundering laws.

Op-Ed: How major retailers like Amazon increase average order size

It’s been hell for businesses this past year, especially when it comes to getting targeted customers to buy from them. However, Amazon is one company that seems to have mastered the upsell, cross-sell, side-sell and even the surprise sell. See how.

Op-Ed: Is your content socially worthy? Today’s audience demands it

Businesses that fail to effectively convey an authoritative message to the hoi polloi are destined to fail. Now that it's 2016, I'll share a quick crash course in hopes small digital companies and product-based businesses are spared an untimely death.

Op-Ed: Keeping your company off life support Special

Today's business is an ever-changing world where spiraling complexity is a daily expectation - no longer a surprise. I sat down with branding whiz Kirill Storch, CEO of Electric Web Marketing, and this is what I discovered about the future of branding.

Das illegal: VW sued by U.S. in emissions scandal

Washington - Volkswagen officially received notice of a lawsuit by the Feds on Monday for its alleged role in the illegal installation of emissions-disabling devices in 600,000 diesel vehicles.

Op-Ed: 10 of the most epic criminal punishments

Our already unfair, slightly convoluted and definitely interesting criminal justice system continually sentences wrongdoers to punishments suitable for their crimes. However, these 10 punishments are too epic not to reveal.

Economy 2016: Five things to be prepared for

With elections, referendum votes, potential recessions in several power countries and the rebirth of Central America's stagnant economy, 2016 could be economically challenging for some, beneficial for others.

Op-Ed: Fixing a flawed domain name registration system

The process of registering any domain you wish is far too simple, way too easy to manipulate and has potentially left thousands of individuals broke, homeless and out of business. Sounds far-fetched, but it's true.

Manufacturing sector adapting e-commerce into machine maintenance

Englewood - Machine begat technology. Man begat machine. So if man created machinery, it only makes sense a man-made Internet begin maintaining rooms full of manufacturing equipment.

Op-Ed: Five trends set to explode in 2016

2015 was quite "interesting" to put it mildly. Trump, ISIS, Emailgate, Deflategate and Pete Rose's final HOF rejection letter headline another year on Planet Earth. 2016, you're up to bat.

The budding business of bud in Colorado

Denver - While states battle governing bodies to allow the marijuana craze to pass, Colorado is enjoying immeasurable financial success while realizing a much easier to stomach crime rate.

Huge growth expected in global digital signage market by 2020

According to Hexa Research, the overall market development speed, infrastructural growth, and decrease of price display panels will completely reface the global digital signage market as we know it.

Actress Melissa McCarthy launches new clothing line, Seven7

Designers tend to categorize customers, which can have adverse effects on individuals who wear larger sizes. Melissa McCarthy may be comical to watch, but her fashion sense is serious, honest and precise.

Colabello, Smoak lead surging Blue Jays to 10th straight

Toronto - Toronto's busy trade deadline is paying dividends as the Blue Jays rattled off their 10th win in a row by slaying the A's and claiming the AL East lead.
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