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André R. Gignac

Citizen based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Joined on Dec 7, 2011
Expertise in Politics, Government



Unethical behaviour: Gordon Barnhart asked to identify Senators Special

Ottawa - Senator Marjory LeBreton says former Clerk of the Senate Gordon Barnhart was "absolutely right" when he revealed disturbing tendencies on the part of some Senators, and Senator Gerald Comeau wants the names.

Op-Ed: Canadian Senators: Nobody can touch us

Saskatoon - "That doesn't matter, because people can't remove us". In a candid interview, former Clerk of the Senate Gordon Barnhart reveals shocking details about a certain culture in the Canadian Senate.

News anchor and Paralympian exchange stories on disability Special

Saskatoon - Invited to speak at the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program's Luncheon in Saskatoon, award winning Global News anchor Julie Mintenko and Paralympian champion Alexandre Dupont revealed personal stories that moved all.

Op-Ed: British Royals — Here's a chance to say No, thank you

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are having a baby. So now leaders of the Commonwealth are rushing for two things: the congratulations cards and a new law to deal with the succession to the throne. Ah yes, the throne thing...

Op-Ed: Hurricane Sandy -- Hints of Orwellian Agendas

New York - Instructions and orders issued by the authorities before Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast had overtones of Orwellian intentions, and the public shaming of free will could be a sign of things to come.

Syrian crisis 'a threat to the world', says UN Envoy

Damascus - Immediately after his first meeting with president Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, the new UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi had a warning for the world: the Syrian crisis, he said, is now a dangerous threat to peace.

Op-Ed: Attacks on embassies — The responsibility to protect missions

Benghazi - While the world debates the merits of free speech and condemns the violence that it sometimes unleashes in others, the principle of civilized behaviour among nations and peoples must be reaffirmed.

Op-Ed: Why Aliens are hiding from us

From wars of religion to aggressive intent on the territories of others, Earthlings have killed for a variety of reasons. They are now entering an era of exceptional hatred of the difference. Is it really a wonder that no one wishes to pay Earth a visit?

Op-Ed: Election of Parti Québécois: Pundits need to calm down

Since I was having problems with plugins while listening to Francophone online reporting of the Québec election on my netbook, I visited various TV channels and ended up listening to an English speaking live report (one of the perks of being bilingual).

Op-Ed: There is nothing wrong, or parochial, with Pauline Marois' French

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms establishes the equal status of English and French as the two official languages in the country. But according to a recent paper written by journalist Lysiane Gagnon, one appears to be more equal than the other.

Canadian government trying to block 'cell' phones

Ottawa - The Canadian government is shopping for information from telecommunication companies to control and put an end to the operations of criminals. The problem is, these criminals are already behind bars.

Québec Students threatened for the first time with Bill 78

Montreal - Montréal Police have threatened to use Bill 78 against students for the first time since the adoption of this hated law. Nineteen people are under investigation after disruptions at the Université de Montréal.

Canadian astronaut searching for life in caves

Using the same safety protocols as those of spacewalks, a multicultural team of six astronauts is set to begin a search for life deep underground rather than in space.

PEN Canada deeply concerned about 'blunt attempts at censorship' Special

Toronto - PEN Canada, a national organisation of writers, has announced a new initiative to counter “efforts by different levels of government to curb, control, obfuscate, and sometimes even suspend the basic rights of Canadians”.

Former Québec Premier Jacques Parizeau endorses new party

Former Québec Premier Jacques Parizeau has delivered a political shocker and a slap to Pauline Marois. The man who almost won independence for Québec, in 1995, is now supporting Jean-Martin Aussant, leader of a new party called Option Nationale.

Op-Ed: Dictators hang on to power while the world looks on

It is said that dictators hang on to power and kill for it because they are psychopaths and paranoid narcissists. Fine. But that does not explain why the world simply looks on.

NASA launches video: Where were you when Curiosity landed?

Pasadena - A new video by NASA celebrates once more the technological success of Curiosity's landing on Mars. This time it shows not only the team of the Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, but also the public's reaction the night of the landing.

Canadian MPs want to reopen the debate on abortion

Ottawa - A Conservative Member of Parliament, Mark Warawa, has announced he is supporting his colleague Stephen Woodworth in his bid to create a parliamentary committee to study the rights of the unborn.

Gulf States citizens asked to leave Lebanon immediately

Beirut - Anticipating a spillover of the Syrian crisis, the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates have asked their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately.

UN Secretary General not fit for the job, says Stephen Lewis

Himself a former Canadian ambassador to the United Nations, Stephen Lewis went after UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during an interview with the CBC on the Syrian crisis, saying Mr. Ki-moon does not command sufficient respect.
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