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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Internet, Technology, Fashion, Real estate & construction, Food, recipes,   see all» Food, dining & restaurants, Personal finance, Government, Social media, Education, Careers & workplace, Jobs, Pharmaceuticals, Music, Stocks & trading, Environment & green living, Science & space, General business news & info, Small business, Holistic health, Health, Books, Politics, Men's health



Op-Ed: Business vs email — How to win

San Francisco - Email is one of the most efficient messaging systems ever invented. The ability or inability to handle it, however, is a bit less than efficient. New options like Slack are sneaking in to the corporate world, and they’re very welcome.

Op-Ed: Electrically charged dressings beat bacteria

Indianapolis - A new type of dressing has proven effective at combating bacterial infections in wounds. The dressings are made of “electroceuticals”, materials which can generate 1 volt of electricity, and there are other possible for sterile areas, food, and more.

Op-Ed: Hey Tesla! What exactly IS happening?

Palo Alto - Elon Musk may have the mystic ability to jump off the nearest cliff and land in a gold mine on a regular basis, but it’s the business and employees under stress. Markets don’t like it, and the Tesla “living on the edge” image is getting stale.

Op-Ed: Pinterest stocks fall — ‘Elusive profit’ problem fixes?

San Francisco - Pinterest, despite its popularity, is having trouble turning a profit. The latest figures show reduced losses, but the market wasn’t impressed, and devalued the stock by 17 percent after a pretty spectacular 62 percent rise since listing in April.

Op-Ed: Facebook in the firing line — Big fine, 20 years FTC oversight?

Menlo Park - Facebook’s big privacy issues have led to a pretty hardline range of options. The company could pay up to $5 billion as a fine, and be subject to 20 years of privacy oversight following charges by the FTC for the Cambridge Analytica fiasco.

Op-Ed: Graphene fibres to replace pharmaceuticals? It’s happening

Wollongong - Spun graphene fibres are coming to deal with diabetes, heart disease and more, and they’re totally non-toxic. These things seem to be ideal for chronic diseases.

Op-Ed: Democracy Australian style — Disgusted and angry

Sydney - In other countries, elections "loom". In Australia, they babble on for what seems like centuries and simply annoy people. This election faces a totally infuriated electorate.

Op-Ed: China’s bond defaults looking grim

Beijing - Bonds are big business in China, and when this market starts looking shaky, nobody feels safe. Defaults have started piling up, 3.4 times the defaults in 2018. The Chinese credit market is looking very nervous.

Op-Ed: First Fintech AI lawsuit, big legal liabilities issues

London - OK, so who do you sue when your auto trading AI loses you millions of dollars? That’s not at all clear, and it’s turning in to a major risk issue. It’s incredibly complex, and establishing liability isn’t easy.

Op-Ed: Trade talks — Why US-China tariffs can’t work anyway

Washington - The new tension about US/China trade talks isn’t the whole story. The bottom line tells a very different story. This idiotic belch of a “crisis” was deliberately created, and isn’t even an actual market issue.

Op-Ed: China to create global military bases for Belt and Road, says DoD

Washington - The United States Department of Defense expects China to site international military bases to protect the Belt and Road infrastructure and assets. This is a very debatable issue.

Op-Ed: Hope for real news? Guardian posts first profit in two decades

London - In what may well be one of the few real turnarounds in classic news media, the Guardian has come out of the red on operating profit. It’s a big change, and it may well mean a good working model has been established.

Op-Ed: Amazon dumps thousands of merchants, many rumors but few facts

Seattle - Amazon has shocked thousands of merchants by notifying them that it would no longer place regular orders with them. Some merchant accounts were also shut down. The merchants lost their cashflow, and some seem to have been hit hard.

Review: Free Grammarly as a pro writing tool

Sydney - Grammarly has been presented to the market in a range of ways, from a sort of safety belt for writing to an all-purpose, do-everything option. For pro writers, the bar is higher, and the demands are far more diverse.

Op-Ed: Huge numbers of new marine DNA viruses discovered

Columbus - Um…yeah, sure. When it’s a major study, always fudge the numbers if you can. Just add 2 million new viruses according to the International Business Times. Or maybe there’s about 200,000, according to

Op-Ed: Who’s afraid of China’s Belt and Road? Guess

Sydney - Superficial analysis of China is easy. They’re communists. Everything they do is therefore wrong and a threat to “us”, whoever that is these days. So when a big initiative like the New Silk Road, aka the Belt and Road, comes along, it’s tricky.

Op-Ed: Edge computing — The new mega-game in tech investment?

Boston - “Edge computing” hasn’t yet quite gone in to the language. It means data from a very disparate range of frontline data sources. It’s The Very Big Deal for the Internet of Things. Now, rather a lot of billions are about to be thrown at it.

Op-Ed: Publishers circling around Mueller report, but to publish what?

Washington - The Mueller report, like Trump’s presidency, is one of the more polarizing elements in a highly polarized environment. The question now is what’s going to happen when it’s published. What will be published, what won't?

Op-Ed: Contact with nature really does reduce stress

Ann Arbor - Most people would instinctively agree that any natural environment is a good change of pace. Now, it’s been discovered that it actually reduces stress hormone levels.

Op-Ed: China banning Bitcoin mining? Likely scenarios

Beijing - It’s not that much of a surprise that Chinese planners are looking at banning Bitcoin mining. The Great Firewall is a sort of cultural indicator of China’s overall response to external information. There’s a lot more to this move than that, though.
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