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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Men's health, Technology, Social media, Education, Small business,   see all» Stocks & trading, Jobs, General business news & info, Science & space, Music, Fashion, Environment & green living, Health, Government, Politics, Personal finance, Food, recipes, Holistic health, Books, Pharmaceuticals, Careers & workplace, Food, dining & restaurants, Real estate & construction, Internet



Op-Ed: Making augmented reality commercially viable? Sort of

Sydney - Augmented reality is the subject of a lot of ongoing market babble, which hasn’t helped much. The question is whether AR is useful. Developers are sending very mixed signals about the viability of a potential fourth wave of digital transformation.

Op-Ed: Middle management — Time to go, forever

Sydney - Middle management has long been one of the longest four letter words in any language. It’s a mix of bureaucracy, trivia, and obstructive practices which has stymied real change for years, and it’s getting worse.

Op-Ed: Robo-burgers to go? The very mixed message robot burgermeister

San Francisco - A fully functional commercial burger making robot will trash fast food industry employment. Particularly if you have a robot that can do 400 burgers an hour.

Op-Ed: End of the road for petrol engines? World going electric, fast

Sydney - Whatever the fossil fuel sector says, the ancient technologies which are killing the world are themselves dying out. Petrol engines are on the way out, in no uncertain terms.

Op-Ed: How many people does it take to upgrade PHP? Way too many.

Sydney - I got a notification from WordPress today which stated that my PHP was out of date, and I should upgrade immediately. That began a saga of epic proportions, with a payoff even Alfred Hitchcock would have liked.

Op-Ed: Is Elon Musk's Mars colony viable? Yes, if seriously addressed

Sydney - Elon Musk has gone against prevailing wisdom with a statement that a working Mars colony with large numbers of colonists. The current thinking is that the technical difficulties have to be solved first. That thinking is also pretty turgid and negative.

Op-Ed: New study — Billions at risk from heatwaves

Sydney - Inhabitants of the tropics, Middle East and most Western nations are in for progressive murderous heatwaves. New studies by the University of Hawaii indicate a rolling incremental increase in severity of heatwaves worldwide.

Op-Ed: The new face of financing? Crowdfunding grows up, adds scope

Sydney - Crowdfunding was universally acclaimed a decade or so ago, after everyone said it was a fad. Now, it’s turning in to a “due diligence” financial operation, and even developing political legs.

Op-Ed: Chinese ‘secret’ operations in Australia — Threats and coercion

Sydney - New revelations regarding Chinese government and intelligence operations in Australia are making headlines. The problem is they’re nothing the Chinese community didn’t know, and everything the Australian government should have known.

Op-Ed: What does selling $110bn of arms to Saudi Arabia really mean?

Riyadh - Donald Trump has announced a $110bn deal with Saudi Arabia for new military systems. The Obama administration sold $115bn to the Saudis in its term of office. The question for analysts, however, is about the effects of the sales on the region.

Op-Ed: Will Apple's new stores model save dying retail space?

Cupertino - Apple are re-purposing their stores as learning centres, as well as retail outlets. If this approach can restart retail spaces, as retailers disappear, it might save a lot of money for commercial property investors.

Op-Ed: Flying cars and no practical thinking: The craze gets busy

Tokyo - If a Japanese company succeeds in its bid to deliver its SkyDrive flying cars, (basically drones with cabins), for the 2018 Olympics it’ll be a major sales pitch for the cars. It’s the total lack of thinking which makes flying cars a problem.

Op-Ed: Ransomware — Why so helpless? Why is security so useless?

Sydney - Ransomware is a plague. It’s everywhere, and it’s not new. Security industries have been aware of it for many years, and yet it’s still viable? Why is a well-known method of hijacking computers still possible?

Op-Ed: Cannabis ‘reverses brain aging, improves memory’: New study

Jerusalem - For decades, the War on Weed has emphasized health risks. For the last 20 years, nothing but health positives have been discovered. A new study throws a light on both fake news of the past and fabulous science of the future.

Op-Ed: Japan to buy Tomahawk missiles? Good idea, in many ways

Tokyo - The somewhat startling information that Japan wants to buy Tomahawk missiles has created a flurry of speculation in military circles. It might also be an Off switch for a wider conflict.

Op-Ed: Should Amazon drop Breitbart? Yes, for market reasons, too

Washington - The much-touted idea of Amazon dropping Breitbart, as may be expected, is pretty much based on market perceptions in the media. The practical business values, however, may be more accurate long term values as a basis for assessment.

Op-Ed: Unprofessional White House still can’t spell or say 'Turnbull'

Sydney - Seems the White House has a problem with the name of the Australian Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull. Like infantile name calling in grade school, the new spellings and pronunciations are truly banal. And unprofessional.

Op-Ed: Trumpcare, or free range concentration camps?

Washington - The parasitic orgy/ free range concentration camp which is Trumpcare has just drastically redefined access to health care. This level of mismanagement, if it becomes law, will be a true horror story in a sector made of horror stories.

Op-Ed: China’s carriers: A catalyst for trouble?

Sydney - China’s first domestically built carrier is believed to be the beginning of a major drive by the Chinese navy to deliver a major global presence and projection of power. The problems could start a lot closer to home.

Op-Ed: 3D printing a Martian colony? It’s doable, and there’s more

Sydney - 3D printing was a sort of tech novelty for about three seconds until it went mainstream. Even the least technically knowledgeable could understand the values. Now, thanks to Northwestern University, space just got a bit more accessible.
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