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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Internet, Government, General business news & info, Men's health, Social media,   see all» Stocks & trading, Food, recipes, Food, dining & restaurants, Fashion, Technology, Science & space, Education, Careers & workplace, Music, Real estate & construction, Environment & green living, Small business, Personal finance, Health, Holistic health, Books, Pharmaceuticals, Politics, Jobs



Op-Ed: Interview with a chat bot — AI's revenge hits the biz sector?

Sydney - Chat bots are in the news as the new way for businesses to manage communications. They’re designed to communicate with humans on a human level. That’s a pretty low level in most cases, but there’s an unexpected side.

Op-Ed: ISIS drone bombers in Mosul: Big mistake

Mosul - ISIS has started using quadcopters as grenade dropping bombers. While not a major innovation, it does raise a lot of issues for conventional military forces. It also creates a new weapon against terror.

Op-Ed: Trump major gaffe with China gets ominous response

Sydney - If there is one thing China will never negotiate, it’s the One China policy, which says that Taiwan and China will reunify. Donald Trump’s suggestion that the policy is negotiable has caused an extraordinarily angry reaction in Beijing.

Op-Ed: USAF calls for Phase 2 proposals for SHIELD air laser development

Washington - The new way of getting rid of anti-air missiles is simple and effective. It’s a laser, and it works. The new move is to get the USAF’s Air Force Research Laboratory's Laser Advancements for Next-generation Compact Environments (LANCE) in the air.

Op-Ed: Want to vote for new Monopoly tokens? Voting starts today

Pawtucket - Imagine replacing the standard Monopoly tokens with emojis, dinosaurs and more. Yep, that’s the idea. Hasbro, owners of Monopoly, are releasing a new version of Monopoly called Token Madness.

Op-Ed: Liberty crowdfunds challenge to U.K. surveillance laws

London - Seems the only way to challenge mad governments these days is in court. Human rights group Liberty has gone to a new level, crowdfunding a High Court judicial review of new UK surveillance laws.

Op-Ed: Hubble to map Voyagers' paths as they go outside the solar system

Middletown - An unexpected bonus from the Voyager space probes has been a new opportunity to explore space. As the probes exit the solar bubble, they’re entering a fascinating area near our solar system.

Op-Ed: Paris to ‘pedestrianize’ the city centre permanently

Paris - Parisian traffic is famous for its eclectic, almost incomprehensible, irregularities. In a new move Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is to permanently remove traffic from the city centre.

Op-Ed: China blasts Trump’s Twitter obsession

Sydney - Seems that while DT’s tweets generate a lot of business for America’s “news media”, China is already tired of it. Official Chinese news outlet Xinhua has a lengthy list of complaints and commentary.

Op-Ed: North Korean ICBMs: Regional detonator or nuisance?

Sydney - The supposed development of a long range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capability by North Korea has several ramifications. Whether or not the ICBM can hit the U.S. or not, it represents a potential catalyst for a serious regional war.

Op-Ed: Universal Basic Income vs old ideas: The future vs insanity

Sydney - The idea of a universal basic income (UBI), aka a living wage, has been around for a long time. The main problem with the idea is that people keep trying to graft it on to old economics.

Op-Ed: Scotland proves large scale community renewable energy works

Edinburgh - The fight for basic energy has taken a new twist with news from Scotland that they’ve increased local renewable power owned by communities. That is a big deal, and they’ve already exceeded their 2020 target, too.

Op-Ed: China successfully tests EM drive for spacecraft

Beijing - In space, China is now using American technology at the expense of some American credibility. The EM drive, if it’s viable, will make every current form of spacecraft obsolete the minute it works in space.

Op-Ed: Russian missile test means U.S. satellites vulnerable to attack

Washington - Nothing like a little Christmas Cold War to really warm things up. A new Russian missile test has exposed vulnerabilities in the U.S. satellite net, a critical part of U.S. military infrastructure. Russia claims the new missiles are anti-missiles.

Op-Ed: Dutch artificial leaf can make medicine from sunlight on Mars

Eindhoven - Eindhoven University of Technology has started a revolution. The theory is: focus sunlight with an artificial leaf, create chemical compounds. Leaves do it all the time, but now it’s a way of making medicines, and maybe much more.

Op-Ed: Mermaids Hate Plastic: New video gets 1.5 million hits in one day Special

Montreal - Get a mermaid, 10,000 plastic bottles, and a video studio. Try to express a response to a statement like "More plastic than fish in the sea by 2050". That's Benjamin Von Wong’s new viral video, a whole new way of sending a very effective message.

Op-Ed: Wall Street cashes in on DT, doing algorithms on Trump Tweets

New York - Seems Wall Street wasn’t satisfied with 2007-8, trashing the American economy. It now wants to be able to trade on Trump tweets. In Vermin-Speak, it’s smart. In investment terms, it may be suicide.

Op-Ed: Emoji translator wanted — Must be able to interpret babble

London - Emojis are the graphic depictions of “whatever” translated in to banal images. They’re the decals of modern messaging. Now a company in London wants people to help in translating them.

Op-Ed: Amazon Go — No checkout shops

Seattle - The DIY version of shopping has been around for a while now, but Amazon Go is a new level – Grab what you need from a physical location and get charged later. The theory now is that this will rewrite the global economy.

Op-Ed: Fighting fake news? Not too well yet, but it can be done

Sydney - Fake news is now, belatedly, under attack. There are still no lawsuits. One bit of case law could bury fake news, and the vermin who make it.
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