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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Music, Science & space, Social media, Jobs, Holistic health,   see all» Stocks & trading, Men's health, Government, Politics, Internet, Pharmaceuticals, Real estate & construction, Education, Environment & green living, General business news & info, Health, Food, recipes, Food, dining & restaurants, Fashion, Careers & workplace, Books, Small business, Personal finance, Technology



Op-Ed: Delivery robots hit the road in Europe — Will they survive?

London - Depending on what society you live in, technology can be the nice thing you can’t have, or can. A new self-driving, human-monitored robot is about to hit the road in Europe and the UK. How practical the idea is, or isn’t, will soon be seen.

Op-Ed: New air combat AI ALPHA better than human pilots — But?

Cincinnati - A new fighter simulation software called ALPHA is beating human pilots and other AIs in an environment where humans were dominant. This is being hailed as a breakthrough, which it is, but there are other factors involved.

Op-Ed: Chemputer — BAE's new tech can grow drones

London - Grow Your Own drones are new; grown at the molecular level “close to the battlefield,” they’re potentially very interesting indeed. Add to this the fact that BAE Systems are the proponents, and a new race is on.

Op-Ed: Analogies teach computers to think like humans — Sort of

Evanston - Humans use relational statements and memories to make decisions and understand information. They use analogies, similar cases, to speed up and improve their understanding. Computers are now being taught how to use analogies.

Op-Ed: Anti-online terrorism software ready, but will it prevent terror?

Washington - Since extremists started recruiting online, people have been looking for ways of stopping them. The new solution for online recruiting, appropriately enough, is closely related to the software used to combat child pornography.

Op-Ed: Microsoft working with legal marijuana — Seed software

Seattle - In the bizarre morals of corporate America, where it’s OK to trash the economy but not to smoke grass, Microsoft has been the first to actually work with legal marijuana in the marketplace.

Op-Ed: Gene Drive — Permanent alteration of genetic heredity gets tricky

Sydney - If there’s one consistent thing about new gene technology, it’s that nothing is ever clearly explained and defined. Gene Drive is the ability to permanently alter genes, including passing on all the new genes to subsequent generations.

Op-Ed: Ads you can talk to? IBM’s Watson vs online marketing

Sydney - If you, like the rest of the human race, are less than thrilled with online ads, and even less impressed with their targeting, things may be about to change. IBM's cognitive system Watson is about to "humanize" online advertising.

Op-Ed: Tourists called stupid in croc attack in Australia — Wrong

Brisbane - A woman was taken by a saltwater crocodile in far north Queensland. Her friend is in shock after bravely trying to remove her from the croc’s jaws. A local MP says that the attack was the result of stupidity. Many don’t agree.

Op-Ed: US Navy super rail gun — Redefining future fire power

Washington - There’s been a lot of hype behind the public unveiling of the U.S. Navy’s rail gun, which has ironically missed a lot of major subjects and strong positives. This is a fundamentally flexible system with multiple ramifications for future wars.

Op-Ed: Microsoft Surface Book ‘Sleep of Death’ — No fix and no refunds?

Sydney - For those who think the “don’t care” culture is well established at Microsoft, the Surface BookSleep of Death is an easy target. The laptop/tablet is having big problems, and generating a lot of anger. Even the Microsoft salespeople are baffled.

Op-Ed: Magic mushroom tests — Strong positives for treating depression

London - Despite bureaucracy, Imperial College researchers in the UK have found that magic mushrooms show strong positive indicators for people suffering from depression. Trials have shown that some subjects remain free from depression months later.

Op-Ed: Paramount drops lawsuit against Star Trek fan film

Paramount Studios have dropped legal action against the Kickstarter-funded fan film Axanar. Personal intervention by Star Trek Beyond producer JJ Abrams solved the problem. Far more importantly, Paramount is doing guidelines for fan-made media.

Op-Ed: A gay Capt America? Like some PC babble to go with that?

New York - Vanity Fair, the original magazine for the Beautiful People, has become news for an article about the new movie 'Captain America: Civil War.' Seems that Vanity Fair has a problem with rampant heterosexuality.

Op-Ed: The easy way to search the Panama Papers — Without the hype

Sydney - Have suspicions that your local duly elected, taxpayer-funded saint may be a less saintly than it appears? Think your employer is living remarkably well in a few extra mansions? Just search the Panama Papers. It’s easy.

Op-Ed: Ocean oxygen levels — Grim forecasts

Sydney - As if the world wasn’t having enough fun, depletion of oxygen and acidification of the oceans is increasing. A 30 percent increase in ocean acidification has been measured since pre-industrial times. The ramifications are potentially severe.

Op-Ed: Tea, vinegar sugar, yeast and bacteria = leather shoes?

Ames - Feel like wearing your tea? You can do it now, using a new mix of fibers from Kombucha tea and a bit of chemistry from Iowa State University. The shoes look like leather, feel like leather, and are tough as leather. It’s called “cellulosic fiber.”

Op-Ed: Amazon vs paid reviewers — Why skank reviews are bad for everyone

Seattle - The Internet has a huge population of parasites in the form of paid reviewers. Amazon is the main target for this global skank review scam, and it’s not at all happy about that. Five new lawsuits are trying to map out a defence.

Op-Ed: They robots be's a-comin' — Just as well?

Sydney - The robots vs jobs scenarios are all the same — robots can do some things better and cheaper than people, and they’ll be able to do more things soon enough. They will take jobs. They’ll also rewrite human society, in ways nobody’s looking at yet.

Op-Ed: Brexit — A history of British exits does not bode well

London - Britain has a unique history of exiting from successes. The nation started the 20th century as a super power with a global empire, and wound up as a sort of irrelevant automatic teller machine. A Brexit could greatly enhance that role.
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