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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Pharmaceuticals, Internet, Careers & workplace, Real estate & construction, Books,   see all» Food, dining & restaurants, Government, Music, General business news & info, Holistic health, Education, Small business, Men's health, Technology, Social media, Science & space, Health, Food, recipes, Politics, Stocks & trading, Fashion, Jobs, Environment & green living, Personal finance



Op-Ed: Facebook cryptocurrency Libra — Hopes and doubts abound, but...?

Sydney - Facebook has basically laid down the gauntlet to conventional finance with its cryptocurrency Libra. Big credit cards and PayPal have got onboard. The obvious fear in the financial sector is creating issues already.

Op-Ed: Markopolos vs General Electric — Collision imminent

Washington - Giant blue chip of yesteryear General Electric is fighting a credibility battle against a lot of very negative information and interpretations of finances. GE stringently denies any financial issues. It’s “Did!” “Didn’t”, in many ways.

Op-Ed: Is big tech change really slowing down? Yes and no

Sydney - The theory of endless big tech change and advancements has hit a bit of a hurdle. Change isn’t happening as fast as it should, according to some experts. There are reasons for that, and real change is often less obvious.

Op-Ed: Hallelujah! You can practice firing people with virtual reality

Cambridge - Just what the totally paranoid, insecure employees of the world need to hear – It’s now possible to practice firing people! With VR, you can learn how to destroy someone’s life! You priceless asset, you.

Op-Ed: The real US-China trade war is in your pocket — Who's winning?

Washington - Much rhetoric, and few facts, have been roaming global media like flies after the latest round of United States tariffs. These tariffs were imposed against consumer goods sourced from China, but who’s paying for them?

Op-Ed: Siberian melt double global warming rate, worse to come

Sydney - After all these years of drivel, millions of square miles of Siberia are turning into a bog. Warming is at twice the 2C “meltdown” rate at an average of 4C. Winter snow is adding water to the region with spring melts.

Op-Ed: US-China trade war hits its final, possibly fatal, level

Sydney - The US-China trade war has finally extended to consumer goods. That’s lousy news for consumers and importers as real costs rise. The China/US range of things to clash about has simply been extended to the sole positive aspect of the relationship.

Op-Ed: Amazon sees big jump in data subpoenas, search warrants

Seattle - Amazon had an increase in formal requests for information it holds. The company has been slower than other major corporations to release a transparency report, due to privacy issues, but is obviously now under much more demand for information.

Op-Ed: Politics vs intelligence — Coats goes, replaced by a politician?

Washington - The ongoing saga of the Trump administration’s war against United States intelligence services may appear purely political. The problem is that the dysfunctional relationship is a real risk to America’s best interests.

Op-Ed: Deregulation strikes again – FAA, Boeing and 346 737 Max deaths

Seattle - The Boeing 737 is a well-known design, used worldwide, and a natural choice for many airlines. When the 737 Max arrived, the FAA allowed Boeing to guide the management of the MCAS system which later caused crashes.

Op-Ed: Antitrust laws have more to prove than Facebook has

Menlo Park - Recent announcements that the FTC is investigating Facebook for antitrust issues, notably possible damage to competition, are far from straightforward. The question is now whether antitrust law can make a case against Facebook.

Op-Ed: Never Googlers — A very negative view of Google takes root

Sydney - Google is a super-magnet for controversy. Now, people are actively trying to avoid it, mainly due to privacy issues and tracking. The “movement” is low profile, but it has quite a few points to make. Google should be listening.

Op-Ed: Click farms — Dumb, dangerous, and potential threats to markets

Sydney - Chinese click farms have been around for a while. They’re supposed to generate false data for sales, search rankings and social media. They’re also potentially very dangerous and could be very expensive for those who use them.

Op-Ed: Russia and China vs America — Not looking good

New York City - The latest meeting of Presidents Putin and Xi ha highlighted a changing international landscape in which America is losing its influence in many ways. Where's this mess going? A lot of people would like to know.

Op-Ed: The Internet of Thought aka a new global imbecility

Sydney - The Internet of Thought is an ambitious idea to link minds to the Cloud, using nanotechnology. You and your synapses will be able to wander lonely as a cloud through the cloudy clods.

Op-Ed: Emotion detection software — Out of date, irrational, or naive?

Sydney - The Surveillance Society has achieved another biometric milestone as scientists try to debunk unreliable “emotion detection” software which they say is based on old science. This software is used for employment, market research, and other fun things.

Op-Ed: Amazon offers $10 for Prime Day customer data? Ahem.

Seattle - Amazon has offered Amazon Prime Day customers $10 for the right to track them online and see which websites they visit. This isn’t exactly generosity. It’s a commercial product being provided at bargain rates. There may also be security issues, or not

Op-Ed: Trump’s Twitter wars — What do the Twitter numbers mean?

Washington - If President Trump has a reputation for anything, it’s creating conflict. In business, in politics and in all types of media, the guy starts a war wherever he goes. Nowhere is this more obvious than on his nigh-legendary Twitter account.

Op-Ed: DARPA’s Squad X A.I. at Grunt level — A new kind of war

Washington - Think for about two seconds on the subject of infantry using A.I. in a firefight, or as tactical data in real time. Interesting, it definitely is. Good idea? Better than none, would be the obvious answer. DARPA's Squad X is a new threshold.

Op-Ed: Trump, the Rose Garden, and a few other vegetables

Washington - Things the Trump presidency will not be famous for are dignity, civility and basic standards of human conduct. The “social media summit” in the Rose Garden effectively proved the point.
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