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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Small business, Real estate & construction, Books, Health, Politics,   see all» Personal finance, Environment & green living, General business news & info, Fashion, Government, Education, Internet, Holistic health, Stocks & trading, Science & space, Pharmaceuticals, Men's health, Careers & workplace, Music, Jobs, Food, recipes, Social media, Food, dining & restaurants, Technology



Op-Ed: Empathy vs System — Cambridge music study opens up can of ‘Huh?’

Sydney - The theory that you can predict people’s thinking by their musical tastes isn’t exactly new. Cambridge researcher David Greenberg has come up with a strangely broad analysis of empathy and systematic thinking based on musical preferences.

Op-Ed: Conservative hate campaign against the poor screws up, yet again

The ongoing hate campaign among conservative politicians against the poor has always been cowardly, petty, and almost psychotic. Now it seems that one of the many added burdens for welfare recipients, drug testing, is a farce, as well.

Op-Ed: NRA tells Australia ‘There will be blood’ Um, no.

Sydney - Not that anyone was asking for their opinion, but America’s favorite “You have the right to be massacred” group doesn’t like Australia’s gun laws. As if we give a damn, apart from exercising our right to be annoyed.

Op-Ed: 'Leftist' BBC under scrutiny from conservative government

London - Rupert Murdoch hates public broadcasters. So do many U.S., UK and Australian conservative politicians. The BBC is now part of the global hate campaign directed at the whole idea of public broadcast. The excuse is that it’s “leftist.”

Op-Ed: It can build a house in 2 days — The robot revolution is here

Perth - This thing can work 24 hours a day, and build a house in two days. It’s a part of automation which has barely seen exposure outside science fiction and experimental models, but it’s right here, right now in Perth, Australia.

Op-Ed: Explore Mars yourself — NASA Mars Trek delivers, but some issues

Sydney - Well, how often do you get to explore another planet from home? NASA’s Mars Trek is a DIY exploration, compiled from orbital pictures, and it’s pretty interesting, by any standards. You can even download for a 3D printer.

Op-Ed: Home sweet clicks? Not really, Hemnet Home is grim indeed

Stockholm - The new thing in Sweden is a house designed entirely statistically on an analysis of features clicked on an architecture site. It’s called the Hemnet Home, or House of Clicks. It’s also a great proof of reasons not to design by groupthink.

Op-Ed: Hyperloop — Superfast tube transport, undersold potential values

Sydney - Hyperloop is Elon Musk’s new baby. It’s a good idea which could deliver some salvation from murderous freight costs and overheads for the world. It could also do with some more justice from more thought about what it can deliver.

Op-Ed: China's meltdown may expose shadow banks

Beijing - The Chinese market has been in free fall for a while, despite Beijing’s efforts to add some certainty and stabilize this not-very-maneuverable charging elephant. There’s a truly ironic possibility for some good here, and it’s not obvious.

Op-Ed: Greece says No — The EU must acknowledge failure

Athens - The Greek No vote represents a well-deserved slap in the face to the EU, which has completely ignored the suffering its austerity measures have caused. The question now is whether the EU will even pay attention to either the vote or the issues.

Op-Ed: UK child sex scandal – Lords, MPs, dead kids and no results

London - After much controversy, endless witness statements, and eternal bleatings in Parliament, nothing much has happened in the Dolphin Square case in which three children are alleged to have been murdered, and dozens raped.

Op-Ed: Portland the only U.S. city on world Top 25 most liveable cities

Sydney - Tokyo topped the list as the most liveable city, but the notable absences from the list included America’s big cities. Portland scraped in at 25. No UK cities made the list, either.

Op-Ed: Greek exit hits markets, default looms, and stupidity rules

Sydney - The bottom line has been hit. Greece has abandoned talks. Greek banks are closing indefinitely. The EU, thanks to its own ineptitude, has unleashed an economic event with unknown consequences for the global economy.

Op-Ed: India/Pakistan heat waves killing thousands, pattern emerging

Sydney - Two major heat waves with consecutive days over 44C have been responsible for thousands of deaths on the subcontinent. These deaths form part of an obvious global pattern, but until now, the science of heat waves has been short on theory.

Op-Ed: Warren Buffett investing big money in Australian equity market

Sydney - The investor everyone would like to be has moved in to the Australian share market at a very interesting time. The local market is feeling queasy after the end of the mining boom, and talk of housing bubbles. Enter Buffett.

Op-Ed: Apple Spotlight vs Google search — Big changes on the way

Sydney - Apple is about to provide a massive challenge to Google’s core business search service. In theory, this is good market business, creating competition where, let’s face it, there is almost none. This could, however, be a cascade of change.

3D printing in the Cloud — Lucas Matheson, CEO of Pinshape talks Special

San Francisco - 3D printing is currently in its embryonic stage, barely a toddler, but it’s taking over, fast. New materials and much faster printing technology have now been joined by a new dynamic — cloud printing.

Op-Ed: Useless and ugly — The new face of rampant scientific fraud

Sydney - The scientist who creates false science is a fraud. The epidemic of scientific con artists is even more prevalent now. At a time of vast numbers of important discoveries, fraud is now an industry.

Op-Ed: The much loved king of the blues is dead — BB King dead at 89

Las Vegas - BB King, the iconic bluesman who brought blues to the world, has died at age 89. He died at home in Las Vegas. His life, from making $5 a day picking cotton to global superstar, was a true tale of the blues.

Op-Ed: U.S., China, Japan and the island dispute — U.S. deploys B1s

Sydney - The continuing escalation of the issues raised by China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea has increased the likelihood of some sort of conflict in future. China’s construction of artificial islands in the area has infuriated neighbors.
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