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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Food, recipes, Education, Holistic health, Science & space, Government,   see all» Technology, Internet, Jobs, General business news & info, Personal finance, Stocks & trading, Books, Real estate & construction, Food, dining & restaurants, Men's health, Small business, Social media, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Environment & green living, Politics, Music, Health, Careers & workplace



Op-Ed: Chinese fusion reactor hits 100 million degrees

Beijing - China has achieved a true milestone by attaining a temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius. This is an unparalleled temperature, and over seven times the estimated temperature of the sun’s core. This is a game breaker, not just a game changer.

Op-Ed: CNN vs White House — Constitutional issues in play

Washington - The revocation of CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s White House accreditation may have a major impact on media relations for the US government. A CNN lawsuit based on the Acosta case may be a game changer.

Op-Ed: Australia tiptoes on to the New Silk Road

Melbourne - An Australian state, Victoria, has signed up with China to explore participation in the Belt and Road initiative, aka the New Silk Road. This is Australia’s first hesitant step on the New Silk Road, but it’s a major deal.

Op-Ed: 'Brexit the Obscene', defined

London - Search Brexit on Google News, and you’ll find a travesty of human thought. The sheer incompetence of this absurd idea has revealed a grim and unpleasant land, full of fools. The sheer stupidity is astonishing.

Op-Ed: China’s artificial intelligence anchor man reads the news

Beijing - An artificial intelligence composite “digital human”, modelled on a real Xinhua anchor person, has hit news media where it might help, or hurt. Far beyond robot readers and chat bots, this may be the voice, and image, of the future.

Op-Ed: Google vs women? Something sane might happen!

San Francisco - The recent global walkout of Google’s female workforce underlines a major legal issue, as well as corporate malaise. Some of the walkout issues are in-house, some are much more significant. This is #WeToo, in many ways.

Op-Ed: 20% of Americans now freelance! Now predict the future

Washington - Freelancing comes in many forms. Some freelance and work, some live by freelancing, others do a mix of types of work. 56.7 million people now freelance in some form in the United States, and that’s no trivial number.

Op-Ed: Dropping Apu on the Simpsons – No thanks

Portland - The Simpsons have said they’re going to drop the Apu character due to the controversy about Apu as a stereotype/nitpicking about 20 year old satire problem. Why give these hacks any mileage?

Op-Ed: Parents vs screens — A new phase?

New York City - Should kids spend so much time on screens? How much is too much? What are the better options? This argument has been spinning around for two decades, and not getting very far. A new phase is likely to deliver something, but what?

Op-Ed: Library of Congress buries DRM obstructions to repair

Washington - The recent catfight over the right to repair has boiled down to whether consumers can hack devices subject to Digital Rights Management (DRM) for the purpose of repair. Now the Library of Congress has ruled it’s OK.

Op-Ed: Microdosing psychedelics — Cure for hacks, hype, or what?

Leiden - Microdosing has been around for years, having been made popular in Silicon Valley and other haunts of creative people. This theory is you can have your trip and avoid risk of bad experiences, while improving your thinking. Hardy har har.

Op-Ed: More to worry about than bombs and powder

Washington - The not very subtle bombs and white powder envelopes sent to Democrats and US media just before the mid-terms raise big questions. George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and CNN, were the targets, but there’s more happening here.

Op-Ed: Up to 57% of jobs at risk from automation? Maybe

Sydney - The doomsday scenario for the workforce and the 20th century way of life, automation, is coming. The problem is that nobody’s too sure exactly what will happen. Will it be that bad? Better? Worse? Clueless, more like.

Op-Ed: Tech, arms and Saudi Arabia, defining the problems

Istanbul - Many of the world’s top tech companies and governments claim to have high ideals. Their problem now is that Saudi Arabia, one of the top global investors in tech, is now under a bloodstained shadow. What are they going to do about it?

Op-Ed: ‘Slaughter-free’ grown meat? It’s happening

San Francisco - The ethics of eating animals are hotly debated, but a new alternative might make the debate redundant. Chicken nuggets, grown from the cells of a chicken feather, have been produced. The chicken is still alive, and presumably doing interviews.

Op-Ed: Google the censor? The internet vs free speech?

Sydney - Google’s role as top dog comes with a few lead weights. One of the big issues is growing disquiet about the power of big platforms. A strange tale has unfolded after a leak of Google internal documents defining the big problems.

Op-Ed: Fisetin — Finally, an idiot-proof general health compound?

Sydney - The anti-aging idea has been rattling along merrily, (and obscenely faddishly), for years. Research shows that Fisetin, which does critical work in counteracting aging, can also counter causes of serious medical conditions.

Op-Ed: Too stupid to save the world? You’re not alone

Washington - US administration agencies acknowledge disastrous human caused climate change. Judges say the law isn’t the way to control emissions. A plague of idiocy and total lack of interest in actually doing anything about climate change is now emerging.

Op-Ed: Chinese ‘Social Credit’, or how AI can rule your life right now

Sydney - China has an unenviable record of civil repression over thousands of years from Imperial China to the KMT and the Cultural Revolution. Now, artificial intelligence can do it for the government.

Op-Ed: Corporate bases on the Moon? Naïve, and chaotic

Sydney - How do you feel about corporate-built, corporate operated settlements on the Moon? This very two dimensional idea is now rattling around as a great new option, with the usual lack of responsible thought and practical considerations.
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