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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Small business, Books, Fashion, Music, Pharmaceuticals,   see all» Careers & workplace, Real estate & construction, Internet, Jobs, Environment & green living, General business news & info, Politics, Health, Social media, Food, dining & restaurants, Technology, Education, Holistic health, Science & space, Men's health, Food, recipes, Stocks & trading, Government, Personal finance



Op-Ed: Russia and China vs America — Not looking good

New York City - The latest meeting of Presidents Putin and Xi ha highlighted a changing international landscape in which America is losing its influence in many ways. Where's this mess going? A lot of people would like to know.

Op-Ed: The Internet of Thought aka a new global imbecility

Sydney - The Internet of Thought is an ambitious idea to link minds to the Cloud, using nanotechnology. You and your synapses will be able to wander lonely as a cloud through the cloudy clods.

Op-Ed: Emotion detection software — Out of date, irrational, or naive?

Sydney - The Surveillance Society has achieved another biometric milestone as scientists try to debunk unreliable “emotion detection” software which they say is based on old science. This software is used for employment, market research, and other fun things.

Op-Ed: Amazon offers $10 for Prime Day customer data? Ahem.

Seattle - Amazon has offered Amazon Prime Day customers $10 for the right to track them online and see which websites they visit. This isn’t exactly generosity. It’s a commercial product being provided at bargain rates. There may also be security issues, or not

Op-Ed: Trump’s Twitter wars — What do the Twitter numbers mean?

Washington - If President Trump has a reputation for anything, it’s creating conflict. In business, in politics and in all types of media, the guy starts a war wherever he goes. Nowhere is this more obvious than on his nigh-legendary Twitter account.

Op-Ed: DARPA’s Squad X A.I. at Grunt level — A new kind of war

Washington - Think for about two seconds on the subject of infantry using A.I. in a firefight, or as tactical data in real time. Interesting, it definitely is. Good idea? Better than none, would be the obvious answer. DARPA's Squad X is a new threshold.

Op-Ed: Trump, the Rose Garden, and a few other vegetables

Washington - Things the Trump presidency will not be famous for are dignity, civility and basic standards of human conduct. The “social media summit” in the Rose Garden effectively proved the point.

Op-Ed: Automation – CEOs love it, but there’s a Catch 22 and 23

A report by The Economist and the world’s major driver of automation, UIPath, has found that CEOs and other C level people love automation. Other surveys tell a very different story of its impact.

Op-Ed: The science of boredom, explained

Pullman - Is your brain as inactive and irritated as it seems when you’re bored? Does the tedium have you climbing the walls, as it makes you feel? Well, yes, to a point, but your brain is more active in other ways, too.

Op-Ed: Counting protestors with A.I. changes the game forever

Hong Kong - One of the most common tactics in protests is to underrate or overrate the numbers in big protests. Artificial intelligence may have just put an end to that, as information from a trial of A.I. head counts in Hong Kong shows.

Op-Ed: UK tries to defuse damning diplomatic report about Trump

London - Diplomacy is a many-jagged edges profession. The leak of a truly murderous assessment of the Trump administration hasn’t done the UK’s diplomatic service any favours as they try to unravel how it leaked and deal with it.

Op-Ed: Safer reactors coming with new tech and mixed feelings

Sydney - The next generation of nuclear reactors has been a long time coming. The good news is that some of the major issues now have solutions. The mixed feelings, however, are much the same.

Op-Ed: Facial recognition — Big money, a lot of errors and real risks

London - Recent reports of the UK Metropolitan Police achieving an 81% error rate in recognition are bad enough. They pale in the face of the sort of money and politics being thrown in to what is becoming a real mess.

Op-Ed: Psychedelics — A psychedelic reality built in to human brains

Sydney - Psychedelic compounds occur naturally in the human and mammalian brain. They’ve been used for thousands of years around the world. Now, 50 years after the Summer of Love, they’re the Next Big Thing in science and medicine.

Op-Ed: Climate change = Much higher food prices? It’s not looking good

Sydney - Recent climate events have hit many local markets hard, around the world. In Japan, prices for vegetables have increased drastically. That’s not entirely unusual in itself, but the pattern is showing up worldwide.

Op-Ed: Facebook Oversight Board planning — Predicting needs ain’t easy

Menlo Park - Facebook has been on the receiving end of a decade or so of complaints. Live streaming of the Christchurch shootings, online bullying, you name it; the new Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) has its work cut out to restore credibility.

Op-Ed: Australia’s new port for US Marines is practical, not political

Nothing like total misrepresentation of issues to create headlines. The new facility for US Marines near Darwin is a logistics exercise. The press are reporting it like it’s a strike force aimed directly at China.

Op-Ed: Is the US still the only superpower? Maybe, for a while

Washington - The world’s experts have come up with interesting, if somewhat predictable, findings that, “The United States is the only superpower, but..." The criteria for the various views, however, is pretty tacky and often dated, and as usual superficial.

Op-Ed: Fake business listings on Google Maps — Fraud and stupidity

New York - Fake business listings are listed under one business name, and rerouted to a competitor. On Google Maps, this is called a “duress vertical” (great use of language, guys; it's fraud) and it’s at plague proportions.

Op-Ed: US — Iran best and worst case scenarios — Leading to war?

Sydney - In a move which will reassure nobody, the US today announced the deployment of more troops to the Middle East. The move comes as Iran restarts its uranium enrichment program after the United States pulled out of the international nuclear deal.
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