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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Technology, Jobs, Real estate & construction, Pharmaceuticals, Internet,   see all» Books, Environment & green living, Small business, Stocks & trading, Music, Personal finance, Food, recipes, Careers & workplace, Science & space, General business news & info, Holistic health, Health, Education, Men's health, Politics, Fashion, Government, Food, dining & restaurants, Social media



Op-Ed: Mystery on Titan — Why did a feature in Titan’s sea disappear?

Sydney - Astronomers watching features on Saturn’s moon Titan were astonished to see a “land” feature simply disappear on photos from the Cassini spacecraft. This large feature, a peninsula on the Saturnian hydrocarbon “sea”, seems to have disappeared.

Op-Ed: Australian Rules Grand Final 2014 second half

Melbourne - The game’s slowed a bit, to a more conventional type of play. The first Hawk goal comes from a good pass across goal. The second comes from a good mark from the centre. A snapshot from Jack gets the Swans’ first out of a crowd around the ball.

Op-Ed: Australian Rules Grand Final 2014 First half

Melbourne - This could be one of the great grand finals of all time Hawthorn and Sydney, both at the top of their games, are playing hard, and the game is being played at a sprint. These are two highly experienced teams, and the ball-handling is superb.

Op-Ed: IS blows up Saladin shrine, shrine of martyrs

Tikrit - The “Islamic State” continues to destroy every vestige of Islamic greatness it finds. In a recent act of vandalism, they destroyed the shrine to Saladin in his home birthplace, Tikrit.

Op-Ed: Poverty and inequality — A study in ignorance and failure

Sydney - The word “poverty” produces a lot of information and no results. Studies don’t even begin to define it. Huge amounts of data and money are spent, ineptly, failing to solve the problem.

Op-Ed: Google vs Murdoch — When giants disagree

Sydney - A recent open letter from Rupert Murdoch to the European Commission accuses Google of being anti-competitive. That’s not good news for Google, which is currently under anti-trust investigation in the EU.

Op-Ed: 4Chan user naked Emma Watson pics threat hoax by media co morons

New York - A user on 4Chan, a sorry excuse for a troll social site, has threatened to release nude pictures of Emma Watson after her recent feminist speeches. Watson, apparently, is one of many stars to be demeaned in this way.

India arrives at Mars to applause and some bitchiness

New Delhi - India has achieved a first-try Martian orbit with a low cost spacecraft. All other nations failed on their first attempt. While most have congratulated India on this significant achievement, some media outlets have been quite catty about it.

Op-Ed: IS flagwaver stabs police, shot dead in Melbourne, more incidents

Melbourne - Within two days of the “Islamic State’s” call for attacks on Westerners, an 18-year-old man referred to as a terror suspect has been shot by police after attacking police officers. One of the officers was seriously injured.

Op-Ed: Artificial sweeteners sabotage gut flora, cause sugar intolerance

Rehovot - One urban legend seems to be true according to a new study – Artificial sweeteners have damaging effects, sabotaging gut flora by promoting unhealthy flora and leading to health problems. Worse, small amounts of the sweeteners can cause the problems.

Op-Ed: ISIL calls for attacks on Coalition citizens ‘in any manner’

Sydney - In a continuation of previous messages, the “Islamic State” has called for Muslims to attack Americans, Europeans, Canadians and Australians. The threat refers to “disbelievers” from nations engaged in military action against ISIL.

Op-Ed: Crowdfunding for medical research hits a new high

Sydney - A new report from The Lancet indicates that crowdfunding for medical research is getting bigger. This is an interesting development in an industry which is seen as a pet for Big Pharma and other dubious institutions.

Op-Ed: Is modern society less evolved than chimps for fairness? Yes

Atlanta - If there’s one thing which annoys everyone, it’s unfairness, as applied to themselves. A new theory, that the sense of fairness evolved to promote cooperation, has now had some confirmation through a new study. It also raises a few questions.

Op-Ed: Health Canada under fire for serious public health risk issues

Toronto - The Toronto Star has exposed major failures related to Health Canada’s conduct of its operations. A pattern of dysfunction, including "useless" information, a culture of hiding serious drug defects, and a lot more is emerging, and it's a sick picture.

Review: New frontier in graphic art — Hidden mystery of a water drop Special

Cologne - If you’ve been noticing that visual art has simply blown away its own boundaries in recent years, a lot more is happening. Experimental visual art, notably “unique” imaging, is becoming the new frontier.

Op-Ed: World first — Trial ‘reverses’ cancer, restores cells to normal

Melbourne - In what researchers are describing as a “serendipitous” discovery, use of an anti-malarial drug has effectively reversed a cancer in fruit fly tests, restoring the cells to normal function. Yes, this is a very big deal.

Op-Ed: Delaying aging by remote control with gene activation

Sydney - A new study has discovered that it is possible to delay ageing by a comparatively simple process of simply activating a gene called AMPK. This gene slows ageing and increases lifespan by triggering a response to low energy levels.

Op-Ed: Mars One University Challenge – Rate ideas for Mars exploration

Sydney - If you’re one of those people has been watching the Mars One mission evolve, you’ll be pleased to hear your input is needed. The new Mars One University Challenge is designed to get feedback and ratings from interested people and followers.

Op-Ed: When methodologies collide — Assessing UK fossil biodiversity

London - Data used to assess fossil biodiversity in the UK has been hit with a major contest of views. The present methodology, which is a systematic approach to mapping recorded fossil biodiversity, is now being criticized for a range of reasons.

Op-Ed: ‘Alien’ creatures found off Australian coast

Sydney - The ‘aliens’ are unusual creatures which look like jellyfish, mushroom-shaped and don’t fit any group of animals. They’re called Dendrogramma. There’s a very Cambrian-like look to these creatures, and have baffled scientists looking for answer
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