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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Pharmaceuticals, Environment & green living, Men's health, Food, dining & restaurants, Stocks & trading,   see all» Food, recipes, Politics, Technology, Music, Government, Fashion, Books, Science & space, Social media, General business news & info, Personal finance, Education, Real estate & construction, Internet, Careers & workplace, Small business, Jobs, Holistic health, Health



Op-Ed: NASA says 91.44cm sea level rise ‘locked in’ by existing warming

Sydney - The news isn’t great, but nobody would have expected it to be otherwise – An expected sea level rise of 3 feet, more or less, will definitely happen. NASA will be mounting a study to monitor and assess future sea level rises.

Op-Ed: 400m shipping container skyscraper homes for India’s poor?

Mumbai - The idea of skyscrapers of containers comes from an idea by a Spanish design firm called CRG to clear up Mumbai’s hideously overcrowded slums. The choice is the current obscene slums, or these things.

Op-Ed: Jeff Bezos vs NYT PR disaster — Managing a mess

New York - After grim revelations in a New York Times article about Amazon’s workplace culture, CEO Jeff Bezos wrote a published letter to employees, saying they could always talk to him. He even gave them his email address.

Op-Ed: NASA has to tell people the world’s not ending — Again?

Sydney - Trust the Internet to deliver absolute crap. Someone said it was going to happen, so every bozo on the planet believed it. That well-known biscuit maker and occasional laundromat, NASA, says an asteroid isn’t going to hit Puerto Rico next month.

Op-Ed: EMDrive ‘does work,’ but Spectator Science disagrees

Sydney - Arguably the least progressive of all the sciences, physics is also the most hidebound when it comes to new ideas. Anything which contradicts a geriatric old theory is “impossible.”

Op-Ed: Human Performance Analytics — Naivete with body sensors

London - It’s here! It’s new! It’s insane! It’s wearable BS! Apparently not content with a management culture which never goes anywhere near a workspace, Human Performance Analytics bio tracking will tell managers what employees are doing

Op-Ed: Amazon workplace a burnout factory? Grim tales and image problems

New York - It’s not often that anything ever makes a wave in revelations about US corporate culture, but a New York Times article about working at Amazon has opened up a major debate. The image that comes out of the NYT piece is grim, and very negative.

Op-Ed: Violent video games trigger aggression? New proof, new arguments

Sydney - The long-running, remarkably futile argument about the ability of aggressive video games to trigger aggression has entered a new, controversial, stage. A new study indicates that these games do promote aggression, but the logic is looking pretty shallow.

Op-Ed: First atmospheric carbon scrubbers demo in Canada

Calgary - Physically removing CO2 from the atmosphere and recycling it makes so much sense, in theory. A new effort by Canadian firm Carbon Engineering is putting that theory in to practice.

Op-Ed: Your choice of photo says if you’re an introvert or extrovert

Sydney - If you’re aware of the ongoing introvert/ extrovert war, now in its third or fourth generation, you’ll like this. The University of Virginia has come up with a simple test between two photos. One’s a beach and one’s a picture of the mountains.

Op-Ed: Trump eclipses GOP, gives PR lesson to media

Washington - The best known Donald since Donald Duck may be an infuriating SOB, but talk about getting a sales pitch across. He’s loud, he’s egocentric, he’s all over the shop on specifics….And a lot of people like the way he’s rattling the Washington cages.

Op-Ed: Hulk Hogan a ‘racist’? Sleaze vs reality is the issue

The huge furor over Hulk Hogan’s allegedly racist remarks is looking like it’s on shaky ground. Seems Hogan does have a few defences, but they’ve taken a while to surface.

Op-Ed: Empathy vs System — Cambridge music study opens up can of ‘Huh?’

Sydney - The theory that you can predict people’s thinking by their musical tastes isn’t exactly new. Cambridge researcher David Greenberg has come up with a strangely broad analysis of empathy and systematic thinking based on musical preferences.

Op-Ed: Conservative hate campaign against the poor screws up, yet again

The ongoing hate campaign among conservative politicians against the poor has always been cowardly, petty, and almost psychotic. Now it seems that one of the many added burdens for welfare recipients, drug testing, is a farce, as well.

Op-Ed: NRA tells Australia ‘There will be blood’ Um, no.

Sydney - Not that anyone was asking for their opinion, but America’s favorite “You have the right to be massacred” group doesn’t like Australia’s gun laws. As if we give a damn, apart from exercising our right to be annoyed.

Op-Ed: 'Leftist' BBC under scrutiny from conservative government

London - Rupert Murdoch hates public broadcasters. So do many U.S., UK and Australian conservative politicians. The BBC is now part of the global hate campaign directed at the whole idea of public broadcast. The excuse is that it’s “leftist.”

Op-Ed: It can build a house in 2 days — The robot revolution is here

Perth - This thing can work 24 hours a day, and build a house in two days. It’s a part of automation which has barely seen exposure outside science fiction and experimental models, but it’s right here, right now in Perth, Australia.

Op-Ed: Explore Mars yourself — NASA Mars Trek delivers, but some issues

Sydney - Well, how often do you get to explore another planet from home? NASA’s Mars Trek is a DIY exploration, compiled from orbital pictures, and it’s pretty interesting, by any standards. You can even download for a 3D printer.

Op-Ed: Home sweet clicks? Not really, Hemnet Home is grim indeed

Stockholm - The new thing in Sweden is a house designed entirely statistically on an analysis of features clicked on an architecture site. It’s called the Hemnet Home, or House of Clicks. It’s also a great proof of reasons not to design by groupthink.

Op-Ed: Hyperloop — Superfast tube transport, undersold potential values

Sydney - Hyperloop is Elon Musk’s new baby. It’s a good idea which could deliver some salvation from murderous freight costs and overheads for the world. It could also do with some more justice from more thought about what it can deliver.
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