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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Food, dining & restaurants, Health, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Books,   see all» Social media, Food, recipes, Personal finance, Education, Politics, Holistic health, Careers & workplace, Environment & green living, Men's health, General business news & info, Stocks & trading, Fashion, Small business, Internet, Music, Science & space, Real estate & construction, Jobs, Technology



John Storyk, designer of Electric Lady — (Part 2) Special

Part 2 of the fabulous John Storyk interview. In this part, we learn about his meeting with destiny and jimi Hendrix. This was an almost folk tale, and it's truly astonishing.

John Storyk, designer of Electric Lady studio, marks 50 years Special

New York City - Imagine being 22 years old, and your first design job is to create Electric Lady studio for Jimi Hendrix! That’s how John Storyk got started. Since then, he’s seen digital music arrive and the whole story from the heart of modern music ...

Op-Ed: Computers / AI writing great literature? Who needs it?

Sydney - Computer-written content for news has been around. The question now is whether they can write actual literature. Given that there are already sites that basically create plots, and more, it could happen, but would it be worth reading?

Op-Ed: Brexit — A revenue disaster for the UK?

London - As Brexit makes its necrophiliac way to “fulfillment” the political arguments have overshadowed a few issues, like revenue. What happens when you dislocate your revenue base to this extent? You’re about to find out.

Op-Ed: Turkey enters Syria as US dithers, risk of new major war

Ankara - Turkey’s decision to move into Syria and fight US-backed Kurdish forces has a lot of ramifications, none of them good for regional peace.

Op-Ed: The holodeck has arrived — Nanoscale 3D light manipulation

Seattle - Is this the material that can create the holodeck? Could be. A new class of surprisingly versatile precision nanomaterials can deliver manageable active 3D light, and you can almost hear the tech guys drooling.

Op-Ed: Poison Fire Coral — Deadly fungus is also a major wakeup call

Cairns - The arrival of the truly dangerous Asian fungus in Australia is in many ways just another problem for Australia’s endless biohazards war. The problem is that this is a fungus, and fungi can spread fast.

Op-Ed: Imbecility, thy name is Brexit - Irish deal simply can’t work

Dublin - The UK proposal for an “all-island” regulatory zone in Ireland to get around the closed border problem is looking very much like desperation. Ireland would be the go-to place for EU goods entering the UK.

Op-Ed: Interstellar objects – More incoming, but what, when and where?

Sydney - The recent discovery of two interstellar objects, comet 2I/Borisov and asteroid Oumuamua in the solar system has raised the bar for expectations and predictions. Expecting more is one thing. The more pressing question is exactly what might be coming.

Op-Ed: A new kind of stress for the modern military – ‘Moral injury’

Washington - Historically, few people are as neglected and ignored by their governments and people as the military. The multigenerational horror stories of vets are grim enough. Now, there’s a whole new form of stress, and not much idea what to do about it.

Op-Ed: Chinese super camera can identify ‘tens of thousands’ of people

Beijing - In what is definitely a major breakthrough in high-resolution photography, but a horror story for privacy, China has unveiled a super-camera capable of identifying thousands of people. This is a new level of surveillance which has many people worried.

Op-Ed: Trump impeachment enquiry announced by Pelosi

Washington - Well, they’ve been talking about it for years, but now it’s a reality. Trump is to be subject of an impeachment enquiry for “enlisting a foreign power to help him politically”. It’s a very serious charge.

Op-Ed: Fake news social media finance scam nets $670,000 in Australia

Sydney - You know those Get Rich Quick ads? Seems if you tack them on to a legitimate news source, fake news is considered real news. An Australian woman lost over half a million in this one. Social media is again in the spotlight, for all the wrong reasons.

Op-Ed: Official — US Navy confirms UFO videos are real, unknown objects

Washington - It’s taken a while. A ridiculously long while. The US Navy has confirmed what many people have known for generations, saying UFO videos are truly unidentified, unknown objects.

Op-Ed: Australia’s Big Drought hits lethal levels, not much being done

Sydney - If there is one single Australian climate condition which is utterly predictable, it’s drought. A drought per decade is pretty normal. The massive lack of effort by government to manage water needs, however, is getting on people’s nerves.

Op-Ed: Purdue Pharma opioid settlement big precedent for Big Pharma

Boston - A massive multi-billion dollar settlement by Purdue Pharma could be the beginning of the end for the ultra-obnoxious, irresponsible Big Pharma sector. In a range of ways, this settlement is a defining moment.

Op-Ed: Incoming – A.I., the cyber arms race and a new security culture

New York - The cyberwar has been ongoing for quite a while, since the beginning of the digital revolution. Now, it’s foreseeable that the current national security culture is eroding as technologies shift and evolve. The future is looking very complex indeed.

Op-Ed: Australia blocks livestream murders, child porn with criminal law

Sydney - You’d think this move would be just basic common sense. Australia will respond to live stream violence with prison terms to enforce removal of violent content online.

Op-Ed: Fake news kept alive by ‘belief’? You sure about that?

Sydney - One of the not-overly-new theories about fake news, the industry for lazy criminals and stooges, is that “everyone believes it”. WRONG. Fake news is a paid thing, hyped up as much as possible. It’s marketing, just a different form of marketing.

Op-Ed: Emotional recognition is coming to your life. You won't like it.

Sydney - You have to wonder about the aims of the seemingly endless digging into people’s minds by a lot of types of research. One of the least impressive, and riskiest, is emotion recognition. What use is it, and to whom?
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