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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Holistic health, Politics, Personal finance, Internet, Music,   see all» Health, Men's health, Stocks & trading, Fashion, Government, Education, Food, recipes, Books, General business news & info, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Small business, Environment & green living, Science & space, Jobs, Food, dining & restaurants, Careers & workplace, Real estate & construction, Social media



Op-Ed: Afghanistan pullout - Reassessing how America fights wars

New York City - The pullout from Afghanistan has required some soul-searching of a rather unambiguous kind. America’s record in guerrilla wars is abysmal. Despite military “success” in some ways, strategic aims are routinely not met.

Op-Ed: IVAS – A new class of game-changing technology takes off

Sydney - IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System) was designed as a military system for the US Army. It’s AI-based and designed to assess combat zones. The irony is that it has many more high-value applications in other spheres.

Op-Ed: Britain vs debt vs Brexit vs trade vs revenue — Not too hilarious

London - The Johnson government has been borrowing on huge levels. Revenue is likely to be hit hard with falling trade and relocations of businesses outside the UK. This is not a facetious issue. It’s a real problem.

Op-Ed: Huge chunks of Theia in Earth’s magma and big ramifications

Sydney - A long time ago, Earth collided with a planet called Theia. Big chunks of Theia still exist in the fluid parts of Earth under the mantle. A giant electromagnetic anomaly is one of the possible issues.

Op-Ed: Assange and the inexcusable repression of journalism

Washington - You have to wonder what’s journalism these days. A US government spent 4 years calling literally everything fake news and publishing its own fake news. Real news, however, can get you arrested, and that’s Assange’s big issue. The difference is…?

Op-Ed: COVID — New spike and ‘endemic’ status is a serious threat

Sydney - It’s not over yet, or anything like over. Statistics are showing returning spikes worldwide. Worse, the dangerous situation of COVID becoming “endemic” is now credible for the foreseeable future.

Op-Ed: Hysteria, the Hyades star cluster, and not enough answers

Sydney - The Hyades cluster is big, and only153 light-years from Earth. Something turned it into a pretzel. The result is hysteria, based on 200-year-old astrophysical gossip.

Op-Ed: Idiocy — A law so users have to provide ID to use social media

Sydney - 533 million Facebook users accounts have been put up for free on a hacker site. The Australian government wants people to provide 100 points of ID for all social media accounts. This is a virtual gift for hackers.

Op-Ed: ‘Russian buildup’ on Ukraine border — Something or nothing

Kiev - A large, very conspicuous Russian troop movement involving about 4000 troops and armour is getting a lot of understandable attention in the Ukraine. The question is whether the buildup means anything at all.

Op-Ed: 65 per cent of women harassed online by organized ‘terror’ groups

Sydney - It’s a very sick statistic. 65% of Australian women report online abuse and harassment. There are indications that extremist groups are grooming younger guys in this. Is this just part of the ongoing polarization of humanity, or more?

Op-Ed: Australia’s climate future – ANU’s new study of idiotic apathy

Sydney - New projections of super heat waves and other issues by the Australian National University are showing a familiar trend – Total catastrophic breakdown of climate norms, and no action. What’s new is the level of deadly certainty.

Op-Ed: Freedom of imagination — Literature vs cancel culture?

Sydney - In the ever-increasingly tedious cancel culture world, an interesting, if irritating, argument has finally arrived - Should writers represent cultures and people other than their own? It’s a fully justifiable argument, both ways.

Op-Ed: Australia — Prehistoric idea of tax on home solar must go

Sydney - “For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory” wasn’t actually written about the Australian energy sector for some reason. The sector seems to think it was, and wants a very inglorious tax on rooftop solar.

Op-Ed: Taiwan invasion a real possibility? If so, it's a very bad move

Taipei - The revelation by an American admiral that taking control of Taiwan is China’s top priority hasn’t made the world a better place. It won’t, either. This potentially incredibly stupid move could do more than start a major war.

Op-Ed: Pentagon UFO docs – ‘Hard to explain’ vs the Big Silence

Washington - The Pentagon’s release of “hard to explain” UFO information is a departure from an intolerable norm. The decades of denigration of honest sighting reports continue to give off a palpable stench of dishonesty. The question now is “…And…?”

Op-Ed: Project Debater – IBM’s AI can argue effectively with humans

Sydney - Is there is such a thing as public debate? All that happens is disagreement, followed by an unsatisfactory outcome. The big deal here is that this new AI can argue, and has a unique position from which to argue.

Op-Ed: Cults queue up to replace QAnon – More fodder for fools

Sydney - Running out of conspiracy theories? Lost without some fictional drivel? Need another useless loser to replace whatever you “believed” in? Good news – More vermin are coming to give your second by second fix of BS.

Op-Ed: Sperm count crash, could be zero by 2045 — This is not a drill

Sydney - Give Erin Brockovich credit for hitting a nail properly. The male fertility issue, probably ignored due to spelling difficulties, (thanks geniuses) is getting gruesome. Sperm counts are down by 60% and that ain’t good.

Op-Ed: QAnon retires, wants to do woodwork instead.

Washington - If this news is to be believed, the actual person Q has been identified. It’s someone on the internet’s answer to Groundhog Day, 4Chan, who used the avatar Q. Doesn’t that just make the last 4 insane years so worthwhile?

Op-Ed: NFTs – Great idea, but risks, laws and sleaze factors emerging

Sydney - NFTs, “non-fungible tokens” are huge news. They’re making millions, unheard-of amounts of money, for artists. The problem is that big money can attract big trouble. …And NFTs are spreading, fast, to other areas.
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