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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Small business, Books, Music, Social media, Food, dining & restaurants,   see all» General business news & info, Careers & workplace, Politics, Holistic health, Real estate & construction, Personal finance, Pharmaceuticals, Stocks & trading, Environment & green living, Men's health, Internet, Jobs, Fashion, Government, Science & space, Food, recipes, Health, Education, Technology



Op-Ed: Micro Apartments — Your personal space is shrinking

New York - The new horizon for humanity is about 3 metres away, or 5 metres away, depending on where you look. A combination of lack of space and exploitable markets has created the new micro apartments.

Op-Ed: Greece given 4 months, but EU double standards continue

Athens - Greece has been given an extra 4 months to “present reforms” to the EU. The reforms are described as “tackling tax evasion, corruption and dealing with the humanitarian crisis.” What, the one caused by the EU?

Op-Ed: U.S. think tank CFR calls for removal of Australian PM Abbott

Sydney - American think tanks rarely make undiplomatic statements. Australians woke up this morning to find that a peak think tank called the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) was saying that the Australian Prime Minister should be removed.

Op-Ed: PTSD, veterans and crime — Serious legal problems arising

Washington D.c. - The idea that PTSD sufferers should be exempt from the death penalty has opened a lot of different cans. Not least of which is “discriminatory law,” the issue of separating a group of people with a medical condition by legal classification.

Op-Ed: Bill Gates warns against artificial intelligence

The debate regarding artificial intelligence has reached the commercial sphere. Bill Gates has joined Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in warning of the risks to humanity from artificial intelligence. In an interview on Reddit, he explained his views.

Op-Ed: Duhhhmocracy — Kochs will spend $899 million on 2016 elections

Washington D.c. - Good news, paycheck watchers — you can be sure that at least two of America’s 312 million people will be well represented in 2016. The geriatric answer to the Olsen Twins, the Koch Brothers, will spend just under $1 billion in the 2016 elections.

Op-Ed: Democracy or austerity? Greece to test the theory of EU finance

Athens - The recent history of Greece’s austerity and the EU’s imposition of crushing conditions may be about to end. The Syriza party was elected on its platform of renegotiating the EU’s terms.

Op-Ed: Prince Philip given Aussie knighthood, country baffled

Canberra - Nobody in Australia has anything much against Philip or the nice lady from whom we rent the English language. Nor are the royals personae non grata in Australia, by any stretch of the imagination. But we gave him an award, anyway.

Op-Ed: Rethinking the world’s cities — Paris shows the way

Paris - Paris is historically a home of innovation. It’s also a home of culture, and cultural critics, and when Paris decides to give itself a makeover, you can be assured of a lively debate. The new Green version of Paris is pretty damn stunning.

Op-Ed: Did viruses help create the human brain? Apparently, yes

Lund - New Swedish research has hit an intriguing, if rather stunning range of findings. Ancient viruses have had a lot to do with creating the brain’s neural networks. It seems viruses, natural DNA managers, have been shaping the human brain.

Op-Ed: Fired for being Australian and female?

Sydney - In what can only be called a strange incident, a woman has alleged that she was fired for being Australian, and being a female, by a female American boss. The American lady is currently facing charges regarding a bribery scandal.

Op-Ed: Anonymous vs jihadi terror? Anonymous declares war

Sydney - In a major development, online activists Anonymous have vowed vengeance for the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. This is a true game changer. ISIL and other jihadi groups have grown a worldwide presence for dissemination of propaganda online.

Op-Ed: New study says climate will cause massive population displacement

Sydney - A Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) survey has found that more people are displaced by natural events and climate-related phenomena than all the wars on Earth combined. The NRC operates the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre in Geneva.

Op-Ed: Virginia Roberts underage sex allegations — Media fails basic checks

Sydney - The claims made by Virginia Roberts regarding her alleged abuse as a minor should be heard by a court, not by a media lynch mob. The trouble is that this very confusing story is sending some very confusing messages, denials, and much more.

Op-Ed: China's Empress Wu still shocks the censors, 1,300 years later

Beijing - A show about Empress Wu, one of history’s greatest female monsters, has been “sanitized” by China’s ever more prudish censors. Apparently history doesn’t need breasts. Empress Wu used hers to trash the Tang Dynasty, and it's a real story.

Op-Ed: Worst expressions of 2014 grim examples of dismal usage at work

Sydney - Plain language may be very dull sometimes, but it does get the message across. Convoluted, ridiculously expressive language, where the language is turned into an incomprehensible message, rather than a useful tool, is a crime.

Op-Ed: Climate change denial wading in sewage in Miami

Miami - It doesn’t NEED to get much more bizarre than this. High water in Miami caused sewers to back up in America’s Retirement and Organized Crime Mecca. The local governor, a Republican, of course, says there’s no problem.

Op-Ed: UK paedophile ring — Dodging the apocalypse, but for how long?

London - Is the UK a nation of little Jimmy Saviles? It might be. Recent revelations about systematic protection of high level VIPs and MPs regarding paedophilia and even murder of abused children is oozing along as slowly as the BBC’s response to Savile.

Op-Ed: When you lose fat, it turns into CO2? New study ends myths

Sydney - Yes, folks, you literally breathe out all that fat. That’s the new finding from an Australian study which has basically rewritten the whole theory of weight loss. There’s a catch, of course.

Organic molecules on Mars proven for the first time

It was a long time ago, but there was organic chemistry, at least at the molecular level, on Mars. Although these combinations of molecules can be made through non-organic means, that’s actually a plus.
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