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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Holistic health, Government, General business news & info, Music, Small business,   see all» Real estate & construction, Personal finance, Internet, Books, Food, dining & restaurants, Politics, Jobs, Technology, Environment & green living, Social media, Pharmaceuticals, Science & space, Food, recipes, Health, Men's health, Fashion, Careers & workplace, Education, Stocks & trading



Op-Ed: Trump vs Twitter — A fight he can’t win

Washington - Even if you ignore the fact that Trump’s presence on social media was his ace card in 2016, attacking Twitter is a pointless exercise. Everyone on Twitter is subject to their terms of service and policies. Trump is no exception.

Op-Ed: China infuriates Australia — Time for Australia to move on

Sydney - Have to give China credit – Not much could have made Australia-China relations worse than the latest thundering denunciations from Beijing. Most are insulting, but the real issue is the total lack of reason or even basic common sense.

Op-Ed: Major game changer — Australian researchers hit 44Tb per second

Sydney - How much more useful can you get? In a rather mindblowing first, Australian researchers have recorded an internet data speed of 44 Terabits per second. That’s not all; future applications may outstrip even the obvious benefits.

Op-Ed: Idiots and pandemics — How ignorance has made it much worse

Sydney - 320,000 plus dead people are a testimony to the sheer ineptitude of some governments and the morons who run them. This pandemic is in the process of trashing the world’s economy, too, and what do we get? Disinformation by the metric ton.

Op-Ed: Australia — It’s such fun doing business with China, not very

Sydney - After the 80% tariffs, China has now descended to name calling. Nothing like Maoist-era rhetoric to really help things along We’ve been called “dogs of the US” by the Global Times, China’s answer to the Daily Express.

Op-Ed: Saving the whole US private sector – Fed goes to work

New York - “Too big to fail” has returned as an expression. Now it’s being applied to America’s insufferable private sector, which hates big government and regulation of any kind. The Fed is saving the bacon, but the irony is unmissable.

Op-Ed: China imposes 80% tariffs on Australian barley — Go to hell

Sydney - China in its wisdom has decided to impose an 80% tariff on Australian barley, based on “anti-dumping” rules. There’s a lot wrong with this decision, but the bottom line is it’s based on truly strange logic, worthy of Trump.

Op-Ed: Global infections 90K per day — 62 nations support virus inquiry

Sydney - You’d think the pandemic was over. It’s nothing like over. The global infection rate is still around 90K per day. Meanwhile Australia’s push for an inquiry now has 62 nations supporting it as a few possibly tricky issues emerge about the virus.

Op-Ed: Australia and China's trade spat, an Australian perspective

Sydney - Australia’s call for an investigation into the pandemic has created a diplomatic row of epic proportions. We’re not impressed. Why is an inquiry into a global disaster such a major issue?

Op-Ed: Now it’s all Fauci’s fault – Meanwhile, the US economy burns

Washington - The United States needs to reopen. Everyone knows that. Reopening and making a very bad situation much worse is the major risk. So far 84,119 Americans have died to make this point clear.

Op-Ed: Hiding a smile in a dagger – China’s diplomacy gets pushy

Sydney - Superpowers come and go. In the last century, quite a few Great Powers as they were called are shadows of the past. History records blunders, unnecessary conflicts, and above all, flat-footed diplomacy. China is making all the same moves.

Op-Ed: US won’t renegotiate China trade deal — A risk in progress

Washington - The Trump administration has categorically refused to renegotiate trade terms with China. This is at best an “interesting” move when the United States is so vulnerable but has built-in problems of its own.

Op-Ed: UVC irradiation can do a lot more than kill viruses

New York - New findings show that UVC, a higher, safe frequency of UV light, can kill viruses. The UV light destroys the virus, scrambling its DNA and making it dysfunctional. It could also be a major public health benefit.

Op-Ed: Meltdown? The view from outside America is truly grim

Sydney - The world is now used to American political incoherence. The rambling, the babbling, the pathological lying, etc. are now getting very stale. The image of America is blurring badly, and it’s becoming hideous. The reality seems to be much worse.

Op-Ed: The other disaster — By 2070, big areas ‘unliveable’ due to heat

Sydney - Meanwhile, climate change just keeps rolling along. A new international study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences indicates that billions of people could be displaced by unbearable heat.

Op-Ed: Reopen America at 3000 deaths per day – National suicide

Washington - The serious existential threat the pandemic poses to the United States apparently isn’t being taken seriously. Yes, America needs to reopen, somehow, but not at a daily price worse than all its wars.

Op-Ed: US and China digging a deeper hole for the world after pandemic

Washington - When the world’s two biggest economies are in constant conflict, the world economy can’t do well. The US and China are well on the way to making the recovery from the pandemic far more difficult.

Op-Ed: Reinventing the job interview as something useful

New York - Anyone who’s ever had anything to do with the employment sector will tell you the hiring process is way beyond absurd these days. Arcane rituals, meaningless interview questions, astonishing time frames, it all needs to go.

Op-Ed: US anti-science, anti-public health, this is what you get

Washington - Truly hideous predictions of a 35% crash in the US economy leave a taste. After decades of insane public health policies, mediocre meds, and rabid pricing, health systems are a mess. Now the people who created the mess will fix it?

Op-Ed: America looking fiscal death in the face — Revenue is grim

Washington - You’d have to be pretty damn ignorant not to know that millions of people out of work and businesses closed will trash revenue. Yet, in the midst of chaos, we have rampant self-righteous imbecility.
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