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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Music, Jobs, Technology, Careers & workplace, Education,   see all» Holistic health, Food, dining & restaurants, Government, Books, Food, recipes, Science & space, Social media, Health, Men's health, Pharmaceuticals, Personal finance, Fashion, Internet, Politics, Stocks & trading, Small business, Real estate & construction, General business news & info, Environment & green living



Op-Ed: Thank you Mr. Leonard Cohen

Toronto - The death of Leonard Cohen left more than a stunned gap in modern culture. It left an impossibly big pair of boots to fill in music and poetry. Cohen was one of the truly unique, unrepeatable artists of this or any era.

Op-Ed: Fake news — expect the expected, and lawsuits

Washington - The fake news epidemic promoted by the nauseatingly sleazy 2016 American presidential election has produced more fake news than most wars and the financial markets combined. There’s another side to this trash talk, though.

Op-Ed: Sonification — the major positives of turning data into music

Sydney - Sonification is the process of turning data in to music. Each data element is given a musical value and an instrument to express itself. This often results in intriguing, good music.

Op-Ed: Cyber security excuse for EEG brainwave privacy invasion

Sydney - Under the guise of “cyber security” someone’s developing a new EEG method to read brainwaves. Apparently Facebook security is so important it justifies a research program in to reading human brainwaves. No it damn well isn’t.

Op-Ed: Brown research into managing perceptions raises big issues

Sydney - Brown University has come up with a way of managing people’s opinions of faces. The technique uses “MRI feedback” to cause people to re-evaluate pictures of faces. Useful? Hmmm….

Op-Ed: Microsoft slammed for Windows 10’s ‘malicious’ privacy invasions

Sydney - Everybody said it when they found out about Windows 10’s “phone home” abilities: they don’t like it, it’s intrusive, and it gets a lot of information. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, those worries are now proven.

Op-Ed: Millennials ruin the Olympics for big networks? How sad

Sydney - If you’re one of the many people who watched bits of the Olympics in between commercials and the usual network atrocities, you will be horrified to hear that those naughty millennials didn’t bother to watch. Apparently this is some sort of crime.

Op-Ed: Solution to packaging pollution? Wrap your food in milk protein

Sydney - Packaging pollution is one of the biggest problems on Earth. Plastic packaging of food in particular is an absolute environmental disaster. Finally, there is a major breakthrough in packaging which could quite literally change the world.

Op-Ed: Kickstarter starts its own economy, with $5.3b generated income

Kickstarter is best known for its high profile and varying degrees of great and lousy projects. Now someone’s done a study on how much actual economic power Kickstarter has, and the numbers are pretty good, but surprising.

Op-Ed: Delivery robots hit the road in Europe — Will they survive?

London - Depending on what society you live in, technology can be the nice thing you can’t have, or can. A new self-driving, human-monitored robot is about to hit the road in Europe and the UK. How practical the idea is, or isn’t, will soon be seen.

Op-Ed: New air combat AI ALPHA better than human pilots — But?

Cincinnati - A new fighter simulation software called ALPHA is beating human pilots and other AIs in an environment where humans were dominant. This is being hailed as a breakthrough, which it is, but there are other factors involved.

Op-Ed: Chemputer — BAE's new tech can grow drones

London - Grow Your Own drones are new; grown at the molecular level “close to the battlefield,” they’re potentially very interesting indeed. Add to this the fact that BAE Systems are the proponents, and a new race is on.

Op-Ed: Analogies teach computers to think like humans — Sort of

Evanston - Humans use relational statements and memories to make decisions and understand information. They use analogies, similar cases, to speed up and improve their understanding. Computers are now being taught how to use analogies.

Op-Ed: Anti-online terrorism software ready, but will it prevent terror?

Washington - Since extremists started recruiting online, people have been looking for ways of stopping them. The new solution for online recruiting, appropriately enough, is closely related to the software used to combat child pornography.

Op-Ed: Microsoft working with legal marijuana — Seed software

Seattle - In the bizarre morals of corporate America, where it’s OK to trash the economy but not to smoke grass, Microsoft has been the first to actually work with legal marijuana in the marketplace.

Op-Ed: Gene Drive — Permanent alteration of genetic heredity gets tricky

Sydney - If there’s one consistent thing about new gene technology, it’s that nothing is ever clearly explained and defined. Gene Drive is the ability to permanently alter genes, including passing on all the new genes to subsequent generations.

Op-Ed: Ads you can talk to? IBM’s Watson vs online marketing

Sydney - If you, like the rest of the human race, are less than thrilled with online ads, and even less impressed with their targeting, things may be about to change. IBM's cognitive system Watson is about to "humanize" online advertising.

Op-Ed: Tourists called stupid in croc attack in Australia — Wrong

Brisbane - A woman was taken by a saltwater crocodile in far north Queensland. Her friend is in shock after bravely trying to remove her from the croc’s jaws. A local MP says that the attack was the result of stupidity. Many don’t agree.

Op-Ed: US Navy super rail gun — Redefining future fire power

Washington - There’s been a lot of hype behind the public unveiling of the U.S. Navy’s rail gun, which has ironically missed a lot of major subjects and strong positives. This is a fundamentally flexible system with multiple ramifications for future wars.

Op-Ed: Microsoft Surface Book ‘Sleep of Death’ — No fix and no refunds?

Sydney - For those who think the “don’t care” culture is well established at Microsoft, the Surface BookSleep of Death is an easy target. The laptop/tablet is having big problems, and generating a lot of anger. Even the Microsoft salespeople are baffled.
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