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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Fashion, General business news & info, Science & space, Pharmaceuticals, Health,   see all» Internet, Stocks & trading, Technology, Careers & workplace, Government, Books, Food, dining & restaurants, Personal finance, Food, recipes, Men's health, Music, Holistic health, Social media, Politics, Environment & green living, Small business, Real estate & construction, Jobs, Education



Sydney’s bushfires out of control, evacuations underway

Sydney - The big fires around Sydney are covering the city with smoke. An orange haze is the usual scenario around town. Residents in isolated areas are being warned that the fire services don’t have the resources to cover them, and to evacuate ASAP.

Op-Ed: ‘Sexist’ reaction to Peloton exercise bike ad is unrealistic

New York - Is buying your wife a $2000+ top brand exercise bike sexist? Some people think it is. A lot don’t. This negative response generates a few issues for the Everything Is Sexist argument. Online criticism has been predictable and polarized.

Op-Ed: More asteroid hysteria as close fly-by happens on Friday

Sydney - It’s like a bad psych movie. Doom! Rocks from the sky! Squeaky little articles! The asteroid bug seems to have turned some writers into zombies, and asteroids are the pet subject. A fly by due on December 6 is the cause of the latest babble.

Op-Ed: Does capitalism have a future? Not like this, it doesn’t

Sydney - Capitalism is a sort of dogma. It’s also seen as a mechanism of social failure, inequity, and oppression. The days when capitalism could simply say it was anti-communist and rest on its dubious laurels are long gone. The future looks very different.

Op-Ed: Godzilla vs Bambi aka Bloomberg vs Trump

New York City - Michael Bloomberg’s decision to run for President is a huge wave for 2020. A lifelong Democrat, Bloomberg is a much bigger, much tougher opponent for Trump. Bloomberg is bigger than Trump both in financial clout and credibility.

Op-Ed: Defecting Chinese spy in Australia — A big mess in progress

Sydney - A Chinese spy who claims to have managed espionage activities in Australia has really stirred up a hornet’s nest of anti-Chinese responses. His testimony so far has confirmed many suspicions. The big question is what to do about it.

Op-Ed: US script meds cost average 300 per cent more than global prices

New York - If there was ever any question that Big Pharma is milking sick people, a new study has found global price data which shows the United States is the undisputed cash cow. Some meds cost up to 2682% more in the US.

Op-Ed: Alien life much more likely than expected — New data

The almost absurd question “is there life on other worlds?” is now getting a lot of “more than likely” data coming in. A new study indicates that planets with two stars can support life, and there are many of them.

Op-Ed: Deep Sleaze - Epstein guards charged for falsifying records

New York City - Deep Sleaze just got deeper. The “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme has taken on a new dimension. The guards supposed to have checked on Epstein have been charged with falsifying records.

Big fires get worse as Sydney vanishes in smoke haze

Sydney - Sydney is no stranger to big fires, but the biggest drought ever has raised the stakes. We’re currently covered in a haze that looks like Delhi or Beijing. Conditions are expected to persist for a week.

Op-Ed: Oxygen release on Mars – New options for life?

Cape Canaveral - The discovery of variable oxygen levels on Mars has created a fascinating, if frustrating, series of possibilities for science. Are the oxygen levels related to organic life, or some unknown inorganic process?

Op-Ed: White noise improves hearing? Incredibly, yes.

Basel - Hearing loss is at plague levels. WHO estimates 466 million people worldwide have hearing loss at disability levels. 1.1 billion kids are estimated to be at risk of hearing loss. Now, someone’s found a way of improving hearing.

Op-Ed: Great science incoming as Voyagers find ‘Wall of Fire’

Cape Canaveral - The Voyager probes have left the best to last. They have just delivered the most important information ever regarding the realities of interstellar space. This is Big Science which will be critical for millennia to come.

Australia looks like it’s on fire from space as bushfires rage

Sydney - This is perhaps the worst early bushfire season in Australian history. Multiple out of control fires are burning in bone dry, drought stricken areas. From space, huge plumes of smoke from 90 fires make it look like the country is on fire.

Op-Ed: China wants ‘Earth-Moon Economic Zone’ by 2050

Beijing - This could be a serious game-changer. China wants to establish an Earth-Moon economic zone. That means the rights to use the Moon as a source of revenue, in any possible sense. The US may have a hard time keeping up.

Op-Ed: Insect apocalypse getting grim, severe population drops

Munich - Insects are critical operators in all ecologies. They pollinate, they support the food chain, and they manage a lot of materials in all types of environments. German studies indicate a 40% population crash, which is catastrophic.

Op-Ed: Following humans into space, fungi and bacteria are real risks

Boulder - Humans live surrounded by microorganisms of all kinds. The most persistent are on skin and on anything around people. They’re also going into space and could become a serious issue.

Op-Ed: Australia’s Aged Care — Sue the scum to extinction

Sydney - Aged care is Australia’s new four-letter word. A Royal Commission has found damning evidence of widespread abuse, neglect and total failure of the system. The findings are nothing less than repulsive.

Op-Ed: Rats learn to drive – Actually, there is a reason for that

Richmond - Rats driving cars may get a few cynical gut reactions from motorists, but they do now have their own little cars to drive. The idea is to check out the effects of driving on hormone levels which affect humans.

Op-Ed: Australian international student scandal – No English, big money

Sydney - You’d think it’d be common sense for international students coming to Australia to have a good working knowledge of English. Not so, apparently. A lot of students are getting student visas, with inadequate English, and they're not doing well.
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