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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Science & space, Careers & workplace, Stocks & trading, Small business, Personal finance,   see all» Internet, Education, Pharmaceuticals, General business news & info, Health, Music, Men's health, Social media, Technology, Fashion, Food, recipes, Environment & green living, Food, dining & restaurants, Real estate & construction, Holistic health, Jobs, Books, Politics, Government



Op-Ed: Robots, the Cloud and robot banks — Utopia? Maybe, maybe not

Sydney - The robots are coming, but not the way you’d expect. They’re about to replace the suits, and perhaps even declutter your home. Spooky? Much more than that. There’s a “vision of excellence," and you know what that means — chaos.

Op-Ed: Mindless learning — Student lack of critical thinking major issue

Lincoln - An English professor in Nebraska recently made statements which go to the core of basic learning. She says her students will simply accept any information they’re given without question. This is "mindless education" at its worst.

Op-Ed: Breakthrough — MIT finds new way of managing memories for PTSD

Cambridge - A new MIT study has found that it’s actually possible to manage bad memories using the mechanics of a process called “reconsolidation.”The process involves re-configuring memories, using the mechanics of reconsolidation to change them.

Op-Ed: Mars One asks, ‘Is a one-way journey to Mars insane?’

Sydney - Slightly belated as it may seem, this question is part of a bit of soul-searching on the part of Mars One, the first commercial-only one-way trip to Mars. One of the questions they asked was “Is a one-way mission insane?”

Op-Ed: 1,400 kids sexually abused in one UK town, cops knew, did nothing

Rotherham - It must surely be one of the most inglorious moments in British history. A report indicates that a place called Rotherham was for years a centre of serious sexual violence and abuse of children over a period of 16 years.

Op-Ed: Scotland the (more or less) Brave faces independence

Edinburgh - Scotland is a strange mix of characteristics. There are two Scottish characters. You’ll have Robert the Bruce and some whining git who’ll bitch at you for hours about burning the scones hundreds of years ago.

Review: Capaldi as Doctor Who- Excellent first show

London - Given the almost impossible task of taking over from the truly brilliant, irritatingly likeable Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi certainly gave a Herculean effort. That was no script for beginners they gave him, either.

Op-Ed: ISIS publicity campaign – Multiple threats, multiple backlashes

In keeping with the habitual high profile publicity model started by Al Qaeda, ISIS is making multiple threats against targets around the world. Threats are receiving backlash responses online.

Op-Ed: Downs Syndrome gamechanger as girl gets 6 GCSEs

Sydney - Richard Dawkins antagonized a large group of people with a Tweet saying that a woman should abort a child with Downs Syndrome. An ongoing howl of protest arose, including a remarkable fact- A girl with the condition just got 6 GCSEs.

Op-Ed: News Corp forces destruction of its leaked accounts

Sydney - In a move which has surprised even regular News Corp critics, the company has forced Australian online journal Crikey to destroy copies of leaked information regarding News Corp newspaper financial reports.

Op-Ed: Income control- A nasty trick coming to a government near you

Sydney - Income control is the process of managing welfare recipients’ money by governments. This includes not being allowed to purchase alcohol and tobacco, and withholding of money to pay rent and expenses.

Op-Ed: IS threatens to drown America in blood

Sydney - It will come as no surprise to most that the “Islamic State” has issued what is effectively a declaration of war on the US. Following American airstrikes, the threat is to hit America “in any place” if strikes hit its fighters.

Op-Ed: Schmaltz overload as Facebook gratitude wave wanes

Sydney - It was only a matter of time before a sugar-coated social media fad happened. Apparently, these things don’t last too long. The Facebook “gratitude” thing is still going, but at least people are finally beginning to question it.

Op-Ed: First extra solar particles discovered

Sydney - A NASA spacecraft called Stardust brought back particles from space which are now believed to be the first particles to be identified as originating from outside the solar system.

Op-Ed: IS beheadings — A stream of atrocity pictures raises public fury

Baghdad - The “Islamic State” has been releasing a stream of pictures of atrocities against civilians which is producing a constant wave of rage. Unlike their leaders, the public is demanding action. As usual, politicians talk while people are being butchered.

Op-Ed: Ripping off freelancers — A $5 tale of a culture of risky crap

Sydney - A current story by a guy called Sacha Greif about the very iffy, non-transparent curse of freelancers called, offers an insight into the sweatshop conditions freelancers are regularly forced to endure.

Op-Ed: Australia — Land of the media suppression order, but with reason

Sydney - There’s a big stink in Australian media at the moment about a gag order which has prevented any reporting of an alleged corruption case. Nobody can report a thing about this case. It can't even be discussed.

Op-Ed: Vitamin D deficiency increases Alzheimer’s, dementia risk

Sydney - In a surprise finding, researchers at University of Exeter Medical School have proven a link between Vitamin D deficiency and a massively increased risk of dementia. Findings showed a huge discrepancy in risk for those severely deficient in the vitamin.

Op-Ed: Iraq — Situation deteriorating as Kurds lose key area

Baghdad - President Barack Obama has approved US airstrikes in support of US personnel and civilians in Iraq, but the situation on the ground is getting a lot worse, fast, for the Kurds. Air power may not be enough.

Op-Ed: Russian retaliatory sanctions change the global game

Moscow - Russian sanctions have redefined a local issue into a global issue. The Ukraine crisis has created an evolving conflict of a different kind. Russia’s retaliation to sanctions could be the beginning of a new global dichotomy of unpredictable dimensions.
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