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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Government, Small business, Music, Social media, Politics,   see all» Men's health, Fashion, Careers & workplace, Food, recipes, Real estate & construction, Education, Food, dining & restaurants, Environment & green living, Holistic health, Internet, Pharmaceuticals, Books, Science & space, General business news & info, Personal finance, Jobs, Health, Stocks & trading, Technology



Op-Ed: The much loved king of the blues is dead — BB King dead at 89

Las Vegas - BB King, the iconic bluesman who brought blues to the world, has died at age 89. He died at home in Las Vegas. His life, from making $5 a day picking cotton to global superstar, was a true tale of the blues.

Op-Ed: U.S., China, Japan and the island dispute — U.S. deploys B1s

Sydney - The continuing escalation of the issues raised by China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea has increased the likelihood of some sort of conflict in future. China’s construction of artificial islands in the area has infuriated neighbors.

Op-Ed: Depp in doghouse over smuggled terriers in Australia

Sydney - Johnny Depp allegedly breached Australian quarantine laws by bringing in two terriers, his dogs Pistol and Boo. So far, in a reign of terror, (terrier?) they’ve attacked a tennis ball and got about as much coverage as the Federal budget.

Op-Ed: The new plague — Baby name ‘branding’ and other abuses

Sydney - Imagine calling a baby “@” - From new baby to internet slang in a mere symbol. How about “Anus” or “Orgasm”? One kid was blessed with “No. 16 Bus Shelter”.

Op-Ed: Psychiatric drugs kill patients, do more damage than good?

Sydney - Peter Gøtzsche, professor and director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Denmark, says that most psychiatric drugs are harmful or of little benefit. His views are opposed by many other experts.

Op-Ed: Gene patents and old laws – UCLA/ MIT dispute shows the faults

Sydney - Gene editing is as fundamental as the expression itself. It’s the new horizon plus of genetic science. It’s also right in the middle of yet another patent battle. The “law vs. science” issue needs to be shut down, for everyone’s sake.

Op-Ed: U.S. birth rate at all-time low

The U.S. birth rate is now 62.5 per 1000 people, according to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics regarding 2013 figures. A “good comeback” is expected in 2017. The average age of mothers is increasing, too, to 26.

Kidd's treasure found off Sainte Marie Island

New York - A 50kg bar of silver has been found underwater by Barry Clifford, an American explorer. The very large bar rests among “a lot of other metal”, according to Clifford.The bar was found off the island of Sainte Marie, near Madagascar.

Op-Ed: Evolving Reddit — New video division will create unique content

New York City - Reddit is THE site everyone has an opinion about, for, or against. Some love it, some loathe it. It’s the internet’s answer to getting your face sandblasted every day, or a really fascinating roam around the world. Buzzfeed with soul, perhaps.

Op-Ed: Will the Undertaker re-sign with WWE?

Death Valley - The Phenom, aka The Undertaker, will either renew his contract or opt for another role, maybe a short contract. Rumors are rattling around, but it’s not clear what happens next.

Op-Ed: 17-year-old vs Rupert Murdoch? Guess who's winning?

London - A 17-year-old fan of UK Labour leader Ed Miliband got the Murdoch press camped on the doorstep and following her relatives after getting attention as part of the #Milifandom group. The Sun apparently got interested, and things deteriorated from there.

Op-Ed: HR is not a dirty word — TINYPulse breaks through Special

Seattle - In the job market and the workplace, there’s one continuous factor — aconstant scream from employees about workplace problems. What you don’t see are the people trying to fix the problems.

Op-Ed: How old do you look? Ask How

Sydney - New facial recognition software from Microsoft is getting a lot of attention. This is a basic estimate, and different photos produce different ages. I’m anywhere between 36 and 62, according to How Old Do I Look.

Op-Ed: New study exposes a different kind of journalism war

Sydney - Journalism comes with risks new and old. The new risks are increasing intersections with dangers which didn’t exist in the past. Surveillance, hostage taking, murder, and criminal gangs are all part of the new, nasty, mix.

YouTube partnering with top content creators on feature films

Los Angeles - YouTube is cranking up its production of its own feature films, with five new partnerships announced this month. This move is part of the new stage of evolution of YouTube as the world’s default media streaming service.

China’s Great Green Wall combats pollution, global tree loss

Beijing - China is managing its pollution problem with planting massive numbers of new trees. The Great Wall of Trees includes real, measurable achievements in terms of carbon uptake.

Op-Ed: What you need to know about Hubble's 25th anniversary

That young whippersnapper the Hubble Space Telescope has now made a quarter of a century. Just when you’d think it’d be settling down and having kids, or at least dating more, it’s still rampaging around the skies looking for dazzling things.

Op-Ed: IBM Cognitive Cooking — Watson turns chef?

Sydney - IBM’s cognitive computing is a new area of computing. The software learns. Watson has been variously described as the most undersold idea of all time, a major innovation… etc., etc. “Undersold” is my take on it.

Op-Ed: Apple — A hell of a place to work? Ex-employee allegations

Singapore City - Allegations by a former Apple employee have created a very different picture of Apple to that of its iconic cultural leader, Steve Jobs. The allegations include continuous bullying, a poisonous management culture, and other issues.

Op-Ed: NASA funding new fast engine that can get to Mars in 39 days

Webster - In a very apt kick in the teeth to the detractors of the VASIMR engine, NASA will be funding a development program. The engine was successfully tested in 2013 and has been given the OK for $10 million in funding over three years.
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