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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Internet, Pharmaceuticals, Music, Health, General business news & info,   see all» Politics, Careers & workplace, Social media, Education, Books, Government, Fashion, Personal finance, Men's health, Real estate & construction, Jobs, Food, recipes, Technology, Holistic health, Food, dining & restaurants, Environment & green living, Small business, Science & space, Stocks & trading



Op-Ed: Major stash of 60s music at risk, needs to be saved

Sydney - LSD advocate and global acid distributor Owsley Stanley is famous for the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, and turning on the world. “Turn on, tune in, drop out” was his working slogan. He was also a sound engineer, recording things never yet heard.

Op-Ed: Rewriting the Milky Way with giant ‘chimneys’ at the core

Rome - This wasn’t in the script for previous astronomy – Two huge bubbles of radiation from the black hole at the middle of the galaxy, extending 50,000 light years above and below.

Op-Ed: Legal marijuana now biggest jobs grower in the United States

New York - Seems the Terrible Weed is generating more jobs than any other sector in the United States. All that herbal immorality and innuendo created 64,389 jobs in 2018. That’s a 44% increase in employment in one year.

Op-Ed: Sleep deprivation is a major social problem

Brisbane - So many people have sleep deprivation that it’s turning in to a social crisis. Sleep deprivation means dysfunction, and if everyone has it, the whole shebang is dysfunctional on a massive scale.

Op-Ed: Buy a college place, wreck your life? That's how it works, guys

New York - The fury about sneaky paid college admissions is missing a lot of very serious points. This type of college entry can be exactly the WRONG thing to do, for so many reasons, it deserves a look.

Op-Ed: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp down, still no info

Sydney - Three of the world's biggest social media sites are experiencing outages and not available around the world. Facebook has stated that it's not a DDOS attack, but other than that, there's not much information available.

Op-Ed: New Chrome AI custom app Tune hides toxic comments

Mountain View - A new open source Chrome app called Tune has been developed by Alphabet/Google subsidiary Jigsaw. It hides and moderates toxic social media comments using machine learning techniques.

Op-Ed: Workplace happiness comes from being yourself? Really?

Dallas - New US research indicates that people who can be themselves “without stigma” are happier and more productive at work. This may come as big news to those who work in psychotic, counterproductive stress factories.

Op-Ed: Facebook, the future, and Zuckerberg’s new privacy moves

Menlo Park - Mark Zuckerberg is trying hard to reinvent Facebook as something that's not an instant target for regulators, privacy advocates, hackers, and the rest of the world. In a new blog, he defines ideas and initiatives to finally solve the problems.

Op-Ed: Bacteria that ‘eat and breathe’ electricity in Yellowstone

Pullman - One thing about modern science: It keeps finding new useful things. The most recent discovery is bacteria that can “breathe” electricity through solid carbon anodes — and could even produce electricity sufficient for lower power applications.

Op-Ed: Has Pinterest solved the lousy ads issues on social media? Yes

Sydney - New moves by Pinterest have seen an obvious, but interesting move in to direct product marketing. This is a good marketing move for Pinterest, and potentially highly valuable for Pinterest users and businesses.

Op-Ed: Lawyer who was also police informer in gangland wars named

Melbourne - One of the biggest scandals in Australian legal history has seen a Melbourne barrister named as a police informer. Nicola Gobbo has been revealed as informer 3838, who was deeply involved in Melbourne gangland wars of the late 90s and early 2000s.

Op-Ed: Kashmir crisis getting ugly as bloodied Indian pilot goes viral

Srinagar - The viral pictures of a beaten-up Indian pilot are raising tensions between Pakistan and India. Two Indian fighters were shot down, and India is demanding the immediate release of the pilot.

Op-Ed: ‘Music as a ‘reward’ research shows the unexpected is best

Montreal - Well, if you're always looking for the fabulous new piece of music, that means that your "reward" nerves are in excellent condition. It may also mean that you're bored out of your mind with filter fodder repetitive rap and techno, too, of course.

Op-Ed: Future commerce - Cryptocurrencies in space

Sydney - OK, you’re a few light years from Earth, and you want to get paid. Transactions can theoretically take years to complete. How do you fix it? With cryptocurrencies, of course.

Op-Ed: Microsoft workers protest ‘war profiteering’ major army contract

New York - In a major clash, Microsoft workers have objected to a $480 million army contract for augmented reality (AR) HoloLens headgear. In a protest petition, the workers demanded a say in how their work is used, and weapons development by Microsoft.

Op-Ed: Parkinson’s treatment with buckets and red lights works?

Hobart - Why does wearing a bucket with red lights help Parkinson’s sufferers? If you know anything at all about that debilitating condition, you’ll know that very little does work on it. In this case, at least one guy can play the piano again.

Op-Ed: Investors call the shots in corporate climate change policies

Sydney - Recent legal judgments and investor pressure are effectively neutering the endless irresponsible corporate excesses in the environment. The question now is whether serial deniers of the risks of pollution and emissions can understand why.

Op-Ed: Kids’ misery in Australian drought – Tragic UNICEF report

Sydney - UNICEF Australia has released one of the most hideous indictments of Australia’s response to a truly deadly drought. Kids are basically losing their childhood in the personal and economic grief, and they’re angry about it.

Op-Ed: New EU copyright legislation – Clumsy, obsolete, or dangerous?

Brussels - New copyright law proposals being drafted by the European Union are already worrying a lot of people around the world. Under this legislation, copyright ownership could extend to individual links, words, and other materials.
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