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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Music, Environment & green living, Small business, Pharmaceuticals, Personal finance,   see all» Fashion, Social media, Government, Science & space, Real estate & construction, Food, dining & restaurants, Careers & workplace, Education, Internet, Health, General business news & info, Books, Men's health, Stocks & trading, Technology, Jobs, Holistic health, Politics, Food, recipes



Op-Ed: Biden is JFK Jr in a mask and an intergalactic being, says QAnon

Washington - In the decrepit Disneyland into which QAnon translates everything, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Biden is JFK Jr in a mask and an intergalactic being, of course. There are, however, a few technical issues in this latest unaccountable revelation.

Op-Ed: Super-intelligent AI ‘uncontrollable’ — Define the risks, idiots

Sydney - Research has indicated that a truly intelligent artificial intelligence would be “uncontrollable”. Risks are described as potentially catastrophic. That’s hardly good enough. This clickbait terror isn’t exactly impressive.

Op-Ed: Twitter loses billions on stock market, but it’s a bad call

New York City - Twitter got hit hard by the market just after booting Donald Trump. The question is whether Trump is worth that much to Twitter. I sniff some self-serving sleaze in this market move.

Op-Ed: Turning war into a video game — Happening, but slow with OMT tank

Washington - As old systems are retired, the question becomes what to replace them with. The problem is that the new systems are entering a very vaguely defined new environment. Replacing the M1 Abrams tank is a case in point.

Op-Ed: Getting starry-eyed about a 'post-COVID world' is just wrong

Sydney - People are talking about a "post-COVID world", but for many people, “post-COVID” means a rough ride. Reports have been emerging for quite a while about complications, and the news is grim enough.

Former DJ journalist Joie Maccarone dead at 69 Special

Toronto - I’m very sorry to report that my dear friend and fellow DJ journalist Joie Maccarone has passed away. Ms Maccarone died last night of a range of medical issues with her family by her side.

Op-Ed: Baidu scares auto sector with new smart EVs initiative

Sydney - Baidu intends to produce smart EVs using manufacturer Geely according to Reuters. This is major league level, and will hit the auto industry hard. Arguably worse is the fact that the buzz phrase “smart EV” will become unavoidable.

Op-Ed: Coup de farce — Trump riot has already failed and so has he

Washington - The appalling scenes in Washington are masking a simple fact – Georgia has been won by the Democrats. The last despairing tantrum has failed and failed dismally. The fuzzballs occupying the Capitol mean nothing.

Op-Ed: Will lunar mining start wars on Earth — The new conflicts

Sydney - As though global tantrums weren’t already enough fun, a new world is opening up as a new venue for conflicts. Mining the Moon is likely to happen very soon, and it’s bringing big money with it.

Op-Ed: Anti-mask protest fizzles out in Sydney

Sydney - It’s not a great look. Out of a city of 5 million people, a few dozen staged an anti-mask protest in Bondi to be met with a very unimpressed response. Masks became mandatory in Sydney as of yesterday.

Op-Ed: AI marketing to extroverts — The rise of machine marketing

Singapore - How would you define your personality? Would you use long-term or short-term indicators? Would you believe it? Research using AI is trying to predict the reactions of extroverts to marketing, and it’s a hoot.

Op-Ed: Politics vs COVID: The incompetent vs the deadly; payback time

Sydney - The abysmal failure of so many major nations to manage the pandemic reflects very poorly, and very accurately, on the state of global leadership. Politics has become the only discussed subject, at the expense of thousands of lives.

Op-Ed: COVID — 'Transmissible psychoses?' Another disaster?

Sydney - One of the complications of COVID is “brain fog”. In some cases, it’s actual psychosis and it’s pretty severe. These symptoms are being reported by people who had physically mild cases of the virus. This situation could get very ugly.

Op-Ed: The universe is just a thought, says new theory — Or maybe not

Sydney - If the idea that the universe was a big computer simulation was about the equivalent of science fiction B movie, this is the mystic version - The universe simulates itself for information and meaning. Do tell.

Op-Ed: Presidential pardons — What can’t they do? Quite a lot

Washington - It’s like a script from some truly abysmal movie. The president can pardon all his associates for actual crimes. Quite a few pardons have been rattling out lately, and more are expected. The question is now how effective those pardons can be.

Op-Ed: Reinventing cities for a survivable future

Sydney - Cities need a rethink, badly. Cities can be redesigned to create cubic space, lose the ancient infrastructure, and make better use of space. You could have "suburbs in the air". You could also create better pandemic-proofing while you’re at it.

Op-Ed: True roos — Kangaroo intelligence and social skills proven

Sydney - Aboriginal stories have a lot to say about kangaroos. If you’ve ever met one in the wild, they make a lot of sense. Now, finally, European science is starting to agree… In a sort of oblique way.

Op-Ed: US COVID cases up to 250,000 per day — Congratulations, morons

Washington - The ignorance has done its job. The current United States figures from Johns Hopkins indicate a huge ongoing surge. The incompetence has come home to roost in the graveyards and hospital beds.

Op-Ed: Antarctica hit by 30,000 tremors since August

Sydney - Atypical tremors have been happening fast and furious in Antarctica. A group of islands is moving away from the continent at double its previous rate. Nobody’s too sure what it means.

Op-Ed: Trump’s last stand — Loses Texan lawsuit against states

Washington - The Supreme Court has rejected the suit by Texas to invalidate election results in four other states. The suit was dubious at best. Why and how would Texas have any say in elections in other states? Well, it doesn't.
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