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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Government, Science & space, Men's health, Internet, General business news & info,   see all» Food, dining & restaurants, Books, Social media, Education, Small business, Jobs, Personal finance, Environment & green living, Stocks & trading, Music, Food, recipes, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Careers & workplace, Politics, Holistic health, Technology, Health, Real estate & construction



Op-Ed: Are your socks trying to kill you? Of course they are! Special

Washington - The new story in the ongoing How to Totally Mismanage a Planet saga is microfibers. Lots of microfibers from laundry, plastic or as bad as plastic, and they’re taking over the world. Inspiring, huh?

Op-Ed: Your online political heroes are bots, not people

It’s well known, and admitted by Trump, that social media is the media that wins elections and influences opinions. The irony is that these influencers aren’t even people. They’re bots, and their opinions are software.

Op-Ed: Where will Xi take China, and the world?

Beijing - The news about President Xi Jinping’s “enthronement” by the Communist party has been generating some very negative, and naïve, viewpoints. The risks of a one-man China aren’t as obvious as they seem.

Op-Ed: MIT — Rethinking the realities of Augmented Reality

Sydney - Between the teeming hordes of hype merchants and the very meagre actual products, augmented reality is taking some baby thinking steps into practical things. MIT is looking at making AR safe for users.

Op-Ed: Chinese leaked plans to invade Taiwan in mid 2020s in new book

Sydney - According to a new book called "The Chinese Invasion Threat" by Ian Easton, research fellow of the 2049 Institute, China has drawn up plans to invade Taiwan some time in the mid-2020s. These plans are deemed credible in Washington.

Op-Ed: Anonymous release free app to make everyone rich?

Sydney - Anonymous have their moments, and this is one of them. The group has released an app which they say will allow people to play the stock market. Earnings per user are capped at $1000 per day. But is it for real?

Nike sprinting and riding bikes on skyscrapers? Naturally! Special

Benjamin Von Wong is a photographic artist, famous for doing the unexpected. Sometimes, however, he does things even he doesn’t expect himself.

Op-Ed: Nasty Amazon delivery scam, and it can cost you money

A very unkind Amazon delivery scam is spreading like a disease. It’s used to trick both Amazon and Amazon customers, and it’s being used by Amazon resellers. Be aware and be very wary.

Op-Ed: Digital publishing gets rough — Murdoch vs Google and Facebook

Sydney - Rupert Murdoch doesn’t mince many words, and he’s had a few issues with Google and Facebook in the past. He objected to Google as a “news aggregator” some years ago. He’s now also taking issue with Facebook’s publishing market share.

Op-Ed: Russian military exercise in Belarus delivers a big new message

Moscow - If you read the Western “reviews” of the major Russian military exercise in Belarus, you might get the impression that there is something very superficial about the Russian military. That’s a bad mistake.

Op-Ed: One big step for AI — Intel’s new self learning chip Loihi

Sydney - If there's one thing at which all sciences are truly lousy at, it's explaining themselves. Intel's new “self learning” chip called Loihi IS a major, very necessary, step forward. Try and find out why, from the information available.

Op-Ed: Digital ads tanking? What a surprise.

The underperformance and non-performance of digital ads has been legendary for years. Now, apparently there’s a “crisis of confidence’, even in Google ads. What a surprise. Maybe the wheel will be invented someday, too?

Op-Ed: Suddenly, Kaspersky is banned? Global game changer in play

Washington - The banning of the very popular Kaspersky Internet security software from U.S. government agencies is odder than it looks. The reason for the ban is links to the Kremlin and Russian spy agencies, but think about that for a minute.

Op-Ed: A deadly digital transformation? Cryptocurrencies on the rampage

Sydney - Since Bitcoin started, everyone, meaning absolutely everyone, has been trying to get in on the action. Speculators are plowing money in to cryptocurrency startups, and the monster is getting bigger.

Op-Ed: Microsoft trying to fix Win 10 gamer problems, BUT?

Sydney - Windows 10 has been getting flak for various reasons since it came out. When it comes to the Sin of Sins for Gamers, lag, however, the fixes have been slow. Microsoft is now trying to redeem itself, and succeeding, to a point.

Op-Ed: Bank rewrites call centers with chatbot ‘virtual bankers’

Sydney - The National Australia Bank (NAB) has sent shudders through the call center sector with a new move. “Virtual bankers” will replace call center staff to a large extent for routine enquiries, with more to come.

Op-Ed: A.I. writes Yelp! reviews, complete with OMGs, etc.

Chicago - Artificial intelligence (A.I.) writing has come a long way in the last few years, from “impossible” to industry standard (not much better) and now, useful Yelp! reviews. The reviews certainly do look authentic.

Op-Ed: What if Amazon, Google and Facebook enter financial services?

Sydney - It’s not as weird an idea as it might look at first glance. These are high capital, high cashflow companies. They can muscle their way in to the financial services sector with ease. The question is, what would it do to the market?

Op-Ed: Is the VT 5 tank the sign of the end of the old arms market?

Beijing - In a move which is likely to rattle the trillion dollar/any number global arms market, China is pushing its wares, pretty hard. China is building a new profile, and aiming at selling to the world. They might rewrite the arms market, too.

Op-Ed: Digital surveillance — Australia's Pine Gap and US vs War Crimes?

Sydney - The U.S. Pine Gap base in Australia has been controversial since it was built, during the later Cold War. The question is whether Australia is participating in a system which may qualify as war crimes when civilian casualties are incurred.
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