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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Health, Education, Science & space, Books, General business news & info,   see all» Technology, Fashion, Holistic health, Personal finance, Men's health, Careers & workplace, Government, Food, dining & restaurants, Real estate & construction, Environment & green living, Internet, Music, Stocks & trading, Politics, Social media, Small business, Pharmaceuticals, Food, recipes, Jobs



Op-Ed: Is Trump broke? Weird numbers ask big questions

New York City - According to The New York Times, Trump paid $750 in income tax in 2016. It’s the sort of money rich people pay themselves to minimize tax. That’s the 10% tax rate for that year. The numbers are meanwhile telling a story which doesn’t fit the image.

Op-Ed: Education breakthrough — Holistic education meets gaming

Sydney - Video games are scapegoats for a lot of things in media myths. Now, the tables are turning. Pioneering work by Acer and Build A World is showing exceptional promise using video gaming as a learning tool. This is the way out of Death Valley for education.

Op-Ed: Trillions of rogue planets? Maybe, maybe not, and where?

Sydney - The stunning news of possibly trillions of rogue planets in our galaxy has a few caveats attached. There are definitely a lot of them, as exoplanet research has shown. There are also many other possibilities which don’t seem to be getting much attention

Op-Ed: Dumb demographics, deranged elections, and the Great Divide

Washington - The four-year ultra-psychosis of American elections does get a bit samey. People are suddenly fanatical on subjects they know less than nothing about. Studying the process shows some very odd things.

Op-Ed: FinCEN — Global big money laundering exposed by Buzzfeed

New York - Money laundering is the life blood of crime, terrorism, human trafficking, scams, rogue states, and more. A massive leak of documents to Buzzfeed exposed a huge black hole of big money. It’s a nasty picture of financial realities indeed.

Op-Ed: Freelance writers ripoffs galore — Lousy word rates must go

Sydney - If you check out freelance commercial writing gigs online, you’ll see a pattern. From the unforgivable Fiverr to just about any other writing gig, you’ll see lousy word rates. This is the issue, and it shouldn’t be an issue.

Op-Ed: Why is the Supreme Court allowed to be a political puppet?

Washington - Law is supposed to be impartial. The well-known political bias in the United States Supreme Court is anti-justice and anti-rule of law. Those who make the laws should have no input into who interprets those laws. Nor should appointees be “lifers”.

Op-Ed: 'Sentiment analysis' enters the deadly maze of psych technologies

Burlington - Algorithms are mathematical formulae which can now be used to interpret people’s moods from what they write on social media. If you’re thinking these algorithms must have had a rough ride, you’re right. It's about to get a lot rougher.

Op-Ed: ‘Buy Nothing’ – A free, giving global option in tough times

Sydney - Buy Nothing, started in 2013, is a case in point. These community groups are local, highly supportive, and useful in so many ways. Whether it’s goods or services, it’s free. It’s also obviously fun, given the commentaries in Facebook groups.

Op-Ed: ‘Apocalyptic’ 2020 election – America’s ghosts are raised

Washington - How the United States got itself into the insane situation in which it finds itself for the 2020 election is all too obvious. Decades of deliberate polarization. Why America wants to raise its ugliest ghosts, however, is much less clear.

Op-Ed: From space, Amazon fires look bigger than all West Coast fires

Sydney - Well, the California fires are setting some records. The really disturbing thing is that from space, they’re dwarfed by a gigantic cloud of carbon monoxide over South America. Carbon monoxide is a trace for combustion of all kinds.

If something’s alive on Venus, where is it? Substrate, maybe?

Sydney - The recent discovery of an organic compound called phosphine has raised a huge storm of interest. Venus is supposed to be dead. It’s looking like it isn’t. The questions are rising fast.

Op-Ed: The war on tobacco is just making criminals rich

Sydney - Prohibition of any kind simply does not work. The original Prohibition on liquor didn’t work. The War on Drugs was lost. The prohibition by pricing of tobacco has handed billions of dollars to organized crime.

Op-Ed: US A.I.-flown fighters scheduled for 2024 – Major deal incoming

Washington - In one of the biggest changes in military aviation in history, USAF A.I.-flown fighters will be tested against human pilots. This is a major shift in military tech, and it’s likely to be a huge game-changer.

Op-Ed: Like living? Fix the water crisis before it fixes you

Sydney - This mismanaged world now has a water crisis to deal with, as well as everything else. As usual, the problem was predicted, and as usual, nobody did anything about it. Crunch time is expected to be around 2050.

Op-Ed: Goodbye Britain — UK to be a failed state, or non-existent?

Berlin - You can only use the word “deranged” so many times. The UK leaving the world’s biggest trading bloc was always imbecilic. Add the bungled COVID problems. Now, the UK is happily explaining how it will break international law.

Op-Ed: US to leave NATO in if Trump re-elected? Dumb as it gets.

Berlin - Noises have been coming from the administration regarding a United States exit from NATO. It’s not a good idea, and strategic relationships could be seriously damaged. Is it a real possibility?

Op-Ed: Can you ‘normalize’ COVID? Short answer, no.

Sydney - Europe is trying to avoid lockdowns, for obvious economic reasons. The UK is trying to dodge them. The US no-lockdowns have been a disaster. So why the sudden dreams of a non-existent “normal”?

Op-Ed: What's killing the world's mites? Extinctions spiking rapidly

Brisbane - Mites are found from pole to pole. They’re key elements in ecological processes, and their extinctions are escalating due to habitat loss at “1,000 times the natural rate”, according to the University of Queensland.

Op-Ed: Oak Ridge analysis shows how COVID-19 works — Tricky and deadly

Sydney - Oak Ridge National Lab is famous for a lot of things historically. It may now have tipped the scales on clarifying how COVID-19 operates. The problem is that this virus has way too many tricks up its antigens.
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