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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Fashion, Music, Real estate & construction, Men's health, Food, recipes,   see all» General business news & info, Politics, Careers & workplace, Health, Jobs, Social media, Pharmaceuticals, Science & space, Education, Environment & green living, Small business, Books, Personal finance, Stocks & trading, Holistic health, Government, Technology, Food, dining & restaurants, Internet



Op-Ed: ‘Slaughter-free’ grown meat? It’s happening

San Francisco - The ethics of eating animals are hotly debated, but a new alternative might make the debate redundant. Chicken nuggets, grown from the cells of a chicken feather, have been produced. The chicken is still alive, and presumably doing interviews.

Op-Ed: Google the censor? The internet vs free speech?

Sydney - Google’s role as top dog comes with a few lead weights. One of the big issues is growing disquiet about the power of big platforms. A strange tale has unfolded after a leak of Google internal documents defining the big problems.

Op-Ed: Fisetin — Finally, an idiot-proof general health compound?

Sydney - The anti-aging idea has been rattling along merrily, (and obscenely faddishly), for years. Research shows that Fisetin, which does critical work in counteracting aging, can also counter causes of serious medical conditions.

Op-Ed: Too stupid to save the world? You’re not alone

Washington - US administration agencies acknowledge disastrous human caused climate change. Judges say the law isn’t the way to control emissions. A plague of idiocy and total lack of interest in actually doing anything about climate change is now emerging.

Op-Ed: Chinese ‘Social Credit’, or how AI can rule your life right now

Sydney - China has an unenviable record of civil repression over thousands of years from Imperial China to the KMT and the Cultural Revolution. Now, artificial intelligence can do it for the government.

Op-Ed: Corporate bases on the Moon? Naïve, and chaotic

Sydney - How do you feel about corporate-built, corporate operated settlements on the Moon? This very two dimensional idea is now rattling around as a great new option, with the usual lack of responsible thought and practical considerations.

Op-Ed: Immune cells key to schizophrenia? Stunning new find

Sydney - The idea that immune cells could cause schizophrenia is truly revolutionary. The idea of a systemic cause to such variable, unpredictable condition is a whole new dynamic.

Op-Ed: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Op-Ed, and why?

Washington - The New York Times op-ed supposedly written by a White House insider has almost eclipsed Trump himself. The insider states that the administration is “working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations”.

Op-Ed: Dictators using Facebook against citizens? You don’t say?

Sydney - The dribbling madness of U.S. politics isn’t the only thing that happens on social media. Social media sufferers may not be too surprised that some governments and various other official criminals are using Facebook to kill their own people.

Op-Ed: China’s ‘Fight and win’ military doctrine vs media idiots

Beijing - The news that China is developing a “fight and win wars” military structure has global media flapping its wings like chickens in a berserk henhouse. What are they supposed to do, develop a military designed to fight and lose?

Op-Ed: Amazon Twitter army of sycophants? Not likely, but…?

New York - There’s an odd group of Twitter Amazon sycophants, posting very standardized good things about Amazon on the global birdbrain. Real or not? Looks more like a work to me, a real deliberate screwup.

Op-Ed: Fake news, child psychology, and fixes for fake news?

Cleveland - New research has found a few facts about fake news, and why it’s believed. It’s a scary bit of information, but very important fundamental research. There might even be ways to finally defeat fake news.

Op-Ed: YouTube fights climate disinformation head on

Sydney - In a world where disinformation is a currency, YouTube has taken the BS by the horns with a new fact check for climate change videos. It is now being accused of being a left-wing organization for doing so.

Op-Ed: Hothouse Earth: It’s looking worse than ever

Sydney - After decades of senile, incompetent idiocy and procrastination about warming, we’re now talking about Hothouse Earth. Heat waves are killing people in large numbers. The question is now what happens next.

Op-Ed: Facebook ditches accounts poised to disrupt mid-term election

Menlo Park - Getting murkier by the minute, Facebook has dumped many Facebook and Instagram accounts it says are intended to influence the mid-term US elections. Facebook says it “believes” the accounts are linked to Russia.

Op-Ed: WIRED and bleat about NOT terraforming Mars

A new study says terraforming Mars can’t be done “with existing technology”. Well, duh. You don’t say. WIRED and have fearlessly agreed, stating it can’t be done. So there, nerds, says WIRED.

Op-Ed: Social media apps designed to addict users? Yes!

Sydney - Behavioral addiction is a well-known expression, but it’s usually about habituated natural behaviors, OCD, etc. Now, it’s about apps, and the value of habitual use of social media. It’s not a pretty picture.

Op-Ed: Er, um… Space Force? Golly Gee! OK…?

Sydney - The Trump administration’s rather brief and very vague call for a US space force, despite its bombastic source, is a potential goer. There are reasons for the US to take a good look at this issue, and some real risks to address.

Op-Ed: FCC hits the fan — Senate overturns net neutrality repeal

Washington - The FCC, reviled for its enthusiasm for overturning of net neutrality, is in trouble. The Senate has rejected net neutrality repeal, as the FCC comes under fire for allegedly faking a DDoS attack and millions of comments supporting the repeal.

Op-Ed: Brexit ‘Doomsday’ plans — Is it really that bad? Looks like it is

London - Britain’s plans for a worst case Brexit scenario are stupefyingly horrific. The theory goes that the country could run out of food, petrol, medicine, etc. British plans to deal with these risks are, to put it mildly, bizarre.
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