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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Social media, Technology, Small business, Music, Food, recipes,   see all» Men's health, Health, Environment & green living, Books, Fashion, Politics, Real estate & construction, Personal finance, Jobs, Holistic health, Internet, Food, dining & restaurants, Education, Government, Science & space, Pharmaceuticals, Stocks & trading, General business news & info, Careers & workplace



Op-Ed: Islam? No, it’s Captagon, aka a 1960s amphetamine

Sydney - So much for religious zeal. Seems I.S. is far more drug than religion based. Even the psychotic behavior is artificial. Fighters report they feel like they “own the world” (ahem) and get a sense of euphoria.

Op-Ed: Aussie motorized picnic tables — DUI while you drink?

Perth - Perth police were less than thrilled to have two tables driving down their roads yesterday. Ten guys, glued to their drinks apparently, were spotted swanning majestically down the main road in the town of Scarborough.

Op-Ed: Robot cats — New companion idea for elderly

Sydney - Game and toys giant Hasbro has been working for a few years on this idea. Currently, they have a robot cat range with cat behaviors which are instantly familiar and, well, furry and adorable.

Op-Ed: Anonymous' #OpParis shuts down Islamic State Twitter accounts

Paris - Anonymous have been after I.S. since the Charlie Hebdo attacks. They’ve driven I.S. off Twitter to Telegram and forced them to use private servers to hide IP addresses… Meanwhile I.S. said Anonymous were “idiots” and ineffectual.

Op-Ed: IS says Paris attacks 'The first of the storm'

Paris - News from Paris, unbelievably, is getting uglier — 129 people are believed dead with many more injured. IS has claimed responsibility and is threatening more strikes. C'est guerre? Oui.

iPad Pro — Beefing up an alternative to PCs, or more hype?

Sydney - If you know anything at all about basic iPads, you’ll know they have a lot of processor grunt, and lousy, expensive, limited memory. The iPad Pro is being touted as the end of the PC by Apple CEO Tim Cook, but is it?

Op-Ed: Six African Australian schoolkids kicked out of Apple Melbourne

Melbourne - Six African Australian kids were publicly kicked out of an Apple store in Melbourne because “…These guys are afraid you might steal something,” to quote an Apple staff member. Not acceptable, Apple. Fix it.

Op-Ed: Expensive art or garbage? Both, as NY auction prices show

New York City - Art collectors are a strange breed. They spend a fortune on old art, however unnecessary or superseded, and don’t spend a cent on new artists. Apparently loving “Art” means adding a few dollar metrics to the rampant affection.

Op-Ed: Kids with religious upbringing ‘less altruistic’ — New study

Sydney - For some reason, altruism is the subject of a lot of psychological research. The University of Chicago study shows that kids brought up on religious principles are less giving than others. It’s not likely to be a popular finding.

Op-Ed: NOAA 2014 study — Humans definitely influencing climate

Sydney - A new study called “Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 from a Climate Perspective” has definitely added some heat to the climate debate. This is going to be another highly controversial report. Pity of it is nothing new will be said about it.

Op-Ed: Australian tobacco plant — Miracle space food, or high risk?

Sydney - An Australian tobacco plant which has no immune system is one of the staples for medical research for that reason. It doesn’t interfere with test materials. It’s now seen as a great way of developing plants to grow in space, BUT…

Review: A new look and more ideas — Word 2016 from Office 365

Sydney - Word 2016 is part of Microsoft Office 365. It’s a familiar version of Word, following on from Word 2010. It’s OK, but also a bit hard to get used to, in some ways. I found that out the hard way, but there are some strong positives, too.

Op-Ed: Morons at work — U.S., UK imply IS downed Russian plane

Sydney - Giving IS credit for knocking down the Russian plane in Sinai is the equivalent of giving them free publicity and improving their credibility. That such a basic forensic investigation could be so mismanaged reflects no credit on anyone.

Op-Ed: Deport Racism offers $5000 for calling Trump a racist on SNL

Washington - Donald Trump targeted Latinos with his early rhetoric. Some obviously didn’t like it, and a video showing kids swearing at him is generating a lot of heat. [This video contains strong language. NSFW]

Op-Ed: New Star Trek TV series on CBS All Access in 2017 — for a price

Los Angeles - For those of us for whom Star Trek is a second, or preferably first, home, the news is good — with a couple of caveats. CBS All Access is a paid service, for $6 a month. That said, you get all the other CBS shows, as well.

Op-Ed: Private arbitration — Corporate crime on the rampage, again

New York - The sad, senile, ineffectual and arguably impotent force known as US law has scored another own goal – The rise of private arbitration clauses in consumer and employment contracts. It’s a catastrophic defeat for consumers and workers. Or is it?

Op-Ed: Cyber World War in progress — User discretion advised

Sydney - Nation state hacking has been background noise around the world for years. Some rhetoric, and not much else, has been the result. The global situation is bad and getting worse.

Fusion Guitar: Guitar + iPhone + apps = Guitarist Heaven Special

Sydney - The Fusion Guitar is making big waves on Indiegogo with a range of features which are practical, fun, and particularly efficient for playing and recording. This guitar is the natural evolutionary descendant of the first electric guitars in many ways.

Op-Ed: More ineffectual bleating about how to manage bad bosses

Sydney - The bad boss is now a norm. These subhuman, talentless vermin are seen as normal, as if having rabid rats running your life was acceptable. Despite endless studies of the effects of bad bosses on people and businesses, nothing continues to happen.

Op-Ed: 12-year-olds, guns, terror and radicalization in Australia

Sydney - The shooting of a police service employee by a 15-year-old kid in Sydney last week has led to some very ugly revelations, not least of which is a network able to supply guns to teens for terrorist acts.The shooting was allegedly planned in detail.
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