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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Food, recipes, Health, Social media, Men's health, Stocks & trading,   see all» Education, Food, dining & restaurants, Environment & green living, Politics, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Real estate & construction, Science & space, Holistic health, Careers & workplace, Jobs, Books, Fashion, Government, Internet, General business news & info, Personal finance, Small business, Music



Op-Ed: Russia in Syria — Good or bad news for the West?

Sydney - The Russian buildup in Syria has led to the first new tactical development in the Assad regime’s military posture. The move from a defensive continuous fire approach to an actual attack has taken years. The question is whether it’ll work.

Op-Ed: Oxford — Your brain connectivity makes you happy and successful?

Oxford - It seems if you make positive life choices, you have “greater brain connectivity,” and are more intelligent. A new Oxford study using MRIs and detailed personal surveys has created a sort of existential debater’s paradise.

Op-Ed: 2016 and the hysterical, mindless ugliness of American politics

Washington - Even thinking about American politics is ugly. Its insanity is its defining feature. The country is no longer functioning on basic levels. The rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump reflects more polarization in both parties.

Op-Ed: The many futures of journalism — Finding a theory that works

Modern journalism is a very different culture to the tabloid/broadsheet/Hearst/ New York Times mix of the past. The boundaries have expanded exponentially, and the subject matter has gone with it. It's a question of who's driving who.

Op-Ed: It’s true — Women get less in STEM, academia, research, grants

Sydney - Feminist advocates have been making the point for years that women don’t get the support and breaks that men get. Now, the numbers are backing them up. New grim stats are showing how wide the financial gaps are.

Op-Ed: Bank of England says assets at risk from global warming

London - When environmentalists or oil lobbies say something about global warming, you know what to expect. When a bank says “disaster,” however, people listen. The Bank of England says the financial and insurance risks are extreme.

Op-Ed: Obama — Fighting IS with ideas and uncomfortable alliances

New York - President Obama, to his credit, has addressed the toughest subject regarding IS — failed governments and economics creating breeding grounds for terrorism. In a speech to the UN, he outlined a strategy for fighting IS at the ideas level.

Op-Ed: Volkswagen — Hitler’s cars and gas emissions

Berlin - World War 2 killed Hitler, but couldn’t kill Volkswagen. The famous bug was a much loved first car for a generation, a hippie car, a commuter’s dream, economic, and better value than the chrome monsters. Now, it’s an example of corporate insanity.

Op-Ed: Consumers waste nearly half of America’s seafood every year

Sydney - A new Johns Hopkins Center for Life study shows that 2.3 billion pounds of the estimated 4.7 billion pounds of the annual stock of U.S. seafood are wasted. The effects of overfishing and bycatch damage to the environment show a disaster in progress.

Op-Ed: Toxic Abbott legacy now the issue as new PM Turnbull takes over

Sydney - Tony Abbott is the latest to find out how many knives can fit in to a conservative leader’s back as new PM Malcolm Turnbull takes over. Abbott, perhaps best known overseas for his viral “suppository of wisdom” comment, was polling disastrously.

Op-Ed: China to inject huge cash stimulus, but no easy outs

Beijing - The news is that China is planning a big fiscal stimulus, but don't expect the worries to go away soon. Misreading the Chinese economy is an art form. Numbers, like people, can lie their heads off; it just depends who’s doing the reading.

Op-Ed: Another dead alien in Russia? A few too many, maybe?

Sydney - A new alien corpse, or bit of corpse, found in Russia near a nuclear power plant has raised the usual furore. This one is a bit more interesting than usual, but the circumstances are equally dubious.

Op-Ed: Harry Potter’s son arrives at Hogwarts! JK Rowling’s surprise

Sydney - Well, where else but on Twitter would you hear about James S Potter’s first day at Hogwarts? Seems he was also sorted to Gryfindor, “to no-one’s surprise.” A reincarnation of one of the least boring media products of all time?

Op-Ed: Repeal the 14th Amendment? No, but the threat is more subtle

Washington - If you remove the rights of citizenship, what rights do Americans have? Could Americans have constitutional protection? Maybe, maybe not. But that’s what it could mean, depending on your interpretation.

Op-Ed: NASA says 91.44cm sea level rise ‘locked in’ by existing warming

Sydney - The news isn’t great, but nobody would have expected it to be otherwise. An expected sea level rise of 3 feet, more or less, will definitely happen. NASA will be mounting a study to monitor and assess future sea level rises.

Op-Ed: 400m shipping container skyscraper homes for India’s poor?

Mumbai - The idea of skyscrapers of containers comes from an idea by a Spanish design firm called CRG to clear up Mumbai’s hideously overcrowded slums. The choice is the current obscene slums, or these things.

Op-Ed: Jeff Bezos vs NYT PR disaster — Managing a mess

New York - After grim revelations in a New York Times article about Amazon’s workplace culture, CEO Jeff Bezos wrote a published letter to employees, saying they could always talk to him. He even gave them his email address.

Op-Ed: NASA has to tell people the world’s not ending — Again?

Sydney - Trust the Internet to deliver absolute crap. Someone said it was going to happen, so every bozo on the planet believed it. That well-known biscuit maker and occasional laundromat, NASA, says an asteroid isn’t going to hit Puerto Rico next month.

Op-Ed: EMDrive ‘does work,’ but Spectator Science disagrees

Sydney - Arguably the least progressive of all the sciences, physics is also the most hidebound when it comes to new ideas. Anything which contradicts a geriatric old theory is “impossible.”

Op-Ed: Human Performance Analytics — Naivete with body sensors

London - It’s here! It’s new! It’s insane! It’s wearable BS! Apparently not content with a management culture which never goes anywhere near a workspace, Human Performance Analytics bio tracking will tell managers what employees are doing
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