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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Social media, Real estate & construction, Jobs, Music, Careers & workplace,   see all» Internet, Food, recipes, Science & space, Stocks & trading, Education, General business news & info, Small business, Politics, Environment & green living, Fashion, Men's health, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Books, Holistic health, Personal finance, Food, dining & restaurants, Technology, Health



Op-Ed: 3D printing a Martian colony? It’s doable, and there’s more

Sydney - 3D printing was a sort of tech novelty for about three seconds until it went mainstream. Even the least technically knowledgeable could understand the values. Now, thanks to Northwestern University, space just got a bit more accessible.

Op-Ed: The revolution against ignorance has begun: March for Science

Sydney - It is bizarre to think, that in a world literally drenched in science, that science is a pariah in culture and government. People whose views on global warming would fail high school science are running countries.

Op-Ed: Time to take Kangoo Jumps boots seriously? Yes, for your health.

Sydney - The first “bouncing” boots were basically strong rubber bands under shoes. They’ve changed a lot. The new “revelation” is that these boots could also be a unintentional revolution in human health.

New book about Huntington's Disease: 'Watching Their Dance' Special

Los Angeles - A new book, Watching Their Dance, by Therese Crutcher-Marin will add a lot of weight to the campaign against Huntington’s Disease. This book is from the front lines of those who've lived with Huntington's and is not to be missed.

Trump vs oxygen? The new take on Trump’s America Special

Toronto - When Donald Trump “saved” the coal industry, there was a collective groan from environmentalists. Another regressive, “pollute everything” policy? There’s another issue here, and it’s all about the air we breathe.

Op-Ed: Britain would go to war over Gibraltar? You’re kidding?

Gibraltar - A senior Tory, Michael Howard, a former party leader, has made the equation between Gibraltar, a major bone of contention with EU member Spain, and the Falkland Islands war of the 1980s. It’s hard to tell if this is fact or fiction.

Op-Ed: Trump bills Germany $490b for NATO ‘debt’. WRONG

Berlin - Donald Trump’s obscure logic for all things has reached a milestone at NATO. Trump handed Chancellor Merkel a ‘bill’ for $490 billon for America’s contribution to Germany’s defence. This was sublime unreality at its least impressive.

Op-Ed: Kittens grab Trump? Apparently the pussies are winning

San Francisco - Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” campaign line has come back to bite him. Apparently he doesn’t like non-existent pussy cats grabbing him. His lawyers are trying to shut down a website where they do that.

Op-Ed: House bill lets employers to take DNA samples with no obligations

Washington - On top of the absurdity of overturning the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans have OK’d a dovetailing bill called HR 1313. This is a House bill which allows employers to penalize employees on their health insurance for not giving DNA samples.

Op-Ed: Using quantum theory to explain humor? It’s dumber than it looks

Vancouver - For many years, people have been saying that analyzing humor is pointless. That hasn’t stopped people trying, and failing, regularly. You also have to wonder why humor, of all things, needs an explanation.

Op-Ed: Why Australia, a big energy exporter, fears huge energy shortages

Sydney - Ask any Australian about power shortages, and expect a very sincere groan. We export vast amounts of gas, coal, etc., and we’re worrying about whole states blacking out. This is a true cluster of mistakes.

Op-Ed: Snow in Australia's hottest ever summer? It’s happening

Sydney - Typical. Last week New South Wales was the hottest place on Earth. We had the usual heat, floods, fire and more. Now, we have snow. Australian weather doesn’t like to be boring, or predictable.

Op-Ed: UK Tories prove their insanity with jailing of journalists law

London - Proposed Tory laws which permit jailing of journalists for publishing leaks would never be allowed in Europe. This ability to enact Fascist laws might be the real reason for Brexit.

Op-Ed: China vs Trump: One China OK, Xinhua tweets joke question

Washington - The first real exchange of views between Presidents of China and the USA was a definite success. The fact that China’s Xinhua then tweeted a witty question about why Trump endorsed the One China adds spice. It also raises a few questions.

Op-Ed: Cannabis oil and Huntington’s Disease: Yes, it works Special

Ottawa - I had to check it out. A young lady on Facebook stood up, smiled and walked. It was a major achievement for Erin Wade, who has Huntington’s Disease. She’d just had some cannabis oil. Nobody’s even too sure why it works, but it does.

Op-Ed: Reddit bans alt-right dox factory subreddits

Sydney - Reddit has removed two alt-right subreddits which were publishing a lot of private information. This is doxing, and it’s legally very questionable, as well as unethical.

Op-Ed: Environmental ‘threat to freedom’? Regressionism vs. reality

Washington D.c. - According to Trump advisor Myron Ebell environmentalism is “the greatest threat to freedom and prosperity in the modern world”. This rubbish is sadly not fake news. It’s normal in the far right Post-Everything world.

Op-Ed: Trump ‘selling’ the internet? How naive can you get?

Sydney - A report is circulating that the Trump administration wants to sell the Internet to corporate interests to control internet access. 30 years ago, that might have been possible. Now, it’s about as dumb as you can get.

Op-Ed: China vs. U.S. in the South China Sea — a very deadly situation

Sydney - The possible conflict between China and the U.S. over the South China Sea islands has some truly bizarre issues built in. The U.S. has stated it intends to “block access” to the islands. This could very well mean war with China.

Op-Ed: Australian of the Year honored for major medical breakthrough

Sydney - Professor Emeritus Alan Mackay-Sim wasn’t a household name, but he's more than earned his award. He achieved something nobody else has ever achieved – Mobility in a quadriplegic patient using stem cells.
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