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Paul Wallis

Digital Journalist based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Jobs, Pharmaceuticals, Stocks & trading, Social media, Technology,   see all» Holistic health, Food, recipes, Internet, Environment & green living, Music, Politics, Small business, General business news & info, Government, Books, Education, Men's health, Careers & workplace, Science & space, Health, Personal finance



Op-Ed: Martian erosion, or alien is as alien does?

Sydney - If you spend enough time looking at Martian geology, you wind up with more questions than answers. Photos from JPL show a very interesting, very puzzling type of Martian sandstone. It’s a jumble of questions.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 5 comments

Indian man had 12 gold bars in his stomach

Sydney - No, it’s not a case of optimism based on the theory “you are what you eat.” An Indian man told doctors he’d “swallowed the lid of a bottle in a marital dispute.” Sounds plausible, doesn’t it? They found 400g of gold.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Violence against healthcare workers ‘endemic’ — New study

Sydney - The Lancet has published a truly appalling report on the subject of violence against healthcare workers. This is now a global plague, and the prognosis is anything but good.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 4 comments

Op-Ed: Google vs. privacy? New Gmail terms say ‘we analyze your emails’

Sydney - Google claimed in a recent court hearing that a case against the company shouldn’t be heard because their terms of use gave implied consent to scanning of emails. The court didn’t agree. Now Google’s put it in writing.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 22 comments

Review: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 for pro writers

Sydney - As a professional writer, anything which makes my job easier is interesting to me. When I was looking at speech to text software, I considered a few options, but Dragon was big deal on the market. I first tried Dragon 11.5, and upgraded to Dragon 12.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 3 comments

Op-Ed: Ocean acidity causes fish to go looking for their predators

Sydney - Studies of the effects of carbonic acid, the CO2 related acid formed by carbon emissions and underwater volcanoes have shown that fish affected by the acid actually go looking for their predators.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Economic obsolescence — When demographics just don’t work at all

Sydney - The slow slither of new retirement and revenue policies being adopted by Western governments indicate that governments want more revenue and to spend less. The problem is that the economics of the near future will be nothing like the current model.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 5 comments

Op-Ed: ‘Snackable content’, or the ideology to treat readers like morons

Sydney - The winner for unconscionable human rights abuse in smug form is the concept of “snackable” content. Consider, O saintly and adorable reader, that as an adult, your attention span is 8 seconds. You spent a bit less than that reading this paragraph.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 2 comments

Op-Ed: $ome of the people — Fir$t Amendment ruling destroys US democracy

Washington - The great experiment of America as a free nation is over. Now, free speech is officially dollar-based. The Supreme Court has given American government to the rich on the basis that donations to political parties constitute a form of free speech.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 3 comments

Op-Ed: People with higher sense of justice use cognition, not emotions

A study by the University of Chicago has shown that those who have a stronger sense of justice use reason, rather than emotion, as primary intellectual drivers. A strange result in a crime-obsessed society, but interesting in its findings.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 2 comments

Op-Ed: After 16 years and £250,000, man wins laptop legal battle

London - The absurdly disproportionate times and costs of the “drool of law” have been dramatically illustrated by the case of a man who had to fight his way through British courts to win a case over his faulty laptop.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 4 comments

Op-Ed: Why Boomers can’t retire; ‘Financial repression’ makes them work

Sydney - The myths of Boomer wealth, based more on TV shows than economic reality, are coming home to roost. Retirees are finding themselves without anything like enough money. Savings earn pathetic amounts of interest.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 7 comments

Review: Peter Goodman’s 'Buzzkill' — Bipolar disorder in the raw Special

Sydney - Bipolar disorder affects millions of people. It’s a little understood condition, and books from the frontline perspective of those having a bipolar condition are few. Peter Goodman’s Buzzkill is a look at the facts.
Digital Journal Report by Paul Wallis - 1 comment

Missing airliner found off Australia? — Large debris found

Sydney - In what can only be described as a particularly bizarre twist to an already bizarre story, it is believed that debris located 2,000 km off the West Australian coast may be parts of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane which disappeared 10 days ago.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 32 comments

Op-Ed: Saturated fat OK? Do Harvard and Cambridge include feet in mouth?

Sydney - What the world really needs now is a really 200 percent contradictory health message, overturning years of medical advice and research. New Harvard and Cambridge research says that saturated fats are not “linked to a greater risk of heart disease.”
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 8 comments

Op-Ed: Microbe eats electrons- At a distance? Big deal on micro scale

Harvard - A microbe called Rhodopseudomonas palustris uses natural conductivity to obtain electrons from subsoil. This is roughly the equivalent of humans eating by email. Harvard has discovered a new, fascinating process with a lot of questions attached.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Civilization could crash in 15 years- NASA study

Sydney - NASA’s new study says the crunch time for civilization could be very near. Usually, when civilizations fall, it’s a big deal. Whether or not anybody will even notice the fall of this particular civilization is highly debatable.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 4 comments

Op-Ed: The Big Bang in nano frequencies – New tech, new accessibility

Copenhagen - The Big Bang is getting a makeover from new technology. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen use nano tech to detect radio waves and filter out extraneous signals. It's called an "optical transducer."
In the Media by Paul Wallis

Op-Ed: Gas explosion in New York raises big legal, industry issues

New York - A massive gas explosion in East Harlem destroyed two buildings, killed several people and injured many more. With the rise in use of gas, particularly LNG around the world, these are major issues for the gas industry, and for the law.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 8 comments

Op-Ed: How to take out a Pajero — Pedestrian wipes out SUV Special

Port Macquarie - The score is Pedestrian 1, Pajero 0. A teenage girl in Port Macquarie has left Mitsubishi with a lot questions to answer about its flagship SUV. The Pajero was unable to drive after a collision with the pedestrian.
Digital Journal Report by Paul Wallis - 9 comments
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