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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Food, recipes, Stocks & trading, Education, Careers & workplace, Science & space,   see all» Technology, Music, Pharmaceuticals, Government, Health, Small business, Fashion, Internet, Food, dining & restaurants, Real estate & construction, Environment & green living, Politics, Social media, Books, Holistic health, Jobs, General business news & info, Men's health, Personal finance



Op-Ed: Australia cautiously doing well in pandemic

Sydney - Australia is called the Lucky Country for many reasons. This time, it’s because we seem to have dodged a few bullets from this virus. Our infection rate is very low, and we’ve only just now hit 37 deaths after a few weeks.

Op-Ed: The problems with the ‘China is lying about COVID-19’ story

Sydney - There is a sudden upsurge of the “China lied about the pandemic” motif. There are many urban myths about locked apartments full of corpses, etc. The trouble is the logic doesn’t hold up too well.

CAD Crowd Covid-19 3D Printing Design Challenge takes off Special

Toronto - OK. imagine an open-source, 3D printable range of useful portable things for managing this damn virus. Things like automatic sanitizer handles, DIY face masks, and oxygen valves. Cad Crowd’s new challenge is all about doing these things well.

Op-Ed: Money and pandemic — The vultures are circling

New York City - In one of the greatest ironies in history, capitalism has been faced with itself. Decades of gouging and disasters have left people broke. That lack of money is now making the pandemic much worse. The vultures are gathering.

Op-Ed: Johns Hopkins stats show local anomalies in COVID-19 death rates

Baltimore - If there was ever a thankless, tough, task for epidemiology, tracking a global pandemic in near real-time would be it. Johns Hopkins has been doing so continuously, but some numbers look a bit strange.

Op-Ed: Restore the land, restore the world – New IPCC study

Sydney - An IPCC report has identified soil restoration and preservation as a simple, effective fix for managing atmospheric carbon. There’s some very good science and some great economics attached to this idea.

Op-Ed: How to manage the recovery? Lose the babble

Sydney - The misplaced theory that this epidemic will have a clear cut off point is obviously wrong. Reporting takes time. So does recovery. The fact is that the epidemic is here until it’s not.

Op-Ed: Who’s telling these idiots to panic buy?

Sydney - The subhuman, animalistic panic buying is everywhere. There’s no risk of running out of anything, except through these panics. Social media is full of people cursing panic buyers. So who’s telling these morons to panic buy?

Op-Ed: Australia moving to more Chinese-style lockdowns

Sydney - Australia is a big place. Travel and socializing is part of life, but not for a while if the government has its way. Serious lockdowns are proposed for high infection areas and non-essential travel is to be shut down as much as possible.

Op-Ed: Will coronavirus be a regular event? We need to know

Italy has now surpassed China as the country with the highest death toll from coronavirus. The deaths have all been among older people with existing medical conditions.

Op-Ed: The economics of a pandemic — Curing the chaos

Sydney - It’s arguable that this pandemic has done more damage to people by trashing the economy than by its death toll. If the panic is bad, the real hits are showing the way to something more practical.

Op-Ed: Epidemiology, managing the virus and ending the Coronababble

Sydney - In the last few months, more has been written about coronavirus/COVID19 than is usually written about most wars. Disinformation is rampant and running commentaries don’t seem to achieve a lot.

Op-Ed: Pandemic — No US hospital equipment, no hard stats, it's pathetic

Washington - How could it possibly be a revelation to a dead rock that US hospitals are severely under-equipped and unprepared for this pandemic? Well, it is.

Op-Ed: It’s over — Chinese new infections dropping to single digits

Beijing - This is the news the world has been waiting for – The Chinese rate of new infections is down to one digit. The peak has evidently passed. The months of utter insanity are nearly over where it all started.

Op-Ed: A way out? Australian share market corrects upwards after fall

Sydney - At the rate of falls in the last two days, the stock markets of the world could wipe themselves out in a fortnight. The Australian market, for some reason, has spiked upwards after an opening crash.

Op-Ed: Markets and global GDP crash as coronavirus hysteria continues

Sydney - Look out, world. The Australian stock market crashed by 5% today in a true reflection of the sheer chaos caused by coronavirus. For decades, epidemiologists have predicted a major outbreak. Nothing was done. This is the result.

Op-Ed: Anti-thermal imaging camouflage — Major military game changer

San Diego - Thermal imaging is so common that it’s effectively universal in the military environment. It’s a particularly valuable asset, but now, someone’s come up with a counter – A device that quickly changes temperature to match ambient heat.

Op-Ed: Windows 7 users ignoring Win 10 upgrade, Linux strikes back

Seattle - The end of support for Windows 7 has had almost no effect at all on users. Win 10’s many issues and the constant, baffling, problems with updates have effectively killed all interest. Meanwhile, Linux has come up with a cure-all, maybe, possibly.

Op-Ed: Coronavirus — How definitely not to report an epidemic

Sydney - From the sheer hysteria generated by the media about coronavirus, you’d think the world was about to end. It isn’t. The people who gave you the disinformation industry are just being their usual skankish selves.

Op-Ed: Protein in a meteorite — Dithering about the obvious

Cambridge - A protein in a meteorite 4.5 billion years old, you say? Oh, what an opportunity for missing the obvious! Let’s babble for another 30 years, shall we? Fermi couldn’t be that wrong, after all.
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