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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Careers & workplace, Health, Music, Jobs, Books,   see all» Politics, General business news & info, Education, Real estate & construction, Internet, Small business, Fashion, Food, dining & restaurants, Men's health, Food, recipes, Stocks & trading, Government, Social media, Science & space, Holistic health, Pharmaceuticals, Personal finance, Technology, Environment & green living



Op-Ed: Market savages LinkedIn, proves own analyses wrong

New York City - In one of the truly bizarre events on the market recently, LinkedIn was decimated by the markets after failing to meet analyst expectations. The fact that those expectations were totally off the wall, of course, is no grounds for criticism.

Op-Ed: Grass as green as the bucks as marijuana sales soar

New York - J Edgar Hoover was the main tool in banning it. Puritans preached against it. Moral crusaders crusaded against it. So what? The famous weed turned over $5.4 billion in legal sales last year, and nobody minds a bit.

Op-Ed: The future of flying — Delta’s dog passenger goes viral

Atlanta - He’s better behaved than most airline passengers. He’s well groomed, sanitary, sits up in his seat, and just happens to be a dog. Forget cattle class; the new step up is canine class.

Op-Ed: Genetically modified behaviors? It's here, and it's quite real

Quebec - The new theory for germline guidelines is based on IVF screening practices, and it’s pretty damn confronting. Forget Frankenstein; this is a whole new order of difficulty with a lot of new dangers.

Op-Ed: Zika virus — 2700 cases in one year in Brazil, first U.S. cases

New York - The Zika virus is causing a rash of birth defects in Brazil. Birth defects include microcephaly, infants born with small heads. Zika is so bad doctors are advising women to avoid pregnancy.

Op-Ed: Rewriting physics with Université de Namur

Namur - Controlling gravity is perhaps one of the most useful possible discoveries in recent history. It could drastically change the whole basis of modern physics. It comes from the Theory of Relativity, so it can’t be ignored by the dead heads.

Op-Ed: Cognitive computing art — Where does the art go?

Sydney - If art is expression, what is artificial intelligence capable of expressing? Not much, from current examples of too-cute art created by computers. It’s slick, it’s “nicely presented”… and it’s pretty damn predictable.

Op-Ed: New drug ‘permanently changes behavior’? Too damn dangerous

Philadelphia - The sheer number of psychiatric research projects related to behavior and delving deep in to the mind is more than a bit alarming. Far more alarming is the apparent carefree lack of interest in any possible risks related to this research.

Op-Ed: Why can't science sell its big ideas? Like the ESA moon base?

Sydney - The actual idea of a working ESA moon base is perhaps the biggest single step since the Apollo landings. The infrastructure and logistics alone are extremely important. What do we get from the indefatigable online media? An imperfect vacuum.

Op-Ed: Robot receptionists — The new social robots, and big questions

Singapore - Her name is Nadine, she works at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and she’s the new face of robotics. She’s Siri with moods, humanoid, and responds to people by looking them in the eye. ….And?

Op-Ed: Bomb cyclones — The new face of global weather?

New York - Climate problems? What climate problems? As the UK floods and the U.S. gets blasted by tornadoes, the Arctic is set to hit with another multiple whammy in a “bomb” cyclone — a temperature caused cyclone which causes damage comparable to bombs.

Op-Ed: Another cruise ship hit by norovirus, blames passengers

Sydney - P&O’s Pacific Eden has become a floating nightmare for passengers, with gastrointestinal diseases and a virtual catalog of service issues on a trip in Australian waters. Many cruise ships have had gastro in recent years, and it’s not being addressed.

Op-Ed: Rearming Russia, and trying to make sense of Putin’s moves

Moscow - New revelations of a Russian arms buildup, new bases, and much bigger military budgets are providing a lot of fodder for speculation, mainly outside Russia. One expert says Russia looks like it’s preparing for a war with another state.

Op-Ed: Electrons can outlive the universe by 5 quintillion times?

Sydney - OK, O not particularly mighty omniscient ones — you have a figure here which says that the humble electron can outlive the entire universe by a multiple of five quintillion times or 60,000 “yottayears.” Any suggestions?

Op-Ed: Anonymous hit Trump Tower, take down website

New York - Seems Anonymous don’t make much of a distinction between Trump and their other targets, Islamic State. Accusing Trump of playing in to IS hands with his anti-Muslim rhetoric, they decided to make a point – And took down the Trump Tower website.

Op-Ed: Lousy move, BBC - Losing Jenna Coleman truly awful idea

London - One thing you have to admire about the BBC is that it can create fabulous products — then totally gut them. That’s the case with Jenna Coleman/Clara Oswald leaving the new Dr. Who in his first season.

Op-Ed: Blissful igorance as U.S. military jams own satellites 261 times

Moscow - When a Moscow press agency starts quoting a USAF Space Command lieutenant general on the subject of the US jamming its own satellites, you have to wonder — did the Wizard of Oz do a satellite show spinoff? Did Howdy Doody defect?

Op-Ed: Major global move — Big funds divest fossil fuels investments

Paris - Maybe killing the planet and hundreds of thousands of people with respiratory problems per year isn’t as much fun as the financial gerbils say it is. Major funds are giving the boot to a massive level of investment in fossil fuels.

Op-Ed: Big Pharma takes a hit as investors dump price gougers

New York - It’s taken a long time, but the massive parasite called Big Pharma is getting the tar kicked out of it in the stock market for its gouging practices. Pharma stocks are tanking, major league. The disease may have finally found a cure for itself.

Op-Ed: Islam? No, it’s Captagon, aka a 1960s amphetamine

Sydney - So much for religious zeal. Seems I.S. is far more drug than religion based. Even the psychotic behavior is artificial. Fighters report they feel like they “own the world” (ahem) and get a sense of euphoria.
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