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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Holistic health, Books, Food, recipes, Health, Food, dining & restaurants,   see all» Men's health, Technology, Education, Social media, Science & space, Real estate & construction, Personal finance, Internet, Environment & green living, Small business, Politics, General business news & info, Jobs, Music, Government, Careers & workplace, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Stocks & trading



Op-Ed: Ocean oxygen levels — Grim forecasts

Sydney - As if the world wasn’t having enough fun, depletion of oxygen and acidification of the oceans is increasing. A 30 percent increase in ocean acidification has been measured since pre-industrial times. The ramifications are potentially severe.

Op-Ed: Tea, vinegar sugar, yeast and bacteria = leather shoes?

Ames - Feel like wearing your tea? You can do it now, using a new mix of fibers from Kombucha tea and a bit of chemistry from Iowa State University. The shoes look like leather, feel like leather, and are tough as leather. It’s called “cellulosic fiber.”

Op-Ed: Amazon vs paid reviewers — Why skank reviews are bad for everyone

Seattle - The Internet has a huge population of parasites in the form of paid reviewers. Amazon is the main target for this global skank review scam, and it’s not at all happy about that. Five new lawsuits are trying to map out a defence.

Op-Ed: They robots be's a-comin' — Just as well?

Sydney - The robots vs jobs scenarios are all the same — robots can do some things better and cheaper than people, and they’ll be able to do more things soon enough. They will take jobs. They’ll also rewrite human society, in ways nobody’s looking at yet.

Op-Ed: Brexit — A history of British exits does not bode well

London - Britain has a unique history of exiting from successes. The nation started the 20th century as a super power with a global empire, and wound up as a sort of irrelevant automatic teller machine. A Brexit could greatly enhance that role.

Op-Ed: Strength training reduces risk of disease for elderly

Pittsburgh - Until now the values of strength training hadn’t been researched to the same extent as aerobics and basic physical activities. The new findings show significant values in overall health and protecting against the diseases of old age.

Op-Ed: Millennials locked out of savings, income and a future

New York - The raffle previously known as having a life has added a dangerous insult for millennials — the total inability to save. Stop/start employment, absurd career paths, degrees with no jobs, it’s a dog’s breakfast of dysfunction.

Op-Ed: Scary, and proven — ‘Brainprints’ are unique for everyone

New York - New studies have shown that human brains, like fingerprints, voices and facial characteristics, are unique, and identifiable. A computer has successfully identified 50 brains from checking samples of their reactions.

Op-Ed: Amazon launches standalone streaming service, undercuts Netflix

New York - As sure as night follows day, Amazon has made an obvious but necessary move in to the streaming market. The new service bypasses Amazon Prime, which is interesting, but also delivers a significant market blow to competitors.

Op-Ed: Tribe in Guyana makes drone to monitor illegal logging, mining

Georgetown - Imagine living in a rainforest, with the usual collection of corporate vandals, lunatics and morons destroying it around you. What do you do? Obviously, you get on YouTube, and learn how to build a drone to keep an eye on things.

Op-Ed: Austerity or insanity? Britain’s poor hit the wall

London - The Wizards of Westminster, who in the last century or so have presided over the demise of a super power in to a pitiful excuse for itself, have struck again. A million emergency food parcels, 53 deaths from malnutrition; what an achievement.

Op-Ed: Ethics vs corporate crime — Who's winning? Not you

Sydney - Corporate greed, lack of ethics and crime are destroying societies and economies. The Great Recession totally trashed the American middle class, formerly the most prosperous social group in history. There’s now a call for “ethics”...?

Op-Ed: Vivid Sydney 2016

Sydney - Vivid Sydney started out eight years ago as what may be called a look for the city, rather than a particularly interesting, diverse, cultural event. These days, it’s a mix of new elements, with a lot more intellectual grunt, themes and ideas.

Op-Ed: Tall timber — London's wooden skyscraper plan presented to mayor

London - You have to like any headline which says “Seeds planted for London’s first wooden skyscraper” for so many reasons. The Greenwood Strikes Back, perhaps? Actually, it’s a very good, very challenging, and potentially very valuable, idea.

Op-Ed: Weird foods 2016 — The new depths of delirium, or good ideas?

London - Nobody in the food industry would be totally surprised if someone came up with a roast house brick, or a fillet of drywall as a new food fad. The creativity is there; it’s the sanity which seems to be missing.

Op-Ed: Starbucks ‘Diabetes Here I Come’ coffee cup falls flat

Miami - A Starbucks customer in Florida got a Grand White called “Diabetes Here I Come.” He has two sisters suffering from Diabetes Type 1. Starbucks has apologized, but the customer just wants to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Op-Ed: Millennials think 30 is old — Until Disrupt Aging adds some info

New York - You have to sympathize with Millennials in a world full of older people, few of whom make much sense, and who are often super-critical of them. A group of Millennials, however, got a very different perspective from Disrupt Aging.

Op-Ed: Scotland to redistribute land from rich landowners to communities

Edinburgh - The Scottish government is trying to open up Scotland’s privately owned land for local resident communities. Ironically, this move comes just after the independence vote in which ownership issues were very controversial.

Op-Ed: New Brave browser pays you to watch new safe ads

Sydney - Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla, has invented a new browser which is a lot nicer to online users, safer, and may even solve the Adblock problem for advertisers. He may also have saved Internet advertising from itself.

Op-Ed: Great science — Artificial designer molecules

Researchers in Zurich have created artificial molecules with different properties. The ramifications for experimental science are gigantic, and the practical values of this very new, creative approach to physics is a true breakthrough.
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