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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Stocks & trading, Careers & workplace, Health, Real estate & construction, Technology,   see all» Holistic health, Food, dining & restaurants, Men's health, Education, General business news & info, Politics, Books, Social media, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Science & space, Personal finance, Jobs, Small business, Music, Environment & green living, Internet, Government, Food, recipes



Op-Ed: Purdue Pharma opioid settlement big precedent for Big Pharma

Boston - A massive multi-billion dollar settlement by Purdue Pharma could be the beginning of the end for the ultra-obnoxious, irresponsible Big Pharma sector. In a range of ways, this settlement is a defining moment.

Op-Ed: Incoming – A.I., the cyber arms race and a new security culture

New York - The cyberwar has been ongoing for quite a while, since the beginning of the digital revolution. Now, it’s foreseeable that the current national security culture is eroding as technologies shift and evolve. The future is looking very complex indeed.

Op-Ed: Australia blocks livestream murders, child porn with criminal law

Sydney - You’d think this move would be just basic common sense. Australia will respond to live stream violence with prison terms to enforce removal of violent content online.

Op-Ed: Fake news kept alive by ‘belief’? You sure about that?

Sydney - One of the not-overly-new theories about fake news, the industry for lazy criminals and stooges, is that “everyone believes it”. WRONG. Fake news is a paid thing, hyped up as much as possible. It’s marketing, just a different form of marketing.

Op-Ed: Emotional recognition is coming to your life. You won't like it.

Sydney - You have to wonder about the aims of the seemingly endless digging into people’s minds by a lot of types of research. One of the least impressive, and riskiest, is emotion recognition. What use is it, and to whom?

Op-Ed: Genetic fraud is getting worse, and it's going mainstream

Washington - An alert issued by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General in August will do nothing for the peace of mind of many people who’ve had tests. Scams, identity theft, and fraud are the problems.

Op-Ed: Space Hotel Von Braun Space Station due for 2025

The wheel-like Von Braun Space Station, which is based on the International Space Station, has a lot of new tech, and some not-so-new tech. It’s to be a mix of space hotel and seminar and educational centre.

Op-Ed: US to withdraw troops, close bases, but the future is unclear

Washington - The long, tough negotiations between the Afghan government, Taliban and the US are now a done deal, at least in theory. Negotiators say the deal simply needs Presidential approval. Meanwhile, the violence has continued unabated.

Op-Ed: Why don’t kids like science – New tests try to find out

Sydney - The lack of interest in science, maths and other high-value education is driving some to despair. Researchers are now trying to decipher the problems, and measuring student brain activity.

Op-Ed: Suspending Parliament — The Last Muddle Through for the UK?

London - Boris Johnson’s highly controversial and very unpopular suspension of Parliament is looking very like The Last Muddle Through for the UK in far too many ways. The hideously mismanaged Brexit mess is making the Blitz look good.

Op-Ed: Media pessimism is painting the world all wrong — Harvard

Cambridge - A Harvard psychologist says that the extreme pessimism of the world media is distorting people’s judgment, and affecting political views, growing pure negativity. This argument relates to a highly dissatisfied world, but where do you take the argument?

Op-Ed: Taxes, giant multinationals, and problems which can be fixed

Sydney - Governments are revenue junkies. The way they use revenue is often absurd, but how they collect it, or don’t collect it, is a huge problem. Major companies like Amazon, Google, etc. have a workaround for taxes which is creating big tax problems.

Op-Ed: America vs toxic food — Catastrophe in progress

New York - 100 million Americans are estimated to have pre-diabetes or actual diabetes. Consider the cost and misery this will cause. Cardio is worse. Now consider that the whole situation is also totally avoidable.

Op-Ed: Getting over semiconductors – Graphene hits new high at UCSB

Sydney - Graphene is about as obvious as the wheel as the Next Big Thing in computer processing. University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) has found a way of making it happen, it seems, and it looks good.

Op-Ed: The Seventh Extinction — US-China trade mess will cause meltdown

Washington - Drama queens insist on the most dramatic roles. Can’t get much more dramatic than this. Trump’s final solution to block all Chinese trade is the option to destroy the global economy.

Op-Ed: Australia and Asia re-evaluate as US-China policy fragments

Sydney - Living in this region, US policy looks like a true raffle in terms of intentions and future positions. It’s not just China that’s getting people edgy; United States policy is itself so often unimpressive and outdated.

Op-Ed: Finding life on other worlds just got a bit easier

Ithaca - A new method for detecting bioluminescence from exoplanets may be the way of the future for finding life on these planets and may have applications on Earth.

Op-Ed: Facebook cryptocurrency Libra — Hopes and doubts abound, but...?

Sydney - Facebook has basically laid down the gauntlet to conventional finance with its cryptocurrency Libra. Big credit cards and PayPal have got onboard. The obvious fear in the financial sector is creating issues already.

Op-Ed: Markopolos vs General Electric — Collision imminent

Washington - Giant blue chip of yesteryear General Electric is fighting a credibility battle against a lot of very negative information and interpretations of finances. GE stringently denies any financial issues. It’s “Did!” “Didn’t”, in many ways.

Op-Ed: Is big tech change really slowing down? Yes and no

Sydney - The theory of endless big tech change and advancements has hit a bit of a hurdle. Change isn’t happening as fast as it should, according to some experts. There are reasons for that, and real change is often less obvious.
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