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Paul Wallis

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia. Joined on May 27, 2007
Expertise in Music, Politics, General business news & info, Jobs, Science & space,   see all» Internet, Food, dining & restaurants, Fashion, Government, Technology, Personal finance, Education, Books, Real estate & construction, Small business, Holistic health, Pharmaceuticals, Food, recipes, Health, Men's health, Social media, Environment & green living, Careers & workplace, Stocks & trading



Op-Ed: Windows 10 mess fix shows how screwed up it is

Seattle - There is a fix for the absurd update KB4532693. The fix is complex, irritating, and the situation it’s fixing is quite unnecessary. Microsoft’s war with Windows 10 is a running commentary on a truly strange string of failures.

Op-Ed: Democrats and Bloomberg — What do you want, Santa Claus?

New York - Seriously, the constant Democrat umming and ahhing over Bloomberg is astonishing to the point of despair. What do you want, Santa Claus?

Op-Ed: Rust shield vs space radiation — Debunking the space travel BS

Chapel Hill - For decades now, the world has been told that radiation in space is an insurmountable obstacle. It’s not. Oxidized gadolinium is an effective shield. This research delivers a well-deserved kick in the teeth to anti-space exploration dogmas.

Op-Ed: Bloomberg, memes and how to be self-righteous on Instagram

Washington - Is a paid meme ethical? Will success spoil the Republican Party? Should freelancers get paid for expressing their own opinions? Just keep saying No, and you have the Anti argument against Bloomberg’s paid memes.

Op-Ed: Clean Water Act protections effectively ended by Trump’s EPA

Washington - How many times does the word “deranged” have to be used in one presidential term? The insane removal of the protection of waterways is yet another case. It actually enables pollution by rural and fossil fuel mining interests.

Op-Ed: Bloomberg accused of ‘buying the Presidency’; Dems losing plot?

New York - The fact that opposition parties have failed so dismally to stop conservative autocracies isn’t about other people being dumb. It’s about dumb moves by progressive parties. The accusation against Bloomberg is typical.

Sydney as usual — So now it’s floods Special

Sydney - The general reaction of Sydneysiders to sudden very heavy rain has been "Now what?" Short answer, flooding. I spent a couple of hours trying to dig my neighbour out of getting washed away.

Op-Ed: Press walkout on Johnson means a lot more than it looks

London - Boris Johnson has a knack for disaster. In this case, journalists were invited to No. 10 Downing Street for a briefing, rather than Westminster. The journalists refused, even the pro-Tory invitees. It’s a pretty bizarre story.

Op-Ed: Everyone vs Twitch — How the big players are evolving esports

Sydney - The days of gaming being “weird” have long been overtaken by pro gaming and big prizes. Twitch is the one to beat, and everyone, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft, is getting involved.

Op-Ed: Coronavirus — What’s truly dangerous and not so dangerous

Beijing - The level of disinformation regarding coronavirus (thanks, social media) is pretty bad. What’s worse is that it’s misrepresenting current issues and ignoring real dangers, including possible long-term risks.

Op-Ed: Can battered health systems manage coronavirus? No.

New York City - The coronavirus epidemic has made a lot of headlines, but answered few questions. Can the absurdly overpriced, overstretched Western health systems handle it? Don't bet on it.

Op-Ed: Coronavirus update — Finally some good news, but many worries

Beijing - Hidden on Xinhua, the first and so far only bit of good news about coronavirus appears in a single line in an article – 38 people who had recovered have been discharged. It gives a little hope in a bleak overall picture.

Op-Ed: Everybody gets Google phasing out cookies but the ad industry

New York - Waal… They-thar Googles be a-getting rid of them cookies on Chrome. Maybe that dagnab ornery wheel will be invented, and fire, and everything. We’s gotta get back to the chicken coop and come up with ‘nother scam…

Op-Ed: Facial recognition is now a real threat and a real weapon

New York - People have known for some time that facial recognition can be used as a weapon. Now, a company called Clearview has made it easy to invade privacy, and worse is to come.

Op-Ed: For England, Harry, and … Saint Media?

London - The public row within the Royals regarding Harry and Meghan is the tip of a very unimpressive iceberg. Harry, serial vertebrate as he is, has taken a very understandable dislike to the ever-brattish UK tabloid media.

Op-Ed: Australia's new subs — News, not news, and embarrassing babble

Sydney - Australian submarines typically get into the news for a variety of reasons, some credible and some not so credible. Our very expensive but very interesting new French-made submarines are getting their share of flak already.

Op-Ed: Russia’s sixth gen S70 UAV fighter is trickier than it looks

Moscow - The announcement of the new Russian unmanned Sukhoi S70 sixth generation fighter includes a few stings. This machine is designed as a supersonic stealth plane, with a lot of hardware and hard points.

Op-Ed: Australia speechlessly appreciative of help as fires still burn

Sydney - The sheer generosity of donations, help on the ground, and kind thoughts has pretty much left the nation speechless. We have no idea what to say, or even how to say it, but we couldn’t possibly be more appreciative.

War? Iran fires missiles at US airbase in Iraq

Bagdad - In what seems to be a direct reply to threats by Trump, Iran has fired a number of missiles at a US base in Al-Asad, Iraq. Information at this point is sketchy, but Iran has stated it fired “tens” of missiles at the airbase.

Op-Ed: Fake news vs the stock market? You don’t say

New York - The stock market has the high ideals of organized crime, backed up by the morality of pedophiles and high IQs of scammers. You’d think fake news would be a blessing, but even for the market it’s a very high risk issue.
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