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Travis McKnight

Citizen based in Phoenix, AZ, United States. Joined on Sep 25, 2014
Expertise in Pets, Technology, Science & space, Environment & green living, Health,   see all» Internet, Video games



Review: Idina Menzel's 'If/Then' opens at ASU Gammage Special

Elizabeth lived through the best of times and the worst of times; her life — or lives, as it may be — was unfiltered, passionate and relatable.

Op-Ed: Travel scams to avoid in 2016

My first international trip showed me exactly what being a naïve tourist feels like. On a whim, I choose to explore Costa Rica for a week, and within the first two hours of setting foot in San José a taxi driver scammed me with a $120 cab fare.

Op-Ed: Vegetarian's Thanksgiving survival guide

Thanksgiving isn’t the easiest holiday for vegetarians or vegans — especially if you’re the guest at somebody else’s celebration.

Review: 'Book of Mormon' has a superb start in Phoenix Special

Phoenix - The Book of Mormon, the Tony-winning musical by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, started the Phoenix leg of its national tour this week, and the cast and crew gave an excellent performance Wednesday night.

Not ready for ICD-10? These tools might help

ICD-10 changes are taking place on October 1, and it will affect every aspect health care practices. If you're a doctor, a nurse or a health care clerical worker, you are likely preparing for these changes. But are you sure you know the code switch?

Review: Rush performs excellent, heart-filled R40 concert in Phoenix Special

Phoenix - It’s difficult to understate the profound power that the legendary progressive-rock trio Rush has in live performances. It’s as if their music electrifies emotions and sends the audience into a joyous frenzy.

What's the cheapest, popular 2015 car model to insure?

There are a lot of factors that go into buying a new car, and insurance should be one of them. But how much can you expect to pay for insurance on a 2015 model?

Review: RePlay: Symphony of Heroes Special

Phoenix - Saturday, June 6, the RePlay: Symphony of Heroes, which performs iconic music from beloved video games, stopped in Phoenix to end its tour with one last great show.

Op-Ed: mHealth fitness wearables need better consumer engagement

Fitness wearables and mobile health tracking devices continue growing in popularity. Companies like Fitbit sell millions of devices each year. But despite the health benefits, people stop using the product.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival unites community, charities Special

Phoenix - The McDowell Music Festival, a charity event designed to engage the community, kicked off in downtown Phoenix March 27 through March 29.

Is your AWD car really safer to drive?

All-wheel drive is hyped to be the safest economic drivetrain. For the last several years car manufacturers are including some form of traction control in their vehicles, but do they simulate AWD well enough? CNET puts the question to the test.

Estate management for same-sex couples: What do you need to know?

As same-sex marriage legality spreads through the country, couples are facing new opportunities for managing their estates and wills. But what rules are unique to them, and which do they share with opposite-sex couples?

Medication costs play into placebo effectiveness

A new study shows that patients react better to drugs they believe cost more than an equally effective drug that's cheaper, even when the medication is a placebo.

CES: Online streaming company NeuLion buys DivX for $62.5M

Online video streaming provider NeuLion has announced it’s purchasing video codec developer DivX in a deal worth $62.5 million.

Op-Ed: 5 new geeky TV shows to watch this spring

The new year is upon us, and that means a new slew of TV programs to digest. As always, some are bound to climb into the limelight of success, and others will fade away into an obscure land inhabited solely by canceled and long-forgotten TV shows.

Review: 'Ghost Brothers of Darkland County' is great, has room to improve Special

“Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” had a great one-night showing in Phoenix, Wednesday evening. Despite its problems, the show deserves a tour filled with more than one-off performances.

Op-Ed: Technologies are shaping the way we interact with dogs Special

Interacting with our dogs is actively being shaped by technology, but are these popular tools useful for the average pet enthusiast?

Implantable remote control drug dispersion device tested in space

Scientists are developing an implantable device that delivers therapeutic drugs as commanded by remote control. The device's effectiveness will be tested on animals aboard the International Space Station.

New cancer discovery may pinpoint optimal treatment window

New research published in the journal Nature Communications shows cancer cells grow more rapidly at night when somebody is sleeping, because hormones that keep people awake and alert suppress the cancerous cells.

New drug delivery-method makes injections obsolete Special

Patients who hate receiving medication through injections are in luck. According to a recent study by MIT, a newly-developed drug capsule bypasses the need for shots by injecting medicine directly into a patient's organs.
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