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Waqar Naz

Citizen based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Joined on Aug 25, 2010



Waqar has an academic background in engineering and information sciences. His communicative and intellectual expression interests date back to before elementary school, when he was taught to read newspapers at age 4.
During secondary school years, he was tapped time and again by his teachers to memorize and deliver speeches in English and Urdu on motivational and patriotic topics to daily assemblies of the school. In high school, he was an active member of the campus magazine team, writing and editing articles in English and other languages. He often made the teams that competed in various inter and intra-school literary contests.
Later, he delved into AM radio programming for college students as well as SW World Service broadcasting for international listeners, where his performing endeavors included program announcement, hosting audio magazines, scripting and voicing comedic sketches and recording solo and chorus songs. Two of his songs have been played on FM 101 Network and 100.7 CHIN FM. While attending college, he also worked as a freelance reporter and article writer for a brick-n-mortar daily newspaper.
In addition to technology, he has also worked in manufacturing, retail and non-profit sectors. He has been a media and music buff since his childhood and this passion continues through his involvement as a talk show host and segment producer for a webcasting radio station serving the South Asian community.
An Info Junky, knowledge-sponge and a self-assumed wordsmith, he primarily feeds on a lean diet of hard and soft news coupled with daily doses of latte rich in humor cremes. He also takes dietary supplements and mind-enhancing steroids taking the form of reading, listening, watching and writing tablets about political, socio-cultural and technological matters of interest. He knows when to exercise restraint, be empathetic or put his journalistic cap on. On the other hand, being a kid-at-heart with a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator of ISTJ, he is more PI than PC with an appreciation for lighthearted irreverence.

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