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Justin Steckbauer

Citizen based in Wausau, WI, United States, United States. Joined on Nov 18, 2011


I'm a free spirit, and I suppose I always have been. Ever since I was a child I knew I wanted to do big things. I wanted to see the big picture and look to places unseen. I loved to write at a young age, beginning with poetry, lyrics, and some fiction. High school was a turbulent time for me, though I got good grades..
After the break up of my family, some of my goals changed for a time. I worked various jobs for a few years, then enrolled in college at the University of Wisconsin Marathon Campus in Wausau, WI. I focused on english and creative writing, as well as journalism, taking every course available on the subject, as well as any communication and speaking courses that were available. I found that I was quite talented at speaking in front of people.
During that time period I had a series of introspective realizations, brought forth in many ways by my own journaling that I would do between classes. I would write prose and journals that seemed to flow freely. I felt heavily influenced by writers like Doctor Hunter S. Thompson, George Orwell, H.G. Wells, Philip K. Dick, Henry Miller, Lewis Carroll, Madeliene Le'Engle, and many others.
I began to realize the world was a strange place, and if I wanted to come out well, I would need to instill in myself strong morals and values. I set myself on a path of discovery and introspective learning, always writing and studying myself and others, as well as politics and various religious ideas to try and figure out who I was, and what I believed. I found I believed in things like truth, justice, freedom, liberty, peace, love, and the spirit.
As all humans have trials on this Earth I went through xome tough trials during and after my four years of college at the U.W.M.C. Times in general, were good at the U.W.M.C. despite any internal struggles. I became Managing Editor of our college newspaper, and was selected three years in a row to be placed in Mush Magazine the school's literary magazine.
I am thankful to this day for the opportunity these trials and events offered me, to cultivate my inner self, and learn who I truly was, and how strong I really was.
The period of education came to an end, once I felt I'd learned all I could from the college experience. I began focusing on short story, novel, and novella writing. For a year and a half I worked in the community, attending school at North Central Technical College, with a major in Human Services. At the same time my writing had developed over the years from simple journals and ramblings to articles, poems, and essays. I had gathered a following of readers through the internet who enjoyed my work quite thoroughly. I was thankful for this. The focus on longer story writing continued to grow and grow. I revised and began editing a project called "Jacob and the Meadow' as well as several other novel length stories. I love interacting with people, I love being at center stage, and I really just want to instill moral values into the people I meet. I want to be an author and speaker of the truth of these times. That is my greatest goal, and my own way, from the childhood desire to save the world, to bring that dream up and make it come true.
Thank you so much for reading and please remember, a quality life is lead by self cultivation built on a base firmly entrenched in principles like morality, peace, justice, wisdom, and love.

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