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Citizen based in Canada. Joined on Jun 11, 2007


Dangerous Convict at Large

Since this photo was taken, this man has shaved his head and moustache. Michel Poulin walked away from a halfway house. He is considered dangerous and police need your help in finding him. Do not approach him! If you see him, call 911.

Niagara Cop Acquitted of Sexual Assault

After a trial that was difficult for everyone, Niagara Regional Police officer Michael Moore was acquitted of sexual assault in a Hamilton courtroom today. He was convicted of breach of trust.

Encounter With a Snake

In determining sentencing for crimes, the criminal court is supposed to take into consideration both specific and general deterrence. When the courts make a decision, they send a message not only to the offender, but to the victims and the public.

He "Allowed" It?

Niagara Police Officer, Michael Moore, on trial for the sexual assault of a motorist said it was a mistake to "allow" the sex act to occur. Moore's is the same tired defence as that of so many on trial for sexual assault.

Woman Intervenes When Child Assaulted in Wal-Mart

How many times have you seen someone being abusive to a child in public and wondered what you should do? As a result of one woman's intervention in a Wal-Mart store, a man was charged with assaulting a child.

Is There A Silent Threat In Your Home?

It's colorless, odorless, and toxic. It's present in many homes, although the homeowners don't know it. It's radon gas and is the cause of ten percent of all lung cancer deaths in Canada.

Victim of Sexual Assault Endures Gruelling Cross-Examination

The female motorist who accused a Niagara Police officer of sexual assault underwent a gruelling and insulting cross-examination by Defence Counsel, Paul Rosen. The Crown objected several times to Rosen's questions, but the haranguing continued.

Medicine Hat Horror

Jurors wiped away tears and seasoned cops choked back emotion at the beginning of the trial for the 12-year-old girl from Medicine Hat accused of murdering her parents and her little brother.

A Twelve-Year-Old Murderer?

A young girl is on trial for murdering her family. She was twelve at the time of the slayings. Her co-accused, who will be tried separately, was 23 at the time. He is her boyfriend.

Convicted Child Molester Allowed to Work With Children

A man convicted of a number of sex offences against children was welcomed to volunteer and spent Saturday with 60 children. He thinks people are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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