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Andrew Moran

Citizen based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Jun 6, 2009
Expertise in Politics, General business news & info, Movies, Music, Board games,   see all» Books, Personal finance



David Sparrow urges Torontonians to 'vote wisely' in election Special

Toronto - Although the municipal election has taken a back seat for more than a month due to the provincial election, some candidates for Toronto’s city council are still bringing forward important issues for voters to consider. David Sparrow is one of them.

Are diamonds the new gold? Commissioned

Read how diamonds are attracting the eyes of investors and turning heads in both the business and tech markets as some key players dabble with creating man-made diamonds.

Op-Ed: In defense of John Tory's gender income disparity comments

Toronto - Former Ontario Progressive Conservative party leader and possible 2014 Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory is in hot water over comments he made regarding gender income disparity. He said women should have negotiated better and play golf.

Ontario taxpayer watchdog calls $237 billion debt ‘scary’

Toronto - When Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal Party took over the province of Ontario more than a decade ago, taxpayers were promised an open and transparent government that would not raise taxes, spend money it didn’t have or turn it into a have-not province.

Op-Ed: Toronto's ice storm shows failure of Keynesian economics

Toronto - During the Christmas holiday, tens of thousands of Canadians and Americans, predominantly Torontonians, were out of power because of the devastating ice storm that took place Dec. 21 and Dec. 22.

Toronto ice storm to cost $10 million, Ford seeking ODRAP funds

Toronto - Last week’s devastating ice storm is expected to cost the city of Toronto about $1 million per day to clean up and will leave a staggering $8 to $10 million economic impact for the rest of the municipality.

In Photos: The Great Freeze of 2013 in Toronto Special

Toronto - Toronto is left thawing out just before Christmas as approximately 250,000 households across the Greater Toronto Area have been out of power. It could be until after Christmas that power is fully restored across the city and other parts of the area.

Op-Ed: Joan Fontaine and her five greatest roles in the movie business

Carmel - Joan Fontaine passed away Sunday at the age of 96 due to natural causes. Her death is certainly buried in the news because of Peter O'Toole's passing, but that should not take away from Fontaine's immense talent and beauty.

Op-Ed: Bitcoin will no longer be the anonymous tool of anarchists

Beijing - What was once considered the monetary tool for anarchists due to its anonymity and fight against fiat currency will soon become just another regulated payment system that will lose its prominence in the world of alternative currencies.

Op-Ed: Doug Ford’s $50,000 Toronto parks donation now vilified

Toronto - Since entering office, the Fords have been vilified and criticized in the media and by their opponents. Mostly rightly so, other times not so much. The latest criticism over one of the Ford’s charitable acts is absolutely ridiculous.

Op-Ed: All Rise — 10 best courtroom dramas in film history

Beverly Hills - There’s nothing better than to watch an intense courtroom motion picture on a hot summer evening. Unfortunately, for most of the United States and Canada, it’s cold now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t crack a sweat with these unforgettable films.

GOP challenger adds Rob Ford to U.S. election attack ad

New York - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has made his debut in American politics. In a New York First District attack ad against Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop, Ford was photo-shopped in an image with President Obama and the incumbent representative.

Poll: 33% would vote for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in next election

Toronto - Despite losing his powers last week and some of his support over the past few months, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford still has a 42 percent approval rating and one-third say they would vote for him in next year’s mayoral election, according to a new poll.

Op-Ed: Will Janet Yellen put the final nail in the U.S. dollar's value?

Washington - The United States Senate Banking Committee voted overwhelmingly Thursday in favor of approving President Obama's nomination of Janet Yellen to chair the Federal Reserve once Ben Bernanke's current term expires Jan. 31, 2014.

First Tory minister to urge Rob Ford to resign as Toronto Mayor

Toronto - Canadian Employment Minister Jason Kenney remarked that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford should step down after he "brought dishonour to public office and the office of mayor and his city." Kenney is the first Conservative to denounce Ford.

Rob Ford stuns city with oral sex comment, vows to sue ex-staff

Toronto - Oops, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford did it again. As he arrived to his office Thursday morning, he held a press scrum in which he announced that he would be suing three of his former staffers. It didn't stop there.

Rob Ford documents reveal further drug, alcohol abuse

Toronto - One week after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told the entire city that he has nothing left to hide, Justice Ian Nordheimer ordered the release of some blacked-out portions of documents. The information depicts the mayor as an alcoholic and avid cocaine user.

Review: 'Swan Lake' a first-class ballet that shines in Toronto Special

Toronto - On Nov. 9, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts had its “Swan Lake” debut of the 2013-2014 season. By the end of the legendary and historic Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky ballet, patrons were roaring in applause.

Rob Ford: 'I need f***ing 10 minutes to make sure he's dead'

Toronto - Two Toronto news media outlets have released a video clip of Mayor Rob Ford showing him in the middle of a tirade on how he needs "f---ing 10 minutes to make sure he's dead." The video was recorded on an unknown person’s smartphone.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford 'sincerely' apologizes, stays on job

Toronto - Speaking to local and national media outlets inside the Mayor's Office, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford emotionally apologized to city residents and vowed to stay on the job for the sake of the taxpayers.
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