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Citizen based in Portland, OR, United States, United States. Joined on Nov 17, 2006
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The West Viginia Coal Miners

[i]When Tragedies happen in West Virginia's coal mines -- and usually only then -- people turn their attention briefly to coal miners and their world.[/i] This article goes "Into the Darkness of West Virginia Coal Mining".

Wiretapping Program Approved by Secret Court, Attorney General Refuses Explanations

Testimony of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales reveals that the wiretapping program discovered in 2005, has not been terminated but has in fact been approved by a secret court. Democrats left without answers.

Closer to Midnight - Scientists move time forward

The symbolic clock that scientists use to educate the world about negative changes has moved up two whole minutes. Scientists are growing concerned about climate change and the growing nuclear threat in other countries including the U.S.

Italians unviel the smog eating robots

Smog eating robots to premiere in 3 European countries; Italy, Sweden and Spain thanks to the design and building of a church in Rome.

What if you were wrong?

A great answer to a huge question.

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

The new House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, celebrated her first night by throwing a party with a house band not quite everyone will recognize.

Update: Total of 9 bombs explode in Bangkok on NYE night

3 people were killed and 38 were injured as 9 bombs exploded on new years eve night in Bangkok Thailand.

Scientists gather and share their vision with the world - 2007 Will Start The International Year of the Planet

Scientists from around the world have come together to design a program, Earth Sciences For Society (ESFS), to educate what might just be everyone, about the consequences of the past that are upon us today.

Victims of General Francicso Franco to Be Compensated

During the years of Francisco Franco's homophobic ditatorship, gays were arrested, tortured in prison and some were killed. Now, the Spanish Government may grant the victims compensation.

Teens Charged With Littering after a Puppy Burning.

Three West Virginia teens have been charged with littering after leaving a dead burnt puppy on the porch of a woman.

Not All Deaths Are Valued the Same in the Coal Mining Business - A Family In Need

The West Virginia Sago mine disaster kept the country on the edge of it's seat and inspired many to send money to help the families left behind. That's not the way it is for every miner's death as families struggle to recover from a loved ones death

FDA Says Food From Cloned Animals Safe to Eat

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has announced that it is safe to eat food from cloned animals in a primary ruling. This decision brings closer the availability of cloned food being sold without any sort of labeling.

Dialysis for New Yorkers - Worst in U.S.

Almost 24,000 patients in New York need dialysis. New Government reports show that in New York, these patients routinely receive some of the worst treatment. Perhaps it is time for a change.

Many Americans are Blind to the Difference Between Muslims and Terrorists

Fear, ignorance and intolerance leads many Americans to misunderstand and fear all Muslims.

Taiwan Quake Causes Disruptions of Banks and Internet Services

Three earthquakes near Taiwan yesterday have damaged undersea cables preventing the flow of information from Asia disrupting internet service including banks.

Sex Scandal Trial Outcome Will Help Set Internet Privacy Boundaries

A capital hill staffer found his sex life had been shared in cyberspace and he didn't get mad, he got a lawyer.

Small earthquake near Las Vegas - 3.0

A 3.0 earthquake has hit outside of Las Vegas. It was ceneter 33.1 miles SSW of CALIENTE-NV SSW of Caliente Nevada at 12:44am pacific time zone.

James Brown has died - cause unknown

Yahoo news reports that James Brown, the legendary soul-brother #1 has passed.

Searchers of 2 missing climbers pulled off mountain due to weather - Families involved in decision

The searchers Oregon's Mt Hood have been removed from the mountain due to the incoming storm. There are still 2 men missing but the families have asked that the rescue crews come down from the mountain simply for their own safety.

FDA Pushes for New Warning Labels On Over the Counter Meds

Health Officials are proposing new warning labels on some over the counter pain medications
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