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Chris V. Thangham

Citizen based in Mumbai, India, India. Joined on Nov 15, 2006



Haruki Murakami's new novel 1Q84 big hit before release

Author Haruki Murakami released a new novel last Wednesday, his first one in five years, and it has become a huge hit. The publisher is printing 480,000 copies for Japanese customers.

Clerk refuses to give store money but gives own for robber

A store clerk refused to open the cash register for an armed robber, but gave the man $40 from his own money to the robber, who needed it for insulin.

Abortion Doctor George Tiller Gunned Down At Church

A prominent abortion doctor was shot dead at a church in Wichita in his home state of Kansas. Police have a suspect in custody and laid charges on him.

Octomom Signs Reality TV, Autobiography Book Deals

The mother of octuplets and six other children has signed a deal with a British production company for a reality TV series based on her and her family. "Octo-Mom," as she is known, has also finalized a deal with a writer to pen her autobiography.

800 Britons on waiting list to die in Swiss suicide clinic

As many as 800 UK residents suffering from terminal illnesses are on a waiting list for assisted suicide at a Swiss clinic. It's illegal to assist suicides in Great Britain and the crime is punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

Susan Boyle Finishes Second in Britain's Got Talent

Susan Boyle dreamed a dream of winning the Britain’s Got Talent TV show, but instead finished second. A dance troupe won the finals, but judges and the audience gave her a standing ovation.

Gadget allows plants to send text messages when in need of water

When plants in a farm need water, a clip-in chip device sends a text message notification to the farmer. This helps conserve water, as well as ensure plants are only watered when necessary.

FBI interrogator says cookies more effective than torture

A former FBI interrogator told a Canadian radio show that cookies are more effective than torture in getting information from terrorists. Torture sessions only take longer and it get more useless information.

Liddy hopes Sotomayor menstruation doesn't affect judgment

Conservative radio host G. Gordon Liddy attacked President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, and made an offensive comment against her on the air.

Man, 29, fathers 21 children with 11 women

A Tennessee man set a dubious record in the U.S. for fathering 21 children with 11 different women. The man recently told the court that he “was done with children”.

President: New Israeli settlements endanger America's security

The relationship between Israel and the US appears to be strained after Israel rejected Obama’s request to end the new settlement construction in West Bank. President Obama said those settlements are endangering America's security.

Microsoft's Bing Means 'Disease' in Chinese

Yesterday, Microsoft said it will launch a new search engine, Bing,. Many are curious to know what the word “Bing” means. It has many meanings in various languages, not all of them favourable.

Indian student hurt by petrol bomb in Australia

A student suffered burns on up to 30 per cent of his body after a petrol bomb was hurled at his home in Sydney, Australia. This is the third student attacked in less than a week.

Op-Ed: Hulu Releases Software Client for Mac, PC

Hulu has released a software client for PCs and Macs. Users can now watch the movies and TV shows without a browser on their desktop.

Autistic Girl, 7, wows crowd by singing U.S. national anthem

Gina Marie Incandela didn’t speak until she was 3-years-old, and by the age of 7 she's become a talented singer. She gave a brilliant rendition of the national anthem during the playoffs between the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics.

Chinese Govt. Finds Children's Clothing & Furniture Contaminated

Despite the toxic toys and melamine-tainted milk powder controversies the last few years, there are still safety issues in China. A larger portion of children’s clothing and furniture were found contaminated according to Chinese government.

Girl,3, shoots and kills younger brother

A young girl from California accidentally shot and killed her brother while playing with a gun. The girl reportedly found the .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun under her parents' bed.

Russian girl, 5, neglected for days. mimicks cats and dogs

Russian authorities found a 5-year-old girl allegedly neglected by her family and forced to live in a room with dogs and cats. Child welfare officials say she has developed feral characteristics.

Chris Brown in video: 'I Ain't a Monster'

Singer Chris Brown spoke to the public for the first time after he was charged for allegedly assaulting his girl friend Rihanna. He told fans that he is not a monster but offered no apologies.

Terminally ill dog saves owner from fire, later euthanized

The owner didn’t want to euthanize a terminally ill dog before a home fire. But he had to euthanize it after the fire because he didn’t want to see it suffer any more.
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