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Marlene de Wilde

Citizen based in Kokkini Hani, Crete, Greece, Greece. Joined on Nov 30, 2011



Review: Ensemble loin d'ici present Ici at Arts Festival in Divonne Special

Divonne-les-bains - Australian theatre group ensemble loin d'ici performs Rebecca Lister's latest work Ici for the first time at the Australia Arts Festival in Divonne, France, in 2012.

Australia Arts Festival to make people think Special

Divonne-les-bains - A unique gathering of Australian artists in the small town of Divonne les Bains, France, are entertaining an international crowd for three days of theatre, dance, art, music, poetry and prose.

'Gay cure' psychiatrist apologizes to gays for flawed study

Dr Robert Spitzer, a psychiatrist and professor emeritus of Columbia University responsible for the 2001 study 'proving' that gays could be cured if they had the motivation, has apologized for founding his conclusion on a 'fatally flawed' study.

Brit arrested for roasted fetuses meant for black magic

A British man has been arrested by the Thai police for having six roasted human fetuses in his luggage. Reports say he intended to sell the fetuses in Taiwan where some believe they would bring luck and wealth.

Stay-sober pill offers hope for alcohol abuse

Researchers from Yale University are working on a drug that reduces the effect of alcohol on the brain, with the aim of helping heavy drinkers and alcoholics wean off alcohol. The pill could also have a major effect on social drinking.

Yogurt linked to virility and larger testicles in mice

Yogurt-eating mice were more virile, had larger testicles and a definite swagger, according to research. Females produced larger litters and were more successful at weaning than their non-yogurt consuming counterparts.

Habitat for humanity in Romania 2012 Special

On March 31, 2012, a team of volunteers left Northern Ireland to build homes for the poor in Romania. Three young Romanians received keys to their very own house as a result.

Eaters of chocolate slimmer than non-consumers

Regular chocolate consumption can help keep a person slim according to new research. The study found that those who consumed chocolate regularly had a lower body mass index than those who did not eat chocolate.

The digital legacy: Life online after death

The problem of what to do with digital legacies is only now being addressed as the dilemma of who owns digital assets becomes an issue affecting millions.

$1.3tn cost of Greek disorderly default

The International Institute of Finance has warned the bondholders it represents that the cost of a disorderly default in Greece would be about $1.3 trillion.

Snoring children more likely to have behavior problem

A study published in the US journal Pediatrics has confirmed the link between children who snore or have other sleep-related issues and problem behaviour such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

No right to life for newborns, 'after-birth abortion' acceptable

Two Australian academics have received death threats after arguing in the Journal of Medical Ethics that newborn babies should be put to death if the mother wishes. They say killing a healthy newborn is the same as aborting a fetus.

Oetzi the iceman, brown-eyed and lactose intolerant

State-of-the-art 'whole genome' sequencing has uncovered more details about Oetzi, the 5300 year old iceman discovered in 1991.

Popular statins related to memory loss, increased diabetis risk

The Food and Drug Administration has warned that taking statins, a popular class of cholesterol-lowering drug, may result in higher blood sugar levels, diabetes and potential memory loss.

British evacuation from Greece claims 'ridiculous'

William Hague, Britain's Foreign Secretary, has warned Britons in Greece that they should register with British authorities as UK prepares evacuation procedures.

Op-Ed: World support for Greek people over austerity measures

Rallies are taking place around the world under the banner "We are all Greeks now" in call for solidarity against austerity measures.

Greek elections coming in April

The Greek government has confirmed that elections will be held in April but has not yet set an exact date. An official announcement is expected on Thursday.

Athens burns while lawmakers debate

The center of Athens is in flames as thousands of protesters clash with police outside and around the Parliament building where politicians are engaged in a passionate debate about the future of Greece.

What does bankruptcy mean for Greece?

In a speech to the nation on Saturday night, the Greek Prime Minister outlined the consequences of the latest bailout measures not being ratified in parliament.

Greek Prime Minister warns of chaos ahead

As more MPs indicate their oppostion to the latest austerity measures, Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos warns that, should the package not be approved on Sunday, the nation would be sent down "an unknown and dangerous path".
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