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Proof Positive: Pot safer than Booze

We've always been led to believe that Pot was a dangerous drug, and as a result it has been outlawed in most countries, but is allowed for some medical pain control uses.

Give me a home where the Buffalo roam

500 years ago, there were 30 million buffalo roaming the Great Plains. By the late 1800's there were maybe 1,000; today there are 450,000, a great comeback.

Simulated sex ruled not serious

Here's a weird article that is sure to draw lots of condemnation of the courts. A naked man had simulated sex with his 11 year old step-daughter, who still wore her PJ bottoms. The judge ruled it "was not a serious sexual assault"!

Where do computer hackers come from?

After reading cgulls post about he young girl hacking into a British MP's computer, I wondered where hackers are really from. I had always thought eastern Europe, Russia, etc.

Funny video: Hillary Clinton is Hot!

I was following some other posts and found this cute and funny video. It lightens up all the negative ads surrounding the campaign.

Canada will go to the polls as budget to be voted down

Breaking News: 4:15 PM - CTV is reporting on the budget live on TV, and has reported that all 3 Opposition Parties have said they will not support it.

Alien baby found in dumpster near Army base?

When I first ran across this video, I was sure it was made up. Perhaps a prop from a movie studio, or even just a bunch of kids working with a computer. If the fact were true, and there are very few to support the video, where is the body now?

Is the Global Warming Threat real, or a scam?

Global warming appears to be the topic du jour, with Al Gore being the notable spokesman.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if lightning struck your car?

I have had this thought when driving along on a dark and stormy night, when lightning is striking all around.

Would you give your dog mouth-to-snout recusitation?

OK, maybe if you sweet little Fifi needed mouth-to-snout, you would consider it.

Are you a connoiseur of bottled water?

Do you think you can tell the difference between different types of bottled water?

Dick Tracy-type wrist phone

I remember Dick Tracy having a combination wrist radio, communicator, and tv all rolled into one. Well, that concept is one step closer to reality.

Bad News! Your shrimp cocktail is killing the environment

Gourmet magazine cites farmed shrimp as one the most environmentally damaging ways humans produce food.

More "Snakes on a Plane"

How would you feel if you were coming home from Malaysia then found out there were 2,400 snakes being illegally shipped on the same plane you were on?

Create your own online radio station

Did you ever wish you could program you own online radio station that plays only your favorites? Are you a DJ wannabe?

Supreme Court has ruled on Same-Sex benefits

Today The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled on same-sex benefits giving gay couples a partial victory.

Chinese made cars to be sold by Chrysler

Buzz Hargrove and the CAW in particular have been very vocal about off-shore companies selling vehicles in Canada, while their home markets are closed to North American Automakers. Well,his day just got worse.

I am confused

The media has maintained we are supporting the Afghani's fight against the Taliban insurgents. So far countless millions of dollars have been spent in this quest, as well as lives of our brave soldiers.

Pavement Picasso shows how it's done.

Recently, cgull posted photos of Julian Beever's sidewalk chalk art. You can view his post here: This video shows the steps he takes to create his work, "Fountain of Youth".
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