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Donald Quinn

Citizen based in Annapolis, MD, United States, United States. Joined on Sep 2, 2012
Expertise in Government, Small business, Jobs, Single parenting, Religion,   see all» Politics



Op-Ed: The Price of Freedom — What are we sacrificing now?

The proposed budget cuts by the Secretary of Defense are nothing more than a red herring from an administration with out of control spending habits, desperate to make the Affordable Care Act work, and a habit of targeting the military.

Op-Ed: Women and Children Under Siege

The women and children of America are under siege. Domestic violence, sexual assault, child trafficking and pornography are virulent epidemics. This is not a position piece on Roe v. Wade - it is a call to action against this war on our women and children

Op-Ed: The right to have and bear arms

There are few things that incite more passion than the debate around gun control. The tragic shooting at Columbia Mall, has thrust the conversation into the headlines and legislature once more.

Op-Ed: Intrastate crowd funding

Annapolis - Low access to capital, heavy regulations and burdensome taxes are some of the reasons businesses choose to leave Maryland. The right crowd-funding legislation can change one of those while we work on changing the other two.

Op-Ed: America — a Constitution Free Zone

Seizures, strip searches, forced detentions based on simple "reasonable suspicion". The 4th Amendment has officially been neutralized for Americans, and the scary part is most of us don't even realize it.

Op-Ed: The government shutdown and American leadership

Washington - How a lack of leadership hurt the American People - When did being a Representative become a license to penalize America's citizens for the representative's own incompetence?

Op-Ed: America the Once Beautiful

As Americans we have become hardened to the realities of our life, making the most of a bad situation and accepting that there can be very little change in the situation in Washington DC.

Two Budgets; Two Visions

The US Senate has passed its first budget in over 4 years. A largely symbolic measure in response to the recently passed budget by the US House, it came after a marathon voting session and highlights two radically different visions for America.

Google Maps — Back and great for business

After a brief spat, Google is back to providing maps for the iPhone, and users are loving it. With over 10 million downloads in 48 hours - the Google Maps App is an all around winner.

Op-Ed: Childhood Hunger in America Today

Childhood hunger is an epidemic which is sweeping the world, and now has invaded the United States as well. Over 16 million children are hungry in America today, 129 million children in the world are underfed.

Op-Ed: Black Friday Holiday Spending: Saving the Small Retailer

Black Friday starts the holiday shopping season in earnest. This year, as every year, shoppers have a choice between the big box retailers and the smaller more local stores. Every dollar can make a difference to which stores make it and which don't.

Truck accident causes 26 deaths in Riyadh

Riyadh - An oil carrying truck crashed into a flyover in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia killing 26 and injuring over 135. Saudi officials are blaming the driver at this time.

Op-Ed: Obama v. Romney — A view from the middle Special

This election, between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney comes down to perception. Who people think will do a better job. I sat down with a normal American middle class family and got their perspective.

Op-Ed: Obamacare and its impact on end-of-life care

End-of-life care is facing a very serious challenge from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare. What will be affected and how the program could have to turn to the private sector.

Op-Ed: Water supply — Health considerations for drinking clean water

Water is a vital component of our needs. Fears of water contamination are not common in the United States, where by and large we have an excellent clean water supply. Contamination can creep in however, and it pays to be aware of the dangers.

Op-Ed: A Target Audience — Social Media and Marketing

As Facebook starts testing the new "want" button, Social Media Marketing warrants a closer look. How much information is too much, and should we draw a line at certain types of micro-target strategies that use private information?

Op-Ed: 30 Days To Victory — Facts & Fiction of the Presidential Debate

After a lack luster performance at the debate, Obama's team was quick to accuse Mitt Romney of lies and half truths. As the President swings into action with Hollywood to raise money - here is a look at some of the facts from the debate.

Op-Ed: Barack Obama at the first debate

The first 2012 US Presidential debate is in the history books. Much has been made of the President's performance, I take a slightly more personal look at what I saw.

Op-Ed: The fear of surgery — Surgical errors

Surgical errors have become far too common in hospitals today. With everything from operating on the wrong person, to infecting a healthy patient with non-sterile equipment, it is hard to trust our medical professionals in such an unstable environment.

Report: Amtrak bosses turn blind eye to drug, alcohol problems

A semi derailed an Amtrak train in California today but the company is faced with a far more severe derailment in the form of drug and alcohol abuse by its employees. A recent scathing IG report calls the company to task.
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