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Mark M Drewe

Citizen based in London, Canada. Joined on Nov 12, 2006


Study: Marijuana doesn't harm lung functionality

Results published by researchers from California and Alabama Universities have shown that smoking pot doesn't harm a user's lung functionality.

Op-Ed: John Travolta flies to Haiti with Aid, Doctors, Scientologists

The earthquake has brought many celebrities and others alike to do what they can to help the Haitians deal with their crisis, but now the Scientologists have seen this as an opportunity to recruit more followers in a country that needs aid, not cults.

Canada Improves Education Performance

An annual research reported that Canada's overall educational performance has risen to trail only Finland in quality, but warned that there were still many gaps that needed to be addressed.

Explosive Device Discovered in London, Ontario Home

London, Ontario had an early 2010 scare as police discovered an explosive device in a residential area on Monday, prompting an evacuation of over 50 people.

Russian Nightclub Fire Kills 109, Injures 140

A fire at the Lame Horse nightclub in Russian city Perm has claimed the lives of 109 people, after the blaze spread quickly throughout the roof and walls.

Op-Ed: Climate change - all talk, little action

Public support for climate change has risen dramatically in the last decade, especially as more knowledge of environmental damage becomes available. So with all the talk, why haven't we seen more changes? Why are we still just talking, and not acting?

Plane Crashes in Algonquin Provincial Park, Killing 4

A small plane plummeted into Ontario's Algonquin park on Saturday, October 10th, the first crash at the park in over 10 years.

Ignatieff, Harper agree to one-on-one meeting

With a growing rift between the conservatives and liberals over how the Canadian minority government is handling the current economic problems, the two party leaders agreed to have a face-to-face meeting, with the threat of an election looming over them.

Op-Ed: Hamilton, a hockey town?

With the sale of the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes to Jim Balsillie all but inevitable, it seems that Hamilton is the logical and likely destination for the NHL team. But why?

'Reverse Reaganism' an Option for Ontario Economy

A day after Dalton McGuinty's Economic Development Minister had some harsh words for the Ontario government's involvement in business development, the Premier responded with almost the exact opposite message.

Pregnant Woman may Face Firing Squard

The British Foreign ministry is scrambling to send lawyers to a pregnant Briton after learning she may face a firing squad if found guilty in a Laotian court.

Ignatieff thanks Harper for popularity boost

With the economy in disarray and Harper's government under close scrutiny, Ignatieff relished in the fact that the Liberals' support is quickly growing, even going so far as to thank the Prime Minister.

Protesters Riot, Smash Bank Before G20 Summit

Wednesday, in London's financial district, angry protesters smashed through a bank and stretched the police force to their maximum, all in opposition of the upcoming G20 meetings.

Russia steps up Arctic military presence

With climate change warming up regions of the arctic and making resources more accessible, Russia has stepped up it's military presence in the far north.

Spike in Plane Crashes Highlight Air Safety Concerns

Since the start of 2009, a major theme in news headlines has been a cause of worry: 4 major air crashes have grabbed top story status, with a 5th crash being reported in Montana. Is this cluster of air-related crashes a coincidence, or cause for concern?

US Government sets bank-rescue plan into action

The Obama administration set into motion its economic recovery plan today, which reportedly brings together private investors and public money into picking up the banks' troubled assets.

Northeast US Could Receive the Worst of Rising Sea Levels

With rising sea levels a concern for coastal cities, new studies reveal that the Northeastern United States could see the worst rises from the melting ice caps - threatening cities' (like New York and Boston) infrastructures.

Bailed-out US banks owe millions in taxes

With so much distrust already surrounding the bailed-out companies after the AIG bonus fiasco, the banks find themselves immersed in another scandal as US lawmakers discovered that 13 of the banks receiving the 700 billion dollars owe millions in taxes.

NBC Boss lashes out at Jon Stewart's criticism

After a much publicized buildup to the Jim Cramer/Jon Stewart interview on the March 12 episode of The Daily Show, NBC chief executive Jeff Zucker weighed in with his own comments about the comedian's harsh criticism.

US Senator tells AIG execs to 'commit suicide'

After the reported $165 million in bonuses AIG is giving to their employees, some of which are responsible for the current crisis, the public backlash has been very outspoken - including one US senator, who had some choice words for the executives.
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