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Viga Boland

Citizen based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Joined on Nov 12, 2006



Op-Ed: Victims of alleged child sexual abuse punished in court Special

Ancaster - Two sisters from Ancaster, Ontario, now in their 30's, claimed they had been sexually abused by their uncle back in the 80's when they were just 4 and 6 years old. Now, an Ontario judge has decided they, not their uncle, are the ones guilty of a crime.

Op-Ed: Accuracy in Reporting

That cell phone you're constantly using contains toxic chemicals. While you may not have been aware of that, it's reassuring to know that for years now the major cell phone makers have been working hard to reduce the amount of toxicity in their phones.

Op-Ed: Adele berates use of sex to sell singers

There's no denying sex sells. But that highly acclaimed bigger woman with the even bigger voice, Adele, sees exploiting a singer's sexuality as unnecessary and in poor taste.

Op-Ed: Minnesota High School Holds Predator and Prey Days

Crookston - A Minnesota high school's student council put forward an idea for a "Predator and Prey" day, wherein the boys become hunters and the girls become the hunted. The school superintendent saw no harm in the idea, so the day was approved as a fun activity.

Op-Ed: 'Men against sexual trafficking' organize walk in Ontario

Hamilton - A walk across Ontario is being organized to raise awareness on sexual trafficking. A Facebook Group has also been set up.

Op-Ed: Cancer Assistance Program Musical Fundraiser at Hamilton Place Special

Hamilton - In September, the Canadian Cancer Society focusses on ovarian cancer along with cancer in children and men. On Sept. 8, 2012, the Hamilton chapter of the Canadian Assistance Program held a music fundraiser headlined by Hamilton's own, Ian Thomas.

Hamilton arts community hosts successful fundraiser Special

Hamilton - The Hamilton arts community stepped up to help Factory Media Centre, which recently faced a burglary and needed $5,000 to cover unexpected expenses from the robbery.

Canada's Got Talent: Toronto Callback Show Special

Toronto - Over the weekend of December 3-5, 2011, the latest upcoming Canadian TV reality talent show, Canada’s Got Talent, came into Toronto to host the callbacks for those Toronto area contestants who auditioned for the show back in September 2011.

Op-Ed: Inappropriate language for Hamilton Music Awards Show Special

Hamilton - At the recent 2011 Hamilton Music Awards, the host, Tom Wilson, who is also a well-known musician, was congenial and often funny. He was also prone to using expletives to build up excitement.

Recap of Hamilton Music Awards 2011 Special

Hamilton - "Canada - where we eat our own". Those poignant words from singer/songwriter, Ian Thomas, elicited laughter from the audience who attended the last night of the Hamilton Music Awards on November 20, 2011.

Hamilton Music Awards' Rising Stars Special

Hamilton - It's Hamilton Music Awards weekend in Hamilton, Ontario and on November 18, this year's contenders for the "RISING STAR" award showed they were worthy of their nominations.

Organic milk as a fashion statement

Hanover - For years, health organizations have touted the the benefits of drinking milk. But if the milk is organic and fails to meet the strict quality standards in Germany, you can wear it instead of drinking it.

Op-Ed: Women Who Don't Make Tabloids Twitter Deserve our Attention

Toronto - Beautiful, recognized faces with perfect smiles catch our eyes as we wait at the grocery checkouts. Headlines scream who cheated with whom, and invite us to look at before and after plastic surgery photos of celebrities.

A Diamond in the Roughage

Brian McGuinn of Margate, Florida was holding a razor he was about to throw out when his wife handed him her $10,000 ring as she stepped into the shower.

Op-Ed: No candies for 'children of the hood' causes neighbourly ill-will

Oshawa - Halloween may be over for 2011, but in an Oshawa, Ontario neighbourhood, a 26-year-old man got an angry letter for not dishing out candy on October 31. So now, he's shelling out some sarcastic words of his own on classifieds site Kijiji.

Op-Ed: Researchers say Facebook users are more narcissistic

If you spend hours on Facebook, you may be more narcissistic than the average person, a new study found. But these users might also be lonely.

Where is the woman who saved her son?

Hamilton - On the night of her 25th wedding anniversary, Helen invited her son, Chris, 20, to join the family for an anniversary dinner in Niagara Falls. Chris bowed out because of previous plans with friends. As he didn't have a car that evening, he rode his bike.

50lb tumour removed from woman's abdomen

Buenos Aires - Imagine your abdomen constantly growing over 18 months, feeling fatter and fatter, and not understanding what is happening inside you.

Retired couple bike across Canada

What will you do when you retire? This oft-asked question brings all kinds of responses from selling up, downsizing, moving south, lying around a a beach, writing.

Proof at last that drinking water before meals helps weight loss

It should be no news to those who have studied dieting that drinking water before a meal supposedly helps with weight loss. But has anyone proved it?
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