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Scott Tuttle

Citizen based in Hiawatha, KS, United States, United States. Joined on Nov 1, 2013
Expertise in Charity & volunteer work, Politics, Religion, Government, Ethnic cultures



UN accepts responsibility for January slaying of Mali protesters

Bamako - A UN internal inquiry ordered by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon regarding the death of three Malian protesters back in January, has revealed UN peacekeepers as the culprits.

Op-Ed: Why Nigerians forgave and elected a former military dictator

Abuja - As Nigeria bids farewell to incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan, its people welcome back a former military dictator who ran the country for 20 months in the early 1980s.

Cynthia Lennon, wife of late Beatle, dies at 75

Before John Lennon's abstract and controversial marriage to artist Yoko Ono, he tied the knot with fellow Liverputian Cynthia Powell, who passed away Wednesday after a long battle with cancer.

Report: U.S. soldiers allegedly abused underage Colombian girls

Melgar - A new report released by the Colombian government points the finger at U.S. soldiers and contractors working in the country between 2003 and 2007 claiming sexual abuse of at least 54 young girls.

Zimbabwe opposition party calls for Mugabe's retirement

Harare - When 91-year-old Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe gave a Sunday speech at the Kutama Centenary Celebrations in Zvimba, opposition leaders seized the moment, hoping to push the aging ruler from his throne.

Op-Ed: KKK leader disappears and is found living among blacks in Belize

Three decades after vanishing without a trace, former Imperial Wizard Bill Wilkinson of the infamous Ku Klux Klan, was found living the high life among Belize's predominantly black population.

Nigerian students build eco-friendly cars for global competition

Zaria - Joining the global effort to build the world's most fuel efficient vehicles, students from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) have designed cars that will compete against Europe's top car manufacturing nations.

Drugged up Tijuana man jumps off 25-foot overpass—walks it off

Tijuana - Chased by police and surrounded, a drugged out Tijuana man deemed he had but one chance of escape—to jump for it! A local bystander caught the nail-biting plummet on video.

Mexican piñata shop recreates nude Kim Kardashian

Reynosa - Kim Kardashian took the internet by storm last month when she exposed her nude butt for the cover of Paper magazine. Thanks to a piñata shop in Reynosa, Mexico, haters of all ages can have their revenge on the controversial celebrity.

Utah bill proposes to bring back firing squad executions

Salt Lake City - Having previously discontinued the use of firing squad executions in Utah, a legislative committee has endorsed a bill that might bring the practice back.

Widow discovers she's pregnant the day before husband's funeral

Queensland - While presenting a eulogy for her husband after a tragic auto accident, widow Kristy Kirchner announced to her family that she is expecting.

Brazilian cannibals who made human-filled empanadas sentenced

Garanhuns - A trio from a cannibalistic sect in Brazil who shocked the world in 2012 when they admitted killing two women and using their remains to make human-filled empanadas were sentenced Friday night.

Mom confesses to throwing 6-year-old autistic son off a bridge

Seal Rock - Claiming she was "overwhelmed" having to take care of her autistic son and sickly husband, blogger Jillian McCabe called the Newport police Monday confessing that she threw her six-year-old son off the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Oregan.

Op-Ed: Male model walks for three hours in NYC and videotapes catcalls

New York - After last week's viral video of actress Shoshana Roberts walking through New York City and facing over 100 aggressive catcalls, another ambitious film making group tried to replicate the video substituting Roberts for a handsome male model.

New artifacts and chambers found in Mexico's Teotihuacan ruins

Mexico - After a year's worth of research, Mexican archaeologists revealed Wednesday they've discovered three new chambers and a number of previously unknown artifacts in the ancient city of Teotihuacan.

Brave fishermen save baby after mother tosses her in the ocean

Atlantic City - In a possible murder-suicide attempt, a young woman was seen tossing her month-old baby into the ocean from an Absecon Inlet jetty before jumping in herself. A nearby group of heroic fishermen dove to their rescue.

Female thief caught and stripped topless by store owner

Wenzhou - When a store owner catches a thief red-handed, the thief usually makes a run for it, and the crime becomes hard to prosecute. At the cost of the thief's dignity, one store owner found a bizarre and innovative way to make sure she would not run away.

Man lives in cave for five months after evicted from apartment

Oban - In the Scottish woods, a disabled former builder brought a whole new meaning to life off the grid living with his partner Elaine for five months in a cave after the housing authorities booted him from his Oban apartment.

Florida father who beat son's sexual abuser now wants donations

Daytona Beach - Some who applauded the Daytona Beach father who battered a man he'd allegedly caught sexually abusing his son last week are now starting to retract their praise after seeing that he later tried to capitalize off the situation via crowd sourcing.

Heroic tourist robbed while saving a drowning man in Ireland

Dublin - Giving credence to the old saying that no good deed goes unpunished, an heroic tourist in Ireland dove into a river to save a dying man only to have his wallet and phone stolen while in the water.
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