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Naved Akhtar

Citizen based in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. Joined on Jan 9, 2009


Sacked banker to get £650,000-a-year pension

Disgraced former boss of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Sir Fred Goodwin has refused to give up a £650,000 a year pension despite widespread outrage.

UK Police to use remote controlled spy planes

The Home Office has suggested that Police could soon use unmanned spy planes for surveillance operations on British homes.

Microsoft studies new ways to turn servers on and off

Microsoft's latest research and development project called ‘Marlowe’ is studying more efficient ways of turning servers off and on during the course of a day.

UK government backs open source software

The UK government has said that they will use open source software when it delivers the best value for money. This move from proprietary software could save the UK government £600 million a year.

Glass of wine a day increases cancer risk

Scientists in the UK are warning women that consuming just one drink a day increases the risk of developing cancer. Cancer Research UK scientists have found that consuming just one drink a day causes an extra 7,000 cancer cases in women

India tries to protect traditional medicines

The Indian government has licensed 200,000 local treatments as “public property” making them free for anyone to use but no one to sell as a “brand”.

Couple lose privacy case against Google

US magistrate judge has thrown out a legal claim from a Pittsburgh couple that Google’s street view feature violated their privacy.

UK Polish Immigrants return home

As the UK economy worsens thousands of polish workers are going back to Poland. According to the Federation of Poles in Great Britain around 200,000 Poles have gone back in the last year.

Microsoft’s mobile phone stolen by a pickpocket

Microsoft’s prototype mobile phone has been stolen from an executive’s pocket during a function at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Oscar bosses hire professional gatecrasher

Oscar bosses have hired a professional gatecrasher to help plug the gaps in the security for this weekend’s ceremony. Former actor, Scott Weiss has gate-crashed many events including the Golden Globes, Emmy's, Grammies and even last year’s Oscars.

FBI track down billionaire Allen Stanford

The FBI has tracked down Sir Allen Stanford in the Virginia town of Fredericksburg. Sir Allen disappeared from public view on Tuesday after the US financial watchdog, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused him of an $8 billion fraud.

California struggles with budget crisis

California lawmakers have failed to approve a $40 billion budget, meaning the state will run out of cash by the end of February unless the crisis is resolved.

Indian snake charmers stage a protest

More than a thousands snake charmers from all over West Bengal took to the streets of Calcutta protesting against a law that has made snake charming illegal.

Liberty Media to invest in Sirius XM Radio

Liberty Media has signed a deal with Sirius XM Radio in which Liberty will invest $530 million into the satellite radio provider saving the company from declaring bankruptcy.

Israel has launched a covert war against Iran

US Intelligence sources have revealed that Israel has launched a covert war against Iran. Experts have said that Israel is using double agents, hit men and sabotage to disrupt Tehran’s nuclear programme.

Tony Blair wins million dollar prize

Dan David Foundation, based at Tel Aviv University has awarded former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, with the Dan David award for global leadership.

Pakistan accused of secretly supporting the Taliban

A new book written by New York Times correspondent, David Sanger claims that Pakistani military were actively supporting the Taliban whilst taking money in US military aid to fight them.

First female minister appointed in Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has appointed the kingdom’s first ever female minister. American educated Nora bint Abdullah Al-Fayez, will take up the position of deputy education minister with special responsibility for female education.

9-year-old boy writes a dating book

A 9-year-old from Colorado has written a dating book which has become a New York Times best-seller with many desperate bachelors taking dating tips from the book.

Volunteers become scarce in UAE

A recent survey has found that the numbers of volunteers in the UAE is dropping make life difficult for public institutions that rely on their input.
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