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Joseph Boltrukiewicz

Digital Journalist based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Joined on Sep 15, 2009



Hiking the Garibaldi Lake area Special

Whistler - Garibaldi Lake is off the busy Sea-to-Sky highway 99 between Vancouver and Whistler and can be easily reached after less than a two-hour drive from Vancouver.

Op-Ed: A visual tour of Hotel Unique in São Paulo, Brazil Special

After strolling in beautiful Ibirapuera Parque in São Paulo, I had some reservations to visit this nearby hotel. One more funky building in the city? The question lingered in my head, "Why is it specially mentioned in the city's guidebooks?"

Hiking the Wedgemount Lake area Special

Whistler - Wedgmount Lake hiking trail starts from an easy to find location off a busy road between Whistler and Pemberton but to get to the final destination point at the lake and its glacier is quite a different story.

Inca ruins in close proximity of Cuzco, Peru Special

Cuzco - The old capital of the Incas, iconic city of Cuzco, heralded as the archeological capital of the world, has a lot of archeological surprises in close proximity of the city. It’s easy to see them all in half a day tour available in many tourist outlets.

Avant-Garde: Now and Then fashion show in Museum of Vancouver Special

Vancouver - Over the last weekend Museum of Vancouver (MOV), apart from its regular activity, was the host of Fashion Symposium. It was also the venue of the final part of the Symposium with a closing show called Fashion Avant-Garde: Now and Then.

Op-Ed: Terrorists converted from refugees

For some time now we have been witnessing an unprecedented phenomenon in our everyday history. Our mass media bring to our roofs tragic scenes of people migrating from one continent to another.

Op-Ed: A word about war and 'heinous' crimes, a letter to Roxanne James

Dear Canadian MP Roxanne James, I have something to say about your comments about former Guantanamo Bay inmate Omar Khadr.

Op-Ed: Every weekend like Earth Day in Lençóis, Bahia, Brazil Special

While visiting a true Brazilian hidden gem, Chapada Diamantina in the state of Bahia, I encountered a group of local women doing early morning laundry when using water running down from the rocks.

Op-Ed: Squeezing more people onto planes not a good idea

A frequent flyer I am not. Nor do I weigh 100 kgs (plus). I should probably shut my face up for the plans to squeeze (and add) seats on most of airlines. The United Airlines plan to introduce this suicidal idea sparked my outrage because I can calculate.

Claire Martin, Green Party candidate for the elections Special

North Vancouver - Claire Martin, a CBC popular weather forecaster, announced on Wednesday April 8th that she will be starting a campaign to win British Columbia spot for the Green Party of Canada to represent the region of North Vancouver in federal elections.

Op-Ed: Buenos Aires survival guide Special

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires is a gem of its own that I always wanted to visit. Hailed as the cultural capital city of South America, it is like a magnet for different kinds of visitors, from business people to average tourists. Here are few tips how to survive it.

MALBA exhibition of Latin American art, Buenos Aires, Argentina Special

Buenos Aires - The city’s Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA) is a place showing two parallel exhibitions of art: temporary - Antonio Berni’s “Juanito and Ramona” (until February 21) and permanent – “Latin American art of 20th century”.

Op-Ed: The truth about breaking Enigma code

A week before the Oscars are given away and amid growing popularity of one of the most visible candidates for the award, Morten Tyldum’s “The Imitation Game”, let’s take a quick look at how the truth of Enigma code breaking came to be.

Photo essay: Christmas lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Special

North Vancouver - Every season of the year, crowds of visitors come to visit Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver. But visiting this, one of the city's top attractions, during the Christmas season has its own taste and charm, incomparable to any one in the region.

Photo essay: Defending Burnaby Mountain Special

Burnaby - This short report documents the location and every day life of Burnaby Mountain protesters against Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Op-Ed: Radiation fogs of Colony Farm, Port Coquitlam, BC Special

Radiation fog in Colony Farm, Port Coquitlam could be a sterling example of how a climatology phenomena can dazzle the eyes with an eerie scene you've only seen in Hollywood.

Photo Essay: On the movie set 'Dibukk Box' Special

New Westminster - The short photo story is from the set of the movie that originally was titled "Dibukk Box" but it was finally changed to "The Possessions" after being released in August 2012.

Photo Essay: Walking the Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver Special

Vancouver - Declared as a National Historic Site of Canada, the Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver is a very popular destination for both the visitors and Vancouverites alike.

Photo Essay: On the streets of San Francisco Chinatown Special

San Francisco - First Chinese people arrived and settled in San Francisco in the middle of 19th century. On the area of 24 street blocks, around Stockton Street and Grant Avenue, they made it the most spectacular place of Chinese character in the entire North America.

Photo Essay: Aboriginal Day in Vancouver Special

Vancouver - Aboriginal Community of Greater Vancouver celebrated its annual Aboriginal Day on Coast Salish Territory. This year the celebration was held at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver.
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