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Stephen Dohnberg

Citizen based in Toronto, Canada. Joined on Sep 24, 2008


Groundbreaking Canadian GuitarMaker Strikes Chord Internationally Special

Peter Swanson of Dagmar Custom Guitars is making waves around the world with his revolutionary new approach to guitar making. Join us as we speak with Peter and marvel at the ingenuity of this young luthier.

Op-Ed: Tories find new leader's footing on fractured ground in Ontario Special

Will the new, non-centrist Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario find success reaching back to the Mike Harris years? Or is it the Bill Davis Big Blue Machine that is the key to Progressive Conservative success?

Days Left to Register and Decide Ontario Tories Tory-Replacement

Only seven days left to register as an Ontario Progressive Conservative Party member and decide who becomes the Tories' Tory-replacement. The provincial election may not be soon, but if the NDP experienced a lack of interest in their race, will the PC's?

Still Hammering For Justice: Happy 90th Birthday Pete Seeger Special

Pete Seeger sang across the land, wrote number one hits, was hit by blacklists, enlisted southern black voters , wrote anthems that span generations & define eras, and even influenced some of the greatest orators of the 20th Century.Pete turns 90 today.

War Resistor Successfully Challenges 'Misconduct' Charge Special

War Resistor Sgt Chiroux successfully challenged his misconduct hearing, facing down the U.S. Army and offering a potential "green light" for other soldiers challenging the legality of U.S. action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Coleman Appeals Franken Ruling Again Special

After more than five months since a close election race in Minnesota, and a decision in favour of Franken in the lower courts, Coleman files an appeal to take the decision to the MN Supreme Court.

Vet and Iraq War Resistor Faces 'Misconduct' Trial in St.Louis Special

Interview:Sgt.Matthis Chiroux -Veteran, war resistor, and outspoken critic of the both the Bush and Obama administrations Mid East and Central Asian Policy faces Military Hearing for "Misconduct" on April 21st. We spoke to Matthis about his upcoming case.

The Modern Peace Movement: 'Peace is Practical' Conference Report Special

An active movement is under way in the United States to establish a cabinet level 'Department of Peace and Nonviolence'. A 3 day conference in Washington, D.C. revealed a lot about the modern peace movement and the new urgency that surrounds it.

Eyewitness: Thousands March to Call on Obama to End Occupation

On Saturday, Mar 21, thousands of coalitions rallied in Washington to protest the Obama Administration's carryover of 'War On Terror' policies -- including an escalation in Afghanistan. It was the first major protest action since Obama's election.

Anti-racism Coalition Organize Joint National Anti-War Act

IVAW and ANSWER Coalition hold a press conference and banner drop in front of Dept of Veterans Affairs to call attention to Veterans issues, 6th anniversary of the Iraq Occupation, Afghanistan troop surge, and Mar 21 march on the Pentagon.

DJ Contributor Joins Iraq Vets Sgt's Chiroux & Kokesh to Discuss IVAW, Court Battles

DJ contributor and Reporter Stephen Dohnberg will be a guest on CFRB 1010, Sun Dec 7 at 8 pm w/ Sgt's Chiroux & Kokesh, discussing Iraq Vets Against the War, Nassau County PD, Protest Charges, Civil Cases, Deployment Issues; as much as an hour will allow.

Nassau County D.A. Dismisses Charges Against Hempstead 15, Civil Case Continues

Nassau County D.A. has Dismissed Charges Against Hemsptead 15, while their civil case still makes it's way through the courts. Sgt Chiroux still faces prosecution for his refusal to redeploy and that case continues to develop as well.

Interview: Women's Rights, Progress, Aid, Military, and Issues in Afghanistan

Homemakers Magazine editor-in-chief Kathy Ullyott reveals the complex situation the progress of women's rights are in the face of the presence of Western countries, Afghani politics, and nation rebuilding. This is the second of a three-part interview.

Final Presidential Debate Protester-Veterans Face 15 Separate Trial Dates For Action

In a follow up to the arrest of the Iraq Vets protest at the final Presidential Debate,reporter Stephen Dohnberg talks with member Sgt Chiroux about the charges faced,support they are receiving,tactics of the Nassau County Police, and Sgt Morgan's injury.

Jimi Hendrix 'Experience' Drummer, Mitch Mitchell, Dead at 61

Mitch Mitchell, last surviving member of the Experience,was found dead in his Portland, Oregon hotel room Wed.He was 61. Half of a powerful rhythm section,he provided grounding for Hendrix's guitar.Mitchell's jazz style aided Hendrix in pushing himself.

MN Sen. Norm Coleman Bars 'Citizen Journalists' at TheUptake.Org Again

For the third time in the last month, MN Sen. Norm Coleman barred access to self described 'citizen journaliist' outlet TheUptake.Org. On top of curiosity about the recount, a discussion of whether 'citizen journalism' is indeed, journalism will emerge.

An Interview About Afghani Women's Rights and Rebuilding in the Face of Politics

Homemakers Magazine editor-in-chief Kathy Ullyott reveals the complex situation the progress of women's rights are in the face of the presence of Western countries, Afghani politics, and nation rebuilding. This is the first of a three-part interview.

Republican VP Candidate Palin Pranked by Canadian Radio Duo

"When you come into a position underestimated..." Sarah Palin started to CKOI duo 'The Masked Avengers', as they successfully pranked Sarah Palin, posing as French President Nicolas Sarkozy after 4 days of the attempts to get through...

Nader Makes 21 Speeches in 15 Hours, 'Massachusetts Marathon' Breaks Guinness Record

Ralph Nader made 21 speeches in 15 hours, travelled 365 miles through MA in what has been dubbed the "Massachusetts Marathon".The 74 year old independent presidential candidate dedicated the Guinness Record breaking run to childhood hero Lou Gehrig.

Fists of Fury: 2008 World Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship in Toronto

This year's governing body of the Championship for the World Rock, Paper Scissors Society expects record turnout and have a special documentary, ‘Rock Paper Scissors: A Geek Tragedy’ showing at the Bloor Cinema. We talk to a perennial WRPS competitor.
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