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Sandy Sand

Citizen based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Joined on Jan 6, 2009


California bridge's reputation for attracting suicides

The Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California, has earned the unwelcome reputation of “suicide bridge,” and urban legend has it that the bridge is haunted.

Leaders flushed in ire over photo, man using flag as toilet paper

Described as “cheeky,” a photo of a man using the French flag as bathroom tissue has authorities panties in a bunch and wiping their brows to find a way of punishing or sanctioning the photo artist.

Charges may be dropped against restaurant that served whale meat

Federal prosecutors said they are seeking dismiss charges against a sushi restaurant in Santa Monica, California, that closed its doors after admitting whale was on the menu.

3rd strike by sex molester of young girls gets him life sentence

A California judge, so repulsed by evidence found in the case of a sex molester obsessed with babies and very young children, sentenced him to life in prison using the state’s Three Strikes law.

50 faults added to seismic maps by California Geological Survey

Updated for the first time in 16 years, the California Geological survey added 50 new and previously known faults to its fault activity maps.

Wrong number turns into lesson in diplomacy at high school

The Zambian ambassador was off by one number when he accidentally called a high school student during his history class at West Orange High School in New Jersey.

Abandoned chimney of iconic 1920s building is 'for the birds'

An abandoned brick chimney of an iconic vintage building in downtown Los Angeles is a somewhat unusual place for Vaux’s swifts to hunker down for the night after a day of air-borne foraging of insects while migrating north, bird experts said.

'Fiddler' on the roof: Baby seal stranded on rooftop

Surprises are always in store for Southern Californians, but thinking you were woken up by surfing buddy scrambling on the roof over your bedroom, only to find a baby seal instead, was a real waker-upper for a Newport Beach resident.

Landfill workers couldn’t resist free cases of out-of-date beer

Dozens of cases of expired beer deposited in a landfill proved to be too much temptations for two Columbia, Missouri, sanitation workers who allegedly carted off dozens of cases of the dud suds.

Betty White is in the pink at Pink’s with hot dog named for her

The spicy actress has a new honor to add to her scrapbook. Pink's in Los Angeles named a hot dog for Betty White: The Naked Dog!

Snake is weapon of choice in two-man brawl

A four-foot python was the final arbiter in a fight between two guests at a Rock Hill, South Carolina, motel when one man allegedly hit the other in the face with the snake’s head, police said.

K-9 police officer bitten by man at LAX

It’s not particularly news when dog bites man. It’s big news when man bites dog. But when man bites K-9 police officer, it’s news of an oddly different kind.

European airlines begin testing volcanic ash cloud

Profits of European airlines are being smothered in ash, therefore beginning with the Netherlands, they are sending up test flights to check out how soon the air may clear around their profit and loss statements and some flights can resume.

Architect dreams of turning the Hollywood sign into a hotel

Los Angeles. The land of Hollywood dreams, funky architecture, McMansions and relatively good weather may be on the verge of adding another reason why it also has the dubious sobriquet of La La Land.

Cautious optimism over blue crab revival in Chesapeake Bay

Crab anyone? Good resource management in Chesapeake Bay proves effective, and nobody is crabbing about the rebounding blue crab population in Chesapeake Bay after being depleted to levels that were so low fishing restrictions had to be enacted.

Teen makes prom dress, vest for date out of bubble gum wrappers

It could be recycling to the max for a teen who made her prom dress and her date’s matching vest out of bubble gum wrappers.

Softball coach pitches woo on diamond, proposal accepted

It was the perfect pitch when a softball coach threw the opposing coach an inside curve by proposing marriage on the infield.

Dad arrested for stowing pot stash in son's Elmo backpack

If Elmo were a person and not a muppet, he’d be red-faced with embarrassment that the father of a kindergartener allegedly hid marijuana in his son’s Elmo backpack.

A 'Holy Cow' day for rescued bovine

It was a lucky day for a cow trapped in a culvert, when it was rescued by authorities after its plight was discovered by a woman who was out for a walk.

Errant text message leads to arrest of 3 suspected drug dealers

Three suspects were nabbed by police after they, mistakenly sent a text message to a potential buyer, which led to their arrest, police said.
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