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Romeo Marquez

Citizen based in Toronto, Canada. Joined on Apr 29, 2011



Op-Ed: Mayor Ford's New Year's Levee — Where Are the City Councillors? Special

Toronto - The New Year's Levee by Mayor Rob Ford was one event I looked forward to given the prospect that I would meet and talk with the people who lead our respective communities. Quite a disappointment when only a few of the councillors showed up.

Toronto Concert Honours Legendary Filipino Composer Special

Toronto - Friday night was chilly but the awarder and the recipient came dressed in crisp barong, the Philippine national dress made from pineapple fiber which offered no protection against cold. After all, it was the awardee's grand moment.

MP Urges Canada to Help Flood Victims in Philippines Special

Toronto - As aid pours into the Philippines from the international community, Canada, where a significant Filipino population exists, is being urged to lend a helping hand in alleviating suffering.

U.S offers assistance to flood-ravaged areas in Philippines

Manila - As the death toll rises in the storm-induced floodings in the southern Philippines' Mindanao island, the White House says it stands ready to help in humanitarian relief.

Filipino Couple in Toronto Shares Gifts of Joy and Abundance Special

Toronto - A Filipino couple shares the fruits of their hard work with the community during a Christmas party on Saturday night in Scarborough, Ontario, one of the well-attended events celebrating the holidays.

Canada Eases Rules on Caregivers; 'An Xmas Gift,' Say Filipinos Special

Toronto - TORONTO - A policy change announced in Ottawa on Thursday by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is being met with some rejoicing by Filipino caregivers.

Infighting Means Democracy Is Alive in Philippines, Says Diplomat Special

It's a healthy exercise in democracy, says a Filipino diplomat of the current infighting in the Philippines between the president and the chief justice of the Supreme Court. Another diplomat warned of its adverse effects on investments and tourism.

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona's Top Tourist Attraction Special

Barcelona - What's turning out to be a monument to its designer Antonio Gaudi, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain has been under construction in the last 100 years at least, the pace dictated by availability of funds and political developments.

Mother Seeks Help to Stop Her Son's Execution by Beheading Special

The clock ticks fast for this Filipino overseas worker facing death by beheading in Saudi Arabia unless he coughs up three million riyal (35 million pesos or $800,000) in blood money for the family of his victim.

Visiting the Vatican Gives Way to Moments of Awe Special

Moments of awe had engulfed me once I set foot on this tiny enclave from where radiates man's temporal and spiritual powers over hundreds of millions of people the world over.

Op-Ed: Pearl Harbor ― A day of celebration amidst hope and suffering

The "day of infamy" was the day my mother celebrated her birthday, an event made more significant by the yearly recollection of how the family managed to survive.

Op-Ed: The problem with Manila sex-vid star playing caregiver in film Special

Toronto - A Filipino caregiver who died in Toronto in 2009 is being portrayed in a television drama for her advocacies, which is fine, except that a Manila sexpot has been chosen to play the role.

Op-Ed: Canada Ethnic Media Chief Blames Manila for Journalists' Murders Special

Toronto - Canada's ethnic media guru was decrying the recent murders in the Philippines but his words seem to have fallen on deaf ears in the rush to have a party.

Philippines launches diplomatic offensive in Canada Special

Toronto - The Philippines' highest diplomatic official in Canada spoke to Toronto-based media practitioners and enlisted their support in a move to improve the image of the Southeast Asian nation.

The ruins of Rome speak of glory, magnificence Special

Rome - In life, in full glory and in its fall, Rome is beauty and magnificence personified, as can be gleaned from the ruins of many monuments to its greatness.

At Herculaneum, memories return of Philippine volcanic eruption Special

Ercolano - The ancient town of Herculaneum is clean and dry, almost unravaged by time, yet the unspeakable horror that had visited it in 79 AD is evident in what has been preserved by boiling mud from nearby Mt. Vesuvius.

It's Christmastime in Toronto's Filipino community Special

Toronto - The Philippine Chamber of Commerce Toronto ushered the arrival of an old Filipino tradition with its Christmas Gala celebration on Saturday highlighted by singing and dancing.

Op-Ed: The Urban Blight That's Become of Occupy Toronto Special

Toronto - The issue has been whittled down to whether a small ragtag army of demonstrators could appropriate a park for themselves on a pretext that occupying it was necessary in the exercise of their right of expression and peaceful assembly.

Canada, UN seek help in Philippine media killings Special

Toronto - A poignant ceremony was held on Saturday in Toronto in remembrance of the mass killings of 32 journalists in the Philippines on Nov. 23, 2009.

What's Venice without the gondolas, the arts, the waterways? Special

Visiting Venice has given life and flesh to what had long been an imaginary view of this marvelous and lovely city in northern Italy.
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