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Melissa Horrocks

Citizen based in Blackpool, Fy3, United Kingdom. Joined on Aug 30, 2009



Rimsha case adjourned and sent to juvenile court

Islamabad - A mentally ill Christian girl has had her case adjourned. There was no evidence that the girl desecrated the Noorani Qaida, according to a police investigator in Pakistan. However, accusers want the girl to be expelled from the area where she lived.

Does this papyrus prove that Jesus was married?

Jesus is the sacrificial lamb, that was killed to save sinners. Yet, recently it was discovered that Jesus may have had a wife. A piece of papyrus has been found that claims Jesus spoke of his so-called wife and confirmed her role as a supposed disciple.

Test predicts the risk of getting Autism Spectrum Disorder

Living with an autistic child can be difficult both emotionally and physically. They test a parent's patience and behave in ways that are difficult to understand. Socially, it is hard, for the autistic child to fit in.

iPhone 5 news, product specification

The iPhone 5 will be released on September 21, but what is all the hype about? Is it worth pre-ordering the phone or is it worth waiting?

Bill Nye the science guy death Twitter hoax

Bill Nye has strong beliefs in evolution that he does not mind airing. However, he was almost made extinct recently on Twitter.

Aaliyah tribute to a music professional

Bahama - It has been eleven years since Aaliyah died in a plane crash along with eight others, shortly after filming the music video, "Rock the Boat."

A newsman asks co-worker to canoodle him live on television

A newsman has risen to fame this week, after accidentally propositioning his co-worker on television. Since that time, the CTV Vancouver Island news anchor has become a viral video sensation. The proposition has made the pair famous.

Op-Ed: The mystery monkey of Tampa Bay

Tampa - What does a monkey and Tampa Bay have in common? Well, there's a monkey lurking on the streets of Tampa Bay, a mystery monkey just wanting to play.

Hurricane Isaac may hit Tampa Bay Republican National Convention

Tampa - Hurricane Isaac, a tropical storm, is due to hit southeast of Puerto Rico and Florida next week. If it does hit Tampa Bay, then the effects could be devastating.

Woman blames fake twin for robbery

Pennsylvania Furnace - A 31 year old woman claimed that she had a twin sister, just so that she could get away with stealing items from a hotel room. When found by the police in another hotel, Ms Brown insisted that it was her twin sister who had stolen the items.

Barack Obama praises George W. Bush as a man of faith

Barack Obama heralded George W. Bush over his faith in God. While the President did not agree with his predecessor on a lot of things, he respected him as a good man.

Op-Ed: Killer uses her bra to strangle elderly neighbor

One woman tried to keep abreast of the situation by strangling her elderly neighbor with her bra because he refused to buy alcohol for her.

Rihanna interviewed on Oprah about Chris Brown

Oprah Winfrey interviewed Rihanna about her previous relationship with Chris Brown. The relationship was abusive and Rihanna would frequently end up with bruises.

Op-Ed: Zoe Alexander X Factor star set up for failure

Zoe Alexander, a Pink impersonator decided to sing Pink's song because the producer's of The X Factor told her too. Yet when judges rejected her she stormed off the stage, throwing the microphone to the floor.

Joshua Seto shoots himself in the penis with a pink handgun

Chandler - Joshua Seto was borrowing his fiancee's small, pink pistol when he accidentally shot himself in the penis with it. The shot went through his penis and into his left thigh.

William Koberna is not convicted of felony

Brunswick - A grand jury has decided to indict a Kent University student on less serious charges. William Koberna posted on Twitter that he was going to shoot up the Ohio campus, and was facing a felony charge.

Stuart Hazell is being held in Belmarsh Prison

Merton - Stuart Hazell, the man charged with the murder of 12 year old Tia Sharp, is receiving death threats in Belmarsh Prison, where he is being held on the secure unit.

80 blackbirds fall from the sky in New Jersey

Millville - Dead birds are falling from the skies. In the past, people have blamed such occurrences on the government, the apocalypse or UFOs. However, this time, no conspiracy theory exists and officials in New Jersey are looking at something, much closer to home.

Rabid beaver attacks boy scouts leader in New York river

Delaware - A rabid beaver attacked a 51 year old Scout leader in Eastern Pennsylvania on August 2nd. The beaver bit the man on the leg, buttocks, torso and hand.

Evangelist Billy Graham is hospitalized

Asheville - Billy Graham is a wonderful evangelist who has touched the lives of Christians all over the world. Billy Graham was taken into hospital last night after suffering from a pulmonary infection, thought to be bronchitis.
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