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Op-Ed: Brown, Miliband sell out Britain to the EU

In what can only be described as utterly reprehensible, PM Gordon Brown and Foreign Minister David Miliband signed the newest EU Treaty--a mirror of the much maligned and much hated EU Constitution (which was put down by popular vote years ago).

Putin: Europe will be a target for our missiles

In a recent interview with the Globe and Mail, Putin has threatened to set Europe as targets for his missiles--missiles that include weapons that could include nuclear capabilities.

Terror plot at JFK thwarted

Four men have been charged in what appears to be a plot to set up a chain reaction of explosions using the jet fuel pipeline entering the JFK airport.

Gore against impeaching Bush

Al Gore, a strong critic of George W. Bush, has stated that he is against any attempt at impeaching President Bush.

Indian flight attendants told to lose weight

An Indian judge has ruled against several female flight attendants, stating that the airline had the right to impose the weight requirement to compete with other lines.

Kevorkian Released from Prison

"Dr. Death," Jack Kevorkian, has been released after serving an 8-year prison sentence. For the next two years, Kevorkian will be on parole, living outside Detroit. 60 Minutes has jumped on the chance to interview the public face of assisted suicide.

Bush Pulls U-Turn: Urges 15 nations to curb greenhouse emissions

In an attempt to change the world's perception of the US' policies towards global warming, Bush has called upon nations ranging from China and India to large European nations to adopt new emissions goals within a year.

Clinton Administration FBI chief backs Giuliani for President

Louis Freeh, a former FBI director for Democratic president Bill Clinton, has announced his endorsement of Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani.

Eco-Extremist calls for the harsh deflation of Earth's population to 1 billion

Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has recently called the Human race a 'virus' and said that it needs to be reduced to local populations of no more than 20,000 people... with a grand total of (no more than) 1 billion worldwide.

Senior Taliban Leader: Osama Bin Laden is Overseeing all Iraq/Afghanistan Ops

In a broadcast Wednesday, a Senior Commander of the Islamic group Taliban, it was announced that Osama Bin Laden is the man behind many of the attacks in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Shocking: Teen mother stabs baby over 100 times

In a shocking display of violence and cruelty, a teen mother has stabbed her baby to death--she stabbed the infant over 100 times, put her in a trash bag and then threw her out.

Liar: Meet the woman behind the Duke case

Now that the case has been dropped, and the Duke players' names and likenesses have been dragged through the mud, I figure it's time for the world to meet Crystal Gail Mangum.

British Marines Subjected to Psychological Torture

From the beginning the 15 Britons were psychologically tortured. From a mock execution at the beginning of the ordeal to solitary confinement, new testimony indicates psychological torture.

UN Watch President: UN is corrupt, provides little support for Human rights

Upset with the apparent hypocrisy and ineffectual nature of the UN when handling Human Rights, the UN Watch President--Hillel Neuer--unloads on the UN Human Rights Council.

Iran will 'try Britons for Espionage'

A website ran by associates of the Iranian president has reported that the 15 Britons will be indicted on the charges of espionage -- a crime in Iran punishable by Death.

Iranian Women Arrested over Protest

Iranian police arrested in excess of 32 women for protesting outside of a courthouse. The five have been charged with endangering national security,

Germany: To the Moon (alice), to the moon?

Although it will only be an unmanned mission, Germany says it will be ready to launch a spacecraft into orbit around the earth's moon by 2013.

Katie Couric, Brian Williams lost a combined 690,000 Viewers last Year

In an unexpected turn of events, ABC's Charles Gibson has taken the nightly news Crown.

Time Poll: Giuliani Leads Pack, is 'Most Favorable'

Among the three leading GOP candidates, the Time magazine poll shows Giuliani leading his closest competitor, John McCain, by 14 points: 38% to 24%.

Iraq to close borders to Iran, Syria

The Iraqi government has stated that they will close their borders to Iran and Syria in an attempt to cut the violence within the nation. Recent findings of Iranian bombs, guns, and anti-aircraft weapons seem to have sparked this move.
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