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Jonathan Farrell

Editor-at-Large based in San Francisco, CA, United States. Joined on Apr 15, 2009
Expertise in Small business, Government, Real estate & construction



Op-Ed: Latina playwright's work is compared to that of Steinbeck Special

Oakland - Playwright Lisa Ramirez brings to the Bay Area a deeply examined and richly textured work. It is one that speaks to our times. Yet as some critics point out, it also gives witness to the universal and the timeless.

Review: Harvard Law School professor tells real U.S. Constitution story Special

What is it about our U. S. Constitution that gets everyone so stirred up? It is among the most referred to documents in recent history. It is a secular document but it holds an almost religious sacredness to it.

Op-Ed: Mystery writer Simon Hall is excited about new book Special

Plymouth - Just about everyone enjoys a good mystery; the intrigue, the danger and of course, the end when it is solved. But the U.K's mystery writer Simon Hall believes that mysteries hold a special spot in English literature.

Op-Ed: Brazilian Capoeira seeks to help schools 'Get Empowered!' Special

Oakland - This past Sunday concluded the annual mega-celebration of Carnival in Sao Palo, Brazil. As ‘a last indulgence’ before the observance of Lent, Carnival is Brazil’s version of Mardi Gras.

Op-Ed: A Green Benefit District picks up were taxes fall short Special

San Francisco - In a place where the median price for an average middle-class home is close to or over $1 million, tax dollars are not able to cover the cost of basic things like maintenance and pot holes in the street.

Op-Ed: A local neighborhood band has a following at the pubs Special

San Francisco - With St. Paddy's Day soon to arrive, no doubt, bands will be performing at pubs, taverns and bars around the City. What better atmosphere for any band than to play at a pub on St. Patrick's Day.

Op-Ed: 'White Trash' book an unflinching look at American caste system Special

The term "white trash" conjures images of people in a backwater or of a broken life with no hope. Like any derogatory phrase to categorize people, "white trash" carries with it a mark of shame and dismissal. And, now a new book confronts it.

Op-Ed: To hear the life of Joan of Arc on audio is to be mesmerized Special

To say that Joan of Arc had much at stake is a pun but it also says that this historical figure followed her calling to a bitter and tragic end. Yet, her story is as inspiring today as it was when word got out that a young woman was aiming to save France.

Op-Ed: A Tree grows in San Francisco and so does division of neighbors Special

San Francisco - A 96-foot Redwood tree stands in the middle of a dispute between what one resident of San Francisco's Montclair Terrace wants to ensure as a legacy in memory to her late husband and what neighbors do not want; an obstruction of view from their windows.

Op-Ed: Ross theater director muses over local production of 'Bus Stop' Special

Ross - The idea of clearing out an old barn and putting on a show is not just something made up in movies like in the MGM Andy Hardy series with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. This is so in Ross Valley; less than a 30 minute drive from San Francisco.

Op-Ed: "1956" book tells of radical change in the air, not 'Happy Days' Special

When people here in the United States think of the 1950s they usually think of the music, the styles and the post-WWII prosperity that accompanied the 'Baby Boomer generation'

Op-Ed: A new magazine for the arts and culture premieres for Marin Special

Belvedere Tiburon - Despite the upheaval to traditional print by digital technology, arts patron, entrepreneur and now publisher, Meredith Browning Griffin is pleased to announce the debut of a new magazine called 'Marin Arts & Culture.'

Op-Ed: 'Veggie Queen' urges people to live healthy as well as long Special

Sonoma - The importance of eating healthy is more than just a passion for 'Veggie Queen' Jill Nussinow, it is her life's work. Getting the word out is more about getting vegetables in peoples' mouths to taste them and to experience that they are good.

Review: New book tells that MI6's man was Popov as the real James Bond Special

Watching the latest Bond movie "Spectre" on Netflix had me thinking about who really was the basis for the "007 James Bond persona?" Was it just one person or several?

Op-Ed: Environmental Scientist says 'Materialism will wear out' Special

Golden - The recent presidential order to have the EPA's climate change page removed from the web has sent shock-waves thru the various social circles of environmentalists and scientists.

Op-Ed: Ancient Grains get the spotlight at annual Winter Food Show Special

San Francisco - This past weekend, Pereg Natural Foods featured among its culinary delights the ancient grains of Farro and Freekeh. These little-known grains in the West are joining the ranks of popular healthier grain-alternatives like quinoa.

Op-Ed: Animator keeps his goal in sight of a studio 'on the Plaza' Special

Sonoma - When I talked with him during the second week of January of this New Year of 2017, animator and aspiring entrepreneur Carlos Gomez said he is doing more than just making note of his resolutions. He is taking charge of them.

Op-Ed: Berkeley sociologist spotlights the forgotten conservatives Special

Prominent sociologist Arlene Russell Hochschild presents a very down-to-earth and personal view of the conservative-right population of America. Yet what pulled this reporter to read her new book, "Strangers in Their Own Land", was something different.

Op-Ed: Netflix series 'The Crown' offers star dialogue Special

The new series "The Crown" on Netflix won last night's Golden Globe for Best Drama. It has received rave reviews for its stellar acting and production quality,

Op-Ed: Earthquake preparedness is ever-present, especially for SF Bay Special

San Francisco - As the little ghost town of Bodie was rattled this past December, those who prepare for Earthquakes see the trembler as yet another opportunity to remind people that seismic activity is always present.
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