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Jonathan Farrell

Editor-at-Large based in San Francisco, CA, United States. Joined on Apr 15, 2009
Expertise in Small business, General business news & info



Op-Ed: Washington Post reporter's book tells of the Secret Service Special

Potomac - With so much focus on the presidential election lately, this reporter stumbled across a book entitled "In The President's Secret Service - a Behind-The-Scenes view..." by investigative reporter Ronald Kessler.

Op-Ed: New Book about Science of War tells a human body story Special

Oakland - As the patriotism of the 4th of July approaches, people's thoughts usually turn to those soldiers that died fighting for our country.

Op-Ed: Two San Franciscans seek to serve the City they love Special

San Francisco - As the sun breaks through the clouds on this election day, the wether is symbolic of what most hope for. That clarity and stability will prevail This is what two City Supervisor candidates, one younger the other older are aiming for.

Op-Ed: Should Golden Gate Park have 'locked in' funding? Special

San Francisco - Election time has put voters at a very difficult decision about a very popular and treasured landmark. The future funding of Golden Gate Park is set on the ballot.

Op-Ed: Arts Guild of Sonoma kicks of its summer season of gallery shows Special

Sonoma - The warm summer evening weather was ideal for the Opening Reception of the Arts Guild of Sonoma June Invitational show on June 3. Among the Guest Artists was painter and abstract artist, Sonja Bakalyar.

Op-Ed: Writer deeply moved by French people's appreciation for veterans Special

Sonoma - The Memorial Day weekend edition of The Sonoma Valley Sun had a letter to the Editor that struck a chord with a writer who recently published a book called, "A Cup of Redemption."

A widow remembers her Vietnam Vet husband Special

Sonoma - The 58th annual Memorial Day Celebration was held this morning at The Veteran's Memorial Building in Sonoma not far from the Plaza, which is the heart of town. Hundreds gathered, among them was a recent widow, Kathy Bramwell Ostram.

Op-Ed: Sonoma has its first Integrative Health Care Fair Special

Sonoma - Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy in Sonoma was pleased to co-host the very first annual Integrative Health Fair this past May 21. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the afternoon.

Op-Ed: 'Thieving Forest' author reveals new mystery-crime novel Special

San Francisco - The author of "Thieving Forest," Martha Conway has now released a third novel, entitled "Sugarland: A Jazz Age Mystery.” It is her second mystery. But her work as a historical novelist is growing.

Op-Ed: Philanthropist sees himself 'very lucky,' wants to help others Special

Sonoma - Philanthropic work has a ripple effect in a community. And, for one local philanthropist in a California town like Sonoma, he knows very well that even the simplest of work efforts such as a micro loan program is making a profound impact.

Op-Ed: Salesman shares his wisdom of 'authentic selling' in new book Special

Brooklyn - With over 40 years of experience in sales and banking, top sales rep turned-author and keynote public speaker, David Stern shares important insights in his new book, "Are You For Real?!"

Op-Ed: Jazz Guitarists make duo performance at Sonoma's Plaza Bistro Special

Sonoma - The dreary weather of Friday was soon forgotten by those who went to see Jazz guitarists Randy Vincent and John Stowell at the Plaza Bistro. They teamed up for a duo performance that evening on May 6.

Op-Ed: 'Scream' movie begins a Sonoma realtor's career to Top Producer Special

Sonoma - Daniel Casabonne is "The realtor" in all of Sonoma with the most sales. He has an office right on the Plaza. Yet as he tells it, his career in real estate was unexpected due to the movie "Scream."

Op-Ed: Sitchin's '12th Planet' book still fascinates after 40 years Special

The question of “where did we humans come from” has been spinning around for thousands of years, much like the classic question, “what is the meaning and purpose of life?”

Op-Ed: One woman's life in an oyster shell of chaos reveals a pearl Special

Sonoma - The comedian/entertainer Phyllis Diller in an interview once said that the hardships in life are like the grain of sand that agitates an oyster into making a beautiful pearl.

Spring in California Wine Country is VJB Cellars and Vineyard Special

Kenwood - Spring in Paris? What about California wine country? For those who know wine country, spring time is a special occasion to visit.

Op-Ed: Marin County Supervisor rides the bus like everyone else Special

San Rafael - Golden Gate Transit serves San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma counties. On any given day, thousands of people use and rely on the bus and ferry system.

Op-Ed: Annual 4/20 Concert is celebrated by Moonalice Psychedelic roots Special

San Francisco - The psychedelic has not withered away, it continues to live on in the band Moonalice. Formed in 2007 Moonalice is a steady stream of the best of talent and skill that reverberates the essence of rock music.

Op-Ed: Vintage shop in Sonoma aims to happier times Special

Sonoma - Tiddlywinks, that very simple little game is one of the sources of inspiration for Sonoma's Tiddle E Winks Vintage Five and Dime.

Op-Ed: Artist Cynthia Tom is a surrealist presence telling truths Special

San Francisco - The weather was gloriously summer-like this past Saturday April 16 as surrealist artist Cynthia Tom opened her 1890 Bryant Street studio to the public.
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