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Jonathan Farrell

Editor-at-Large based in San Francisco, CA, United States. Joined on Apr 15, 2009
Expertise in Small business, General business news & info



Review: A Denver couple goes West to pursue dream of Ice Cream Special

Sonoma - It's not everyday that a young couple would move over 765 miles just to follow a dream to open an ice cream shop. Yet that is what Joe and Ramie Hencmann did, leaving their well-established lives in Denver to venture to a place unknown, like Sonoma.

Op-Ed: Advocates claim a secret pact has occurred with California water Special

Sacramento - As the drought in California continues, water advocates from non-profit organization Friends of The River claim two very important Federal agencies have been in a secret pact over access to portions of California's precious water resources.

Op-Ed: Little art Gallery in California wine country celebrates 1st year Special

Sonoma - Despite the woes of the economy and the rising cost of real estate and retail space, not far from the center of town is an art gallery called Studio 35. Rather ordinary from its cottage-like exterior, it has become a center for the arts in Sonoma.

Op-Ed: New start up company reaches out to the Babyboom generation Special

San Francisco - The baby boomers, who once impacted the nation with their youth and ushered in the era of civil rights and the hippie movement, will now have an immense impact on healthcare and housing with their advancing years.

Op-Ed: Payday lending in California continues, despite risks Special

Sacramento - Over $3.3 billion is transacted by payday lenders annually in the State of California and while the size of the transactions has gone down over the past year, the number of transactions has increased.

Op-Ed: San Francisco singer reaches out to fans for help to fund CD Special

San Francisco - Even with years of experience performing and an appearance on TV, San Francisco Bay Area-based singer/entertainer Tim Hockenberry is utilizing the latest in 21st-century media to help him produce his latest CD.

Op-Ed: German Shepard saved a man's life, was his best friend, now gone Special

Redwood City - The San Francisco Peninsula man who was charged with animal cruelty, a year ago had his day in county court this past June 12. Judge Joseph Bergeron, reduced the felony charges of animal cruelty to a misdemeanor of animal abuse,

Op-Ed: Stanford Theatre hosted Shirley Temple Festival and exhibit Special

Palo Alto - Classic movie fans were treated to an entire weekend of Shirley Temple films on June 12 to 14th. In addition to featuring four of the late actress' films, the Stanford Theatre also exhibited many of the costumes from her movies.

Disabled man, erroneously charged with pet negligence, speaks out Special

Belmont - A San Francisco Peninsula man is distraught by charges brought against him by the Belmont police station saying he deliberately left his dog in the back of his truck, unattended.

Op-Ed: San Francisco writer keeps journal of Giants at the World Series Special

San Francisco - Only baseball fans would understand. Local writer Joseph Sutton has just published his third memoir of the Giants at the World Series, entitled, San Francisco GIANTS: A Fan's Journal 2010, 2012, 2014.

Op-Ed: 'Retiring early may hurt you' says advisor. 'Know the options' Special

Sonoma - With the baby boomer generation now moving along into retirement, financial advisors like Daren Blonski are trying to get word out that baby-boomers need to understand the complexities of retirement in today's society.

Op-Ed: Landscape artist treasures his gallery spot in Sebastopol Special

Sebastopol - No matter how sleepy a town might be there is always a place for art and artists. And this is true for one such little town in Northern California called Sebastopol. On Main Street at the center of town is Sebastopol Gallery.

Op-Ed: He left a Hollywood life to become a shoe repair man Special

Sonoma - Some of the most interesting lives can be hidden in ordinary places. Such is the situation of a small business owner who left the excitement of the Rodeo Drive scene in Hollywood to take over the family business.

Op-Ed: cafĂ©Mac provides support to Apple lovers of Sonoma Special

Sonoma - As our society and everyday world becomes more dependent upon computer and mobile technology the need for reliable and trusted technicians reaches from major cities to small towns like Sonoma.

Op-Ed: SF Conservatory composer finds universal theme in The Mass Special

San Francisco - Within the tradition of concert and orchestra music, there has always been a sense of the sacred, whether it is Handel's "Messiah" or Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," regardless of being religious or not this link still exists.

Review: Chicago Tribune reporter writes about elusive author Harper Lee Special

For over 50 years elusive Pulitzer prize winning author Harper Lee has not granted any interviews until now. Or at least she allowed a Chicago Tribune reporter, Marja Mills into her home to visit. The result is a book called, "The Mockingbird Next Door."

Review: Coffee table book about Barbra Streisand is compelling Special

Author and photographer, James Spada has published another book about the superstar Barbra Streisand. What is it about the superstar that so many people find compelling? Even after 50 years since her initial debut, she captivates.

Op-Ed: California Dream is fading according to Professor at UC Berkeley Special

Berkeley - As the median price for a home in California has reached well over the half a million dollar mark, environmental scholars like professor Gray Brechin, PhD are questioning the idea of the California Dream.

Review: Local clothier opens second store amid skepticism Special

Sonoma - Just around the corner from the plaza near some of Sonoma's finest eateries is Scott Lyall Clothes for Men. It opened in October of last year and has some of the most stylish and stunning men's attire seen anywhere.

Review: Calamity Jane in myth far exceeded her real life, says professor Special

Portland - As movie star, Doris Day celebrates her 91st birthday this month, one of her most memorable roles was that of the rambunctious portrayal of Calamity Jane.
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