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Brant David McLaughlin

Citizen based in United States. Joined on Mar 12, 2008


Libertarian Party Getting New Presidential Hopeful in Bob Barr

"Not a single Republican who has spoken with me to try and convince me not to seek the Libertarian nomination has disagreed with my reasons for considering a run."

The Bonnie And Clyde of Identity Fraud Charged By the Feds

Among the materials that the police found in the pair's apartment was a book titled The Art of Cheating: A Nasty Little Book for Tricky Little Schemers and Their Hapless Victims.

World of Warcraft's First Millionaire Selling Golden Secrets

"The goal of has always been to develop a complete in-game view of the economy and its inner workings, so that a player can both understand and take advantage of every possible gold making method available."

Orchids Use Wasps for One Night Stands

"Unquestionably, producing sperm, ejaculate, or seminal fluids is costly for many animals. The energetic demands of sperm production can result in reduced body mass, a shortened life span, or limited lifetime sperm production."

Philadelphia Police Brutality Not Race-Based, Officials Insist

"We certainly are concerned about what we saw on the tape. The matter is being taken very seriously, even though emotions run very high in our department right now, because we just had our third officer killed in the last two years."

Cindy Crawford is 'Thirsty for Change'

"Environmental issues are on the top of everyone's mind, including my own. As a mom, I'm particularly concerned because I want my kids to grow up in a healthier environment."

Fiji Government Raises Income Tax Threshold, Lowers Trade Duties

“This latest decision of an increase in the income threshold from $9000 to $15,000, coupled with zero duty for basic food items, would mean a direct positive impact on low income earners who have been aversely affected with the rise in food prices."

Bush Administration Appointee Lurita Doan Bites the Dust

"The administrator appears to have fallen victim to a bureaucratic culture that fears, rather than rewards, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and bold leadership."

May Day Demonstrations Suppressed in Turkey

"We will use force as the law permits...It is natural that an illegal demonstration will be stopped." "There are necessary reasons for this, and this has to be understood. Taksim Square has a lot of traffic, and it's difficult to control."

Morning Ring Around the Sun

Yesterday morning's ring was pinkish in hue and was also, it turns out, entertaining the eyes of some early morning Florida Keys sunbathers, and it remained visible for about four hours into midday.

Basque Nightclub & Restaurant Lost in Early Morning Fireball

"I saw what looked like an orange meteor busting through the roof...a half moon of orange glow," recalled Councilman Tom LaBonge, who was hiking close to the Griffith Park Observatory at 5:45 a.m. The city's declared the building "under demolition".

Microsoft Makes the COFEE

"It's in Microsoft's interest for people to have a safe and healthy computing experience. This is a part of our broader corporate citizenship."

Thawing the T. Rex of the Antarctic Waters

"This squid is a really nasty, aggressive sort of squid...with seriously evil arms on it. Without any doubt if you fell in the water, you could be shredded to bits by a colossal squid. It is the T-Rex of the oceans."

Op-Ed: Barack Obama Nation, Only This, and Nothing More

Vague but emotionally charged talk is an old charlatan's trick, used by would-be prophets to predict nothing and everything at the same time, given that everything's eventual. Obama is using that same trick.

Interview: Anne Bryant, Wealthy and On the Edge

"My most recent project and the one dearest to me is an Intermodal Transportation Center on the Gulf Coast. It is an enormous project which will eventually employ over 40,000 people."

Smiley Face Killers Continue to Confound Investigators

"The level of evil we are dealing with here is rampant, it's deep and it's widespread...Chris was abducted in a cargo van. He was driven around Minneapolis for hours and tortured."

Mixed Feelings About the American Tax Rebate 'Stimulus'

Some economists are pointing out that a tax rebate economic stimulus plot is a cash influx, and cash influxes are what cause inflation, which erodes spending power.

New Notions of Earth's Origins Needed, Says Geochemist

“Our analyses indicate that a process must have occurred in the first 30 million years of our solar system which resulted in the uneven distribution of matter in the solar system.”

Addicted to that Rush: the Snakes and Arrows Live Tour

With every tour, it feels like it's the last tour. But we're really enjoying ourselves. We're playing the best that we've every played. We're sounding really good, really tight.

Op-Ed: Conspiracy Theories Wrap Around Israel-Palestine Negotiations

"This is the biggest blight that stands as a big rock in the path of negotiations...We demanded that they talk about the '67 borders. None of them talks about the '67 borders."
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